Why Personalize?

With the use of personalization feature now you will be able to view you ekantipur homepage in the way you want. This includes selecting the preferred theme/color of your choice, controlling which categories (newsboxes) to be displayed; their ordering, orientation and the selection of default homepage. The settings will be preserved and will be loaded exactly the way the next time you will open the ekantipur homepage.

With help of the default homepage, you can choose the language of preference either the english or nepali version of the site. The page will be redirected to the selected version based on your choice automatically.

Similarly, the selection of theme will control the color scheme of the site.

The categories(newsbox) can be made to appear or disappear for each of the orientation viz. left & right by selecting and un-selecting the particular categories. To change the orientation and ordering just drag and drop the newsbox from the place where it is to the place where you want it to appear. Please drop the dragged newsbox only on the placeholder (gray-rectangular area).

You can set the personalized settings for theme and categories separately for each of the english and nepali version of ekantipur homepage. The homepage setting however will be common for both.

Personalization Tips

  1. The newsbox goes to bottom when I drag and drop it from left to right orientation.

    ⇒Drag and drop to the place only when the place holder appears.

    Helpfulness Indicator: 70%

  2. When I drag and drop the newsbox, it get disabled in the list of categories in the personalizing interface.

    ⇒It's because when you drag and drop the newsbox from left to right or right to left, their orientation will be changed and if it's not disabled in the personalizing page, the orientation set by the drag and drop action will be overwritten.

    Helpfulness Indicator: 68%

  3. How do I drag and drop?

    ⇒Use the newsbox movable icon symbol and by clicking in the newsbox from the state where it is to the news position by dragging it and dropping it at the place after the placeholder appears there.

    Helpfulness Indicator: 73%

  4. The settings are not updated/reflected even after page refresh. What's the problem?

    ⇒The settings are browser dependent. For mozilla firefox please press Ctrl+F5 inorder to see the change.

    Helpfulness Indicator: 76%

  5. All of a sudden all my personalized settings are gone.

    ⇒The personalization setting are stored in cookies(thus settings made on one computer will not get reflected in another). Thus it is highly possible that you have you've cleared the browser cookies which led to the loss in settings or some one might have pressed the reset button.

    Helpfulness Indicator: 70%

  6. I cannot drag and drop a newsbox to the last.

    ⇒Why the desired newsbox does not get droppped?

    ⇒How to drop it at our desired position?

    Helpfulness Indicator: 73%

Known Issues

⇒ The orientation of the newsbox can be changed only once the page has been fully loaded. Infact the placeholders won't appear and drag and drop functionality won't work in that condition.

⇒ The newsbox will be in the collapsed state when not loaded fully.

⇒ If there is no news for a particular category, it won't appear in the homepage regardless of the fact that it has been checked from the personalizing interface.

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