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Entertainment News

Mike Nichols, crafter of films, plays, dies at 83
NEW YORK, NOV 20 Mike Nichols, the director of matchless versatility who brought fierce wit, caustic social commentary and wicked...

‘Palpasa Café’ now in French
KATHMANDU, NOV 20 Palpasa Café”, penned by Narayan Wagle, is set to be released in French this...

For Dia, making film a priority
NEW DELHI, NOV 20 Dia Mirza’s last big screen outing was a Bengali film in 2012 and the actress, who has turned movie producer, says...

‘The Blue Kite’ screened at Mandala
KATHMANDU, NOV 19 As part of the Monday Movies series, Mandala Theatre screened a Chinese film “The Blue Kite”, directed by Tian...

Disabled women on the ramp
POKHARA, NOV 19 A fashion show for disabled women is going to be held on November 21 in Pokhara....

Health at your fingertips
NOV 19 Health and fitness apps on your smartphones can help you lead a healthier life by assisting you with your dietary and...