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Entertainment News

JLo’s first book out in November
LOS ANGELES, AUG 22 Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez has announced that her first book True Love will launch on November 4. The 45-year-old...

Jackie Chan takes ‘bow of apology’ after son busted for drugs
BEIJING, AUG 22 Kungfu movie star Jackie Chan offered the public a “deep bow of apology” after his son, actor, singer and socialite...

Swift, Bieber fragrances loss making venture
LOS ANGELES, AUG 22 Their albums might be selling like hot cakes but the scents launched by singers Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are not...

Art exhibition on Mustang
KATHMANDU, AUG 20 An art exhibition at Nepal Art Council presents Mustang through the eyes of established artists...

Iranian filmmaker to offer workshop
KATHMANDU, AUG 20 Iranian filmmaker Komeil Soheili, affiliated with the UN-funded international non-profit Journalists and Writers...

Rocky road rides
AUG 20 Cycling as a sport is getting bigger by the day here--especially among the members of the new generation....