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Entertainment News

Mobile phone photography contest
KATHMANDU, DEC 26 The Chomolungma UNESCO Centre (CUC) is organising a nationwide mobile photography contest with the goal of promoting...

Chan ‘ashamed’ of son’s drug abuse
BEIJING, DEC 26 Hong Kong kung fu movie star Jackie Chan feels ashamed of his son’s drug abuse and hopes that one day he will speak...

It is boring to do easy roles, says Arjun
NEW DELHI, DEC 26 Actor Arjun Kapoor says he wants to push and reinvent himself with each role because he finds challenging characters...

KAF from Dec 25
KATHMANDU, DEC 25 The Kathmandu University School of Management (Kusom) is organising the KAF 2014 at various places in the...

Sarah Kay in KTM on Saturday
KATHMANDU, DEC 25 Sarah Kay, an American spoken-word poet, will be performing at the Alliance Francaise, Bainshighat Marg, Teku, on...

Scooters VS Motorcycles: What’s better for commuting?
DEC 24 For navigating Kathmandu’s clogged streets, two-wheelers make for probably the best...