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Date | Thursday, Oct 2, 2014

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  • Charmed in Chengdu
    SEP 26

    My very first night in Chengdu, I encounter a living, breathing testament to the confluence of the fast hurtling future and ever-present history
  • The firebrand feminist
    SEP 26
    Over the years, she continued to get passed over—so much so that the supporters within her party were not happy with the UML when it did not field her as a presidential candidate during the 2008 constituent assembly elections

  • Private good, public bad
    SEP 26
    Locals prefer private schools even if they are not as well-equipped as the public schools and even though they are taught by teachers who are not paid as well as the public-school teachers

as it is

  • Drenched in Kathmandu
    SEP 26

    Organisers would have certainly been thoughtful enough to spread a plastic cover or something over the white cloth as it had been raining since the past few days, wouldn’t they?
  • Dashain in Darjeeling
    SEP 26
    There is plenty of food and drinks flowing in the house; there is no dearth of entertainment, even in the absence of television; there are enough relatives getting drunk and putting up a drama

  • Good over evil
    SEP 26
    Our government does not care about common citizens because it has to take care of its cadres, cousins and contractors first.Constitution comes last whereas corruption is the priority of the day for our clowns

the arts

  • The young and the headstrong
    SEP 26

    It’s been an eventful month or so for Young Adult sci-fi/fantasy. On one hand was the launch of the screen adaptation of what could be considered the forerunner of the modern teen-focused dystopian wave in literature and film:
  • Flying kites in Kathmandu
    SEP 26
    Kites were something of a curiosity to me when I was a child. Every year, during the long Dashain holidays, at least one stray kite would find its way to my terrace. If I was lucky,

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