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Entertainment News

Jolie to direct Richard Leakey biopic Africa
LOS ANGELES, SEP 21 � Actress and filmmaker Angelina Jolie has been hired to direct Africa, a feature film about paleoanthropologist and...

Bang Bang ‘self-discovery’ for Hrithik
NEW DELHI, SEP 21 � Actor Hrithik Roshan says bits of his own self are part of every role he plays on screen, but while working on Bang...

Art for peace
KATHMANDU, SEP 21 â€? A solo art exhibition by Pritam Thapa titled Buddha—Message of Peace… is being held at Mithila Yani Art Gallery in...

Reinventing the classical
KATHMANDU, SEP 21 � The ensemble, along with originals, also played instrumental covers of popular Nepali and Newari folk...

Indian Idol rocks Kathmandu
KATHMANDU, SEP 21 � Lucky Ace Events organised a musical programme titled Indian Idol Live in Nepal featuring Indian Idol winner Sourabhee...

Swift leads People magazine’s best-dressed list
LOS ANGELES, SEP 19 â€? Pop star Taylor Swift, who has adopted a sexier look on red carpets, was named People magazine’s best-dressed...