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Entertainment News

Naaike To release in December
KATHMANDU, OCT 22 â€�? The makers of Nepali film Naaike organised a press meet to announce the film’s release date—December 5....

Kaya at Sarwanam
KATHMANDU, OCT 22 â€�? For the past three weeks, a group of eight artists at Sarwanam are busy rehearsing for the play Kaya—A Perishable...

Kukur Puja for rescued dogs
KATHMANDU, OCT 22 �? Animal Nepal, on the occasion of Kukur Tihar, is hosting a one-day event to allow people to perform kukur puja on...

Easy, breezy readers
OCT 22 �? Thanks to smart-phones and tablets, we can now literally carry hundreds of books in our pockets. Here is a look at some...

Nepali beauties gear up for glory
KATHMANDU, OCT 21 �? The top three contestants of Fanta The Hidden Treasure will be heading abroad to compete in their designated...

The doyen of drama
OCT 21 �? Ashesh Malla is an eminent playwright and a noted theatre director who has got famous plays like Sadak Dekhi Sadak...