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Entertainment News

Naaike To release in December
KATHMANDU, OCT 22 The makers of Nepali film Naaike organised a press meet to announce the film’s release date—December 5....

Kaya at Sarwanam
KATHMANDU, OCT 22 For the past three weeks, a group of eight artists at Sarwanam are busy rehearsing for the play Kaya—A Perishable...

Kukur Puja for rescued dogs
KATHMANDU, OCT 22 Animal Nepal, on the occasion of Kukur Tihar, is hosting a one-day event to allow people to perform kukur puja on...

Easy, breezy readers
OCT 22 Thanks to smart-phones and tablets, we can now literally carry hundreds of books in our pockets. Here is a look at some...

Nepali beauties gear up for glory
KATHMANDU, OCT 21 The top three contestants of Fanta The Hidden Treasure will be heading abroad to compete in their designated...

The doyen of drama
OCT 21 Ashesh Malla is an eminent playwright and a noted theatre director who has got famous plays like Sadak Dekhi Sadak...