• WB may extend additional $50m

    By : PRITHVI MAN SHRESTHA / May 24 2015

    Nepal could get an additional credit of $50 million from the World Bank (WB) in the form of budgetary support for the country’s reconstruction efforts after the...
  • Japanese team to assess Kulekhani

    By : SANJEEV GIRI / May 24 2015

    The Ministry of Energy (MoE) has invited a Japanese team to assess the status of the 92MW Kulekhani Hydropower Project after the...
  • Campaign to revive tourism in Pokhara

    By : LAL PRASAD SHARMA / May 24 2015

    Tourism entrepreneurs in Pokhara have started a campaign to revive tourism industry that was shattered after the April 25 Great Earthquake and subsequent...
  • By year-end, NAC will serve nine international destinations

    By : Post Report / May 24 2015

    By the year-end, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) will resume flights to four major destinations: Guangzhou, Dubai, Bangalore and...
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  • Subsidised loans only for quake-resistant buildings

    By : PRITHVI MAN SHRESTHA/ May 22 2015

    Earthquake victims seeking subsidised loans from the banks and financial institutions under NRB efinance scheme will get the credit only if they build earthquake-resistant...
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  • Subsidise our farmers

    By : BIJENDRA MAN SHAKYA/ Apr 19 2015

    The government should help the agro sector to ensure food security and boost...

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The Exchange Rates are fixed by Nepal Rastra Bank as of
Currency Buying Selling
US Dollar (1.00) 98.64 99.24
Euro (1.00) 110.81 111.49
Pound Sterling (1.00) 152.06 152.98

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Below is provided the details of Bullion per 10 gram as of
Rs /10 gm *Differ
Hallmark Gold 50,300.00 -200.00
Worked Gold 50,050.00 -200.00
Silver 670.00 -10.00