South Sudan declares famine in Unity State

Bbc 20 Feb 08:15 PM

A famine has been declared in parts of South Sudan, the first to be announced in any part of the world in six years.Read Full Story »

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Prosecutors say malnutrition killing inmates in Haiti jails

Associated Press 20 Feb 03:25 PM

Dozens of emaciated men with sunken cheeks and protruding ribs lie silently in an infirmary at Haiti's largest prison, most too weak to stand. The corpse of an inmate who died miserably of malnutrition is shrouded beneath a plastic tarp.Read Full Story »

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Arrests after India actress alleges rape

Bbc 20 Feb 03:23 PM

Police in the southern Indian state of Kerala have arrested three people in connection with the suspected abduction and rape of a popular film actress.Read Full Story »

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Indonesia says at least three N. Korean murder suspects went to Dubai

Reuters 20 Feb 12:36 PM

At least three of four North Korean men wanted in connection with the murder of President Kim Jong Un's estranged half-brother caught a flight from Jakarta to Dubai on the evening of the attack, an Indonesian immigration official said on Monday.Read Full Story »

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Kim Dotcom can be extradited, New Zealand High Court rules

Bbc 20 Feb 12:33 PM

Kim Dotcom, the founder of content-sharing site Megaupload, can legally be extradited to the US, New Zealand's High Court has ruled.Read Full Story »

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Ecuador vote down to the wire, leftist a whisker from first round win

Reuters 20 Feb 11:59 AM

Leftist government candidate Lenin Moreno was within striking distance of winning the first round of Ecuador's presidential election on Monday, as the Andean country's electoral body counted ballots late into the night.Read Full Story »

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Afghan training goes back to basics as Trump faces U.S. troop decision

Reuters 20 Feb 10:41 AM

At a recent, at times chaotic live-fire exercise near NATO's military base in Kandahar, Romanian army Master Sergeant Liviv Sandulache's advice to the assembled Afghan officers was simple: "I don't want anybody to do any job without your command."Read Full Story »

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Trump mulls national security adviser pick, White House promises autonomy

Reuters 20 Feb 10:40 AM

President Donald Trump may do another round of interviews for the position of national security adviser with new or existing candidates on Monday as he scrambles to fill the post following the ouster of Michael Flynn.Read Full Story »

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Scuffles at Thai temple as police hunt for monk

Reuters 20 Feb 10:39 AM

Monks and police scuffled on Monday at a Buddhist temple in Thailand where security forces are trying to arrest an influential former abbot on money-laundering charges.Read Full Story »

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Pakistan 'kills 100 militants' after Sufi shrine attack

Bbc 19 Feb 03:52 PM

Pakistan says it has killed more than 100 militants in a security crackdown following Thursday's attack on a shrine that left at least 80 people dead.Read Full Story »

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US navy begins South China Sea patrols

Bbc 19 Feb 03:43 PM

US aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson has started what it calls "routine operations" in the South China Sea, with a fleet of supporting warships.Read Full Story »

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Malaysia hunts four North Korean suspects in Kim murder

Bbc 19 Feb 03:39 PM

Malaysian police say they are looking for four more North Korean suspects in connection with the murder of Kim Jong-nam.Read Full Story »

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Argentina coach crash: At least 19 killed near border with Chile

Bbc 19 Feb 08:44 AM

At least 19 people were killed when a coach overturned on a remote road in the Argentinian Andes, near the border with Chile, officials say.Read Full Story »

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Thousands of Filipino Catholics march against death penalty, war on drugs

Reuters 18 Feb 01:10 PM

Thousands of Roman Catholics marched in the Philippines capital Manila on Saturday in the biggest gathering denouncing extra-judicial killings and a government plan to reimpose the death penalty for criminals.Read Full Story »

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Scientists claim existence of drowned Pacific Ocean continent

Reuters 18 Feb 01:06 PM

A continent two-thirds the size of Australia has been found beneath the south-west Pacific Ocean, scientists reported in the journal of the Geological Society of America.Read Full Story »

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Anti-Trump energy flags during a second day of protests

Reuters 18 Feb 08:06 AM

A second consecutive day of protests against U.S. President Donald Trump's month-old administration appeared to lose momentum on Friday, with rallies in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York attracting small yet enthusiastic crowds.Read Full Story »

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Merkel says Germany remains committed to NATO defence spending target

Reuters 17 Feb 07:56 PM

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday that Germany still intended to increase its spending on defence to 2 percent of economic output in line with the NATO target.Read Full Story »

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Trump says four people under consideration for national security adviser

Reuters 17 Feb 07:55 PM

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday said he is considering four people to serve as his national security adviser, including Retired General Keith Kellogg.Read Full Story »

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Japan to speed up frigate build to reinforce East China Sea: sources

Reuters 17 Feb 07:54 PM

Read Full Story »

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Pakistan crackdown after suicide attack claimed by Islamic State

Reuters 17 Feb 06:37 PM

Read Full Story »

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Reuters 17 Feb 06:36 PM

Seven suspected Boko Haram militants blew themselves on the outskirts of a northeast Nigerian city on Friday, a local aid agency said, in an attack witnesses said targeted refugees preparing to return to their home villages.Read Full Story »

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Turkey steps up scrutiny on Muslim migrants from Russia

Reuters 17 Feb 06:35 PM

Turkey has increased scrutiny of Russian-speaking Muslim communities in the past few months following a series of attacks blamed on Islamic State, a concrete example of the renewed relationship between the two countries.Read Full Story »

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Former UK PM Blair urges Brexit opponents to

Reuters 17 Feb 04:43 PM

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair urged people to "rise up" and change their minds on Brexit, arguing that the vote to leave the European Union poses a threat to the country.Read Full Story »

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Some 500 migrants cross border into Spanish enclave of Ceuta

Reuters 17 Feb 04:07 PM

Around 500 sub-Saharan African migrants crossed the fenced border surrounding Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta from Morocco early on Friday, emergency services said.Read Full Story »

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Trump launches stinging attack on media

Bbc 17 Feb 10:49 AM

US President Donald Trump has launched a ferocious attack on the media while defending his record during his first weeks in office.Read Full Story »

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Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong arrested in South Korea

Bbc 17 Feb 10:45 AM

Samsung's heir apparent Lee Jae-yong has been placed under arrest in South Korea, accused of bribery and other charges.Read Full Story »

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Bbc 17 Feb 08:36 AM

A suicide attack in a popular shrine in southern Pakistan has killed at least 72 people, police say.Read Full Story »

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Third suspect arrested in Malaysia over murder of North Korean

Reuters 16 Feb 06:07 PM

Malaysian police made a third arrest on Thursday in their hunt for the people involved in the murder of the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.Read Full Story »

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Putin says Russian, U.S. intelligence agencies should restore ties

Reuters 16 Feb 06:02 PM

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday it was in the interests of both Russia and the United States to restore communications between their respective intelligence agencies. Read Full Story »

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