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Entertainment News

Depth of words
DEC 22 Anup Subedi is a screenplay writer, documentary filmmaker and the President of Nepal Independent Filmmaker’s...

Science is the way to prosperity
DEC 22 Nepali students, and especially those studying science and mathematics, are commonly considered inferior to their peers...

Fragments bag ICMC title
KATHMANDU, DEC 22 Fragments, representing Nepal College of Information Technology, was announced the 11th Inter College Music Competition...

Dhon Cholecha at Shilpee
KATHMANDU, DEC 21 Shilpee Theatre, Battisputali, is currently staging “Dhon Cholecha”, a play by veteran playwright Satya Mohan...

Go Kart championship at Sanepa
KATHMANDU, DEC 21 Karting is a motorsport that features small, four-wheel vehicles with very minimalistic frames. The karts race on a...

Priyanka Chopra signs deal with US TV network
MUMBAI, DEC 19 Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra, who has already made inroads into foreign shores with her music, has signed a one-year...