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Startling INSEC report on mid-west Nepal


A record maintained by Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) states that 364 civilians have been abducted by the State while the Maoists abducted 79 in Mid-west Nepal since the inception of the insurgency. Similarly, the state killed 2,688 civilians while the Maoists killed 1,051 civilians during the same period, as per records maintained by INSEC. The record further states that in Mid-West Nepal, around 4 civilians are killed daily since the second breakdown of truce. The family members of those who have been abducted, either by the Maoists or the security agencies, are undergoing intense anxiety as they are ignorant of where their loved ones are. With the chances of the abducted being killed or remaining untraceable the stress of the family members is almost unbearable, according to sources. “We have lost our peace of mind ever since the Maoists abducted my son,” said Bishnu Maya Dhakal, 59, a widow of Kohalpur-8 in Pipari area. Maoists had abudcted Bhoraj Dhakal, her son while he was observing the death anniversary of his father on September 11. She contacted the Maoists several times and inquired on the whereabouts of her son but in vain, according to Dhakal. Chuma Subedi at the Kohalpur bus park area had almost similar experience at the hands of the security agencies. Royal Nepal Army (RNA) personnel in civil dress had abducted her husband, Hari Prasad Subedi, two weeks ago. She has been frequenting the army barracks only to be told that the RNA did not arrested her husband, according to Subedi’s wife. “Last year also the RNA had arrested my husband. It denied his arrest at first and finally released him after three months,” said she. Posted on: 2003-11-02 10:52

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