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Singh’s Retrospective
KATHMANDU, MAR 27 �? The Siddhartha Art Gallery (SAG), Babermahal, is organising a month-long exhibition commemorating Birendra Pratap...

Malik quits 1D, says wants normal life
LONDON, MAR 27 �? Singer Zayn Malik said he was quitting One Direction because he wanted to live a normal life and apologised to fans of...

Group exhibition at Patan Museum
LALITPUR, MAR 26 �? The Shankari School, in association with Young Picasso, is organising an international art exhibition at the Patan...

Music journalism classes at KJC
KATHMANDU, MAR 26 �? The Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory (KJC) will be hosting a music and arts journalism workshop at their premises between...

Let the battle begin
MAR 25 â€�? Pike and Shots is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and engrossing battlefield strategy games you’ll come...

To root or not to root
MAR 25 �? You might have heard people talking about rooting their phones. But what does it really...