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Compulsive social networking
JUL 28 Because I lived at a residential school for nine years of my life, I hadn’t had much time to see what life really was...

Marvel superheroes entice Comic Con audience
SAN DIEGO, JUL 28 In one of Comic Con’s most awaited presentations, Marvel superheroes of all kinds from Iron Man to Ant-Man took over...

Readings from the other world
JUL 28 Prakash Ranjit is a Studio Art major who will be exhibiting his final-year project during a group exhibition at the...

Radcliffe stopped from entering US due to visa problems
LOS ANGELES, JUL 28 Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was initially denied entry to the US due to visa problems....

I’m happy that Soha and Kunal decided to marry: Kareena
MUMBAI, JUL 28 Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan said she is happy that her sister-in-law Soha Ali Khan is getting married to boyfriend...

Game of Thrones livens up Comic Con
SAN DIEGO, JUL 27 Laughter and death did battle on Friday at HBO’s Game of Thrones panel at Comic Con, one of the highlights of the...