22 killed, over 50 injured in Manchester explosion [Update]

Post Report 23 May 11:39 AM

A suicide terror attack at Manchester Arena, England has left 22 people, including children, dead leaving 59 injured early Tuesday morning, BBC reported.Read Full Story »

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Post Report 05 May 04:45 PM

The Delhi court on Friday awarded life imprisonment to five persons arrested on charge of gang-raping a 52-year-old Danish woman at knife-point near the New Delhi railway station two year ago, according to Press Trust of India.Read Full Story »

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United Airlines to offer up to $10,000 for forfeiting seat

Bbc 27 Apr 02:08 PM

United Airlines says it will offer up to $10,000 (£7,800) to passengers who give up seats on overbooked flights.Read Full Story »

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Eighth time lucky: NASA launches super balloon to collect near space data

Reuters 26 Apr 03:28 PM

A stadium-sized pressure balloon launched by NASA in New Zealand began collecting data in near space on Wednesday, beginning a 100-day planned journey after several launch attempts were thwarted by storms and cyclones. Read Full Story »

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Reuters 26 Apr 03:20 PM

Turkish warplanes struck Kurdish militant targets in northern Iraq on Wednesday, killing six militants, the military said in a statement, as part of a widening campaign against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).Read Full Story »

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Turkey says detains 1,000

Reuters 26 Apr 03:19 PM

Turkish authorities arrested more than 1,000 people on Wednesday they said had secretly infiltrated police forces across the country on behalf of a U.S.-based cleric blamed by the government for a failed coup attempt last July.Read Full Story »

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Students sue Berkeley amid Coulter row

Bbc 26 Apr 10:09 AM

Two student groups that plan to host conservative author Ann Coulter have sued the University of California at Berkeley, where she plans to speak.Read Full Story »

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Trump backs down on border wall funding

Bbc 26 Apr 10:08 AM

Donald Trump has indicated he will ditch plans to find cash for his border wall in this week's spending bill.Read Full Story »

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Can Afghan military turn the tide in Taliban fight?

Bbc 26 Apr 10:06 AM

US Defence Secretary James Mattis was filmed beside an open cargo door as he flew in to Kabul on Monday. It was a glamorous image, but he could scarcely have flown into the country on a less auspicious day.Read Full Story »

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Sixteen migrants drown making Turkey-Greece crossing

Bbc 25 Apr 04:01 PM

At least 16 people have drowned in the narrow strait separating Turkey from the Greek island of Lesbos, say authorities and the UN.Read Full Story »

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Reuters 25 Apr 03:06 PM

At least 18 Kurdish YPG fighters and media officials were killed in Turkish air strikes on a headquarters of the militia in northeastern Syria on Tuesday, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said.Read Full Story »

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Reuters 25 Apr 03:05 PM

Syrian or Russian air strikes killed more than a dozen people and severely damaged a hospital in and around a town in rebel-held Idlib province on Tuesday, local medical workers and a monitoring group said.Read Full Story »

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Reuters 25 Apr 03:04 PM

North Korea conducted a big live-fire exercise on Tuesday to mark the foundation of its military as a U.S. submarine docked in South Korea in a show of force amid growing concern over the North's nuclear and missile programmes.Read Full Story »

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Associated Press 25 Apr 01:48 PM

A roadside bombing targeted a minivan in Pakistan's northwestern tribal region on Tuesday, killing nine people, a local government official and the military said.Read Full Story »

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Chile rocked by 6.9-magnitude quake

Reuters 25 Apr 12:45 PM

Read Full Story »

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China urges 'restraint' amid North Korea sinking threat

Bbc 25 Apr 11:08 AM

China's president has called for "restraint" from all parties in a call with US President Donald Trump, a day after Pyongyang said it was "ready" to sink a US aircraft carrier.Read Full Story »

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White House calls Senate in over N Korea

Bbc 25 Apr 11:05 AM

In an unusual move, the entire US Senate is being called to the White House for a briefing on North Korea.Read Full Story »

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Huge robbery sparks gun battles in Paraguay and Brazil

Bbc 25 Apr 11:00 AM

Brazilian police near the border with Paraguay have exchanged gunfire with members of a gang who carried out what Paraguayan officials are calling the robbery of the century.Read Full Story »

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Indian farmers suspend Delhi protest

Bbc 24 Apr 05:56 PM

Drought-hit farmers in India have suspended a protest, after an assurance that their demands would be met.Read Full Story »

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Afghan defence chiefs resign over deadly Taliban attack

Bbc 24 Apr 05:55 PM

Afghanistan's defence minister and army chief of staff have resigned in the wake of a Taliban attack that left scores of soldiers dead, the presidential palace says.Read Full Story »

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Jordan scraps marriage loophole for rapists

Bbc 24 Apr 05:54 PM

A law which protected rapists from punishment if they married their victims has been scrapped in Jordan.Read Full Story »

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Boy aged 12 drives himself 1,300km across Australia

Bbc 24 Apr 11:04 AM

Read Full Story »

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North Korean university names detained US citizen

Bbc 24 Apr 10:54 AM

Read Full Story »

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Reuters 24 Apr 09:24 AM

At least 30 people were killed over the weekend in Mexico, according to local officials, amid a widespread surge in drug gang violence that has driven murders to a level not seen since 2011.Read Full Story »

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Final French vote count puts Emmanuel Macron, Le Pen through to second round

Reuters 24 Apr 09:17 AM

Centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen led the first round of France's presidential election, qualifying for a second-round runoff in two weeks, final voting figures from the Interior Ministry showed on Monday.Read Full Story »

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North Korea 'ready to sink' US aircraft carrier Vinson

Bbc 23 Apr 09:11 PM

North Korea is "ready to sink" a US aircraft carrier heading for the peninsula, state media have said.Read Full Story »

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Associated Press 23 Apr 06:18 PM

A Somali police official says a roadside bomb in a remote town in Somalia's semiautonomous state of Puntland has killed eight soldiers and injured three others.Read Full Story »

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Reuters 23 Apr 11:30 AM

North Korea detained a U.S. citizen on Friday, South Korea's Yonhap news agency has reported, bringing the total number of Americans held by the isolated country to three.Read Full Story »

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Bbc 23 Apr 10:24 AM

Afghanistan is holding a day of national mourning after the Taliban attacked an army base, killing or wounding more than 100 soldiers.Read Full Story »

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France prepares to vote for new president amid high security

Bbc 23 Apr 10:20 AM

France is preparing to vote in presidential elections on Sunday, amid high security after a fatal assault on a Paris policeman three days ago.Read Full Story »

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Bbc 22 Apr 08:02 AM

At least 20 people have died after a lorry rammed into a group of farmers staging a protest in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.Read Full Story »

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Reuters 21 Apr 08:26 PM

Thirteen people were charred to death on Friday in a fire at a kerosene distribution centre in Madhya Pradesh, a senior police official said.Read Full Story »

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