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Depth of words
DEC 22 â€? Anup Subedi is a screenplay writer, documentary filmmaker and the President of Nepal Independent Filmmaker’s...

Science is the way to prosperity
DEC 22 � Nepali students, and especially those studying science and mathematics, are commonly considered inferior to their peers...

Fragments bag ICMC title
KATHMANDU, DEC 22 � Fragments, representing Nepal College of Information Technology, was announced the 11th Inter College Music Competition...

Dhon Cholecha at Shilpee
KATHMANDU, DEC 21 â€? Shilpee Theatre, Battisputali, is currently staging “Dhon Cholecha”, a play by veteran playwright Satya Mohan...

Go Kart championship at Sanepa
KATHMANDU, DEC 21 � Karting is a motorsport that features small, four-wheel vehicles with very minimalistic frames. The karts race on a...

Priyanka Chopra signs deal with US TV network
MUMBAI, DEC 19 � Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra, who has already made inroads into foreign shores with her music, has signed a one-year...