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Entertainment News

A man for all seasons
AUG 02 � Sanjay Gupta, RJ at Kantipur FM, is a popular name in the media industry....

Chasing Rainbows at Theatre Mall
KATHMANDU, AUG 02 � Indreni Khojdai Jaada (Chasing Rainbows), an alternative Nepali film, is currently being screened at the Theatre Mall:...

Nepathya all set to tour the UK
KATHMANDU, AUG 02 � After touring Australia, Dubai and Japan, Nep-athya are now all set to wow audiences in the UK on August...

Michelle Obama wants to be Beyonce
LOS ANGELES, AUG 01 � United States' First Lady Michelle Obama has joked that she wants to be singer Beyonce...

Katy Perry's fans to star with her in commercial
LOS ANGELES, AUG 01 � Singer Katy Perry is giving her fans the opportunity to appear alongside her in the latest...

'C.I.D' helped Dayanand Shetty find true friend
NEW DELHI, AUG 01 � Daya from TV show "C.I.D", says he has found a 'true friend' in his co-star and actor Aditya...