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Hawley’s chronicles to be released
KATHMANDU, APR 19 � The Nepal Scene: Chronicles of Elizabeth Hawley (1988-2007), a two-volume set written by Elizabeth Hawley, is going to...

Botanical drawing as art form
APR 19 � Today art exists in so many varied and wondrous forms that it would be hard to list all without making some egregious...

Eklavya Dristi released
KATHMANDU, APR 17 â€? Writer Rabindra Sameer’s book of short stories titled Eklavya Dristi was published yesterday by FinePrint. The...

Nepali films at the Global Movie Fest
KATHMANDU, APR 17 � Nepali actors Sunil Thapa and Pujana Pradhan will be taking part in the Global Movie Fest, which is scheduled to be...

Wholeness at Park Gallery
KATHMANDU, APR 17 � The Park Gallery is hosting an exhibition of paintings titled Wholeness at its gallery premises in Pulchowk starting...

Discussing women’s issues
KATHMANDU, APR 15 â€? Mai Hoon Hamri Bahini, an advocacy programme initiated by Hamri Bahini, is organising V-Day Kathmandu—The Vagina...