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Nikesh’s new zindagi
JUL 29 â€�? Nikesh Khadka’s music videos have become quite popular amongst Nepali music fans....

Kripa Unplugged to air again
KATHMANDU, JUL 29 �? The studio shooting of the second season of the popular television musical program Kripa Unplugged culminated at...

Compulsive social networking
JUL 28 â€�? Because I lived at a residential school for nine years of my life, I hadn’t had much time to see what life really was...

Marvel superheroes entice Comic Con audience
SAN DIEGO, JUL 28 â€�? In one of Comic Con’s most awaited presentations, Marvel superheroes of all kinds from Iron Man to Ant-Man took over...

Readings from the other world
JUL 28 �? Prakash Ranjit is a Studio Art major who will be exhibiting his final-year project during a group exhibition at the...

Radcliffe stopped from entering US due to visa problems
LOS ANGELES, JUL 28 �? Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was initially denied entry to the US due to visa problems....