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Living on the edge

NOV 07 -

In the afternoon, Neha Pokhrel takes care of her seven-month old brother, Prashant. In the evening, she prepares for school leaving certificate examination. She wants to look after her brothers and sisters once she completes the SLC. “I want to set an example looking after these children”, she says though one of the visitors insists she should do medicine after she completes ten-plus-two. As an orphan, perhaps, Neha knows how difficult it is to study in private school without parents’ support. The way she speaks it is obvious that, being an orphan, she may have to face different sorts of social atrocity as she has to travel ten kilometres from her home every day to attend classes. She can’t get food like other children do. She can’t buy things like other children do. And she can’t move as freely as other children do. She has to undergo hardship and undertake a mission that sets an example. Will she be able to continue her study once she completes her school leaving certificate examination? Like Neha, there are forty orphans at Nava Kiran Orphanage Centre in Kopundol. All these children attend private schools. Neha’s centre pays tuition fees and provides books, besides food and shelter. However, Sabitri Pokhrel, who heads the orphan centre, does not disclose the state of her children. She thinks they are happy. What she offers is more than enough. She has given surnames of Pokhrel to all forty children. Sabitri thinks it is not necessary to divulge how children are brought here or adopted by this centre so long as one treats the orphans well. “Such a disclosure may affect the children mentally,” she says and adds, “It is God Saibaba who provides everything including children, food, love and affection. When Prashant arrived he was just 15-day-old and looked more like a monkey’s baby than human, recalls Sabitri Pokhrel, holding the chicks of Prashant with her right hand. “We have three children who are below five years”, she says. “The oldest one is getting married in November”. She firmly believes in Saibaba and says that Baba brings the children. “I am very happy being here. Baba has promised me that he will provide everything meant for these children”, she says. A number of non-governmental organisations, working in the field of education, feed the children, send them to schools and even provide shelter and clothes. There is hardly any organisation, which generates funds within the country with a sole aim of looking after orphans or poor Nepali children. The poor Nepali children are supported by either the western churches in the form of offerings, or the Japanese and western social organisations. In fact, donor-countries-offered funds range from constructing toilets in some remote villages to black-topping the Darbar road where the so-called Nepali high-class society live in this country. However, a tourist is stunned to see at the Nepali houses built around the capital city. It does not take time to identify the social standing of a few Nepalis. One can easily figure out how rich Nepalis are living. But have these rich people ever contributed to the welfare of Nepali children? This can be answered by the donor countries, who feed the poor children of this country, who send them to schools and provide them food, shelter and clothes. How many of us have realised the reason for seeking foreign assistance? Is it really the poverty or something else? Whatever may be the reason, children without parents continue to remain as unwanted beings in our society.Posted on: 2003-11-06 08:54

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