Maili Dema

Kriti Rai 24 Jun 10:09 AM

Last year, my Maili Dema died. Twice. Literally. The family was waiting for her two children to arrive from Kathmandu for the final rites, and that’s when she woke up—after 14 hours. She was already wrapped and put aside in a different room. Apparently, they heard her mumble, she was wide awake when they saw her. “I wonder if she had already been awake for god knows how many hours and they only heard her then,” sobbed my mother. Read Full Story »

22 Jun 08:59 AM

Even after more than four months of the government formation, the third largest party RJP-N has failed to elect its officials of the parliamentary party. Read Full Story »

Purna Kumar Rana 22 Jun 08:43 AM

The worsening air quality has become a leading threat to public health in the Kathmandu Valley. Poorly managed road expansion, poisonous gases emitted by motor vehicles and pipe laying works for the Melamchi Water Supply Project across the Valley have invited negative impacts on the environment and public well-being. Read Full Story »

Nepal-China Friendship Run held in Beijing

Anuj Kumar Adhikari 21 Jun 11:50 AM

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21 Jun 07:51 AM

The shop fronts of malls are often seen brightly advertising their latest wares by employing eloquently dressed mannequins. The dresses they wear, with styles ranging from minimalistic to extravagant, are often dyed with vivid colours. To achieve such vibrance, these textiles undergo dyeing, the process where colour is imparted into the fabric using special pigments called dyes. Read Full Story »

INGOs are here to complement the government, not to challenge it

18 Jun 08:07 AM

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18 Jun 08:06 AM

A taxi driver who ploughed into a Moscow pavement on the third day of the World Cup, injuring at least seven people, said in a video released by authorities Sunday he had been working for 20 hours solid before the incident. Read Full Story »

600 fowls die of ‘Ranikhet’ disease in Rukum West

Post Report 18 Jun 08:05 AM

Around 600 chickens at a poultry farm in Musikot Municipality-7, Rukum West, died within a span of 24 hours on Friday and Saturday. Read Full Story »

18 Jun 08:05 AM

Contractors on Sunday handed over memos to District Admini-stration Offices and Chief Minister’s Offices against the arrests. The Federation of Contractors’ Association of Nepal stated that the contractors handed memorandum for delivery to PM KP Sharma Oli. Read Full Story »

A clenched fist

Aadesh Subedi 17 Jun 09:53 AM

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Post Report 14 Jun 07:53 AM

World Cup fever is finally taking hold in Russia, where wild enthusiasm in provincial centres such as chilly Kazan is filtering through to Moscow ahead of Thursday’s opening match in the capital.While curious locals have clamoured to see the likes of Lionel Messi and Neymar, it has proved a slow build-up to the June 14-July 15 showpiece, which is being held in Russia for the first time. Read Full Story »

Nilisha Tuladhar 14 Jun 07:47 AM

She gradually opened up and shared her feelings. “I stopped going to work. After all, the family is more important, isn’t it?” she said with an inquisitive look. I remained silent. She continued. Read Full Story »

Susan Thapa 13 Jun 08:06 AM

It is the teachers’ job to show the correct path to students, and most of the time, teachers do their job. However, it is not right for them to show disdain for farmers. Read Full Story »

Word of mouth: The best marketing tool

11 Jun 08:21 AM

Beginning his career as a branch manager of an education consultancy firm, Suman Shrestha has been a part of various educational institutions for the past 15 years. Read Full Story »

During his China visit, PM Oli’s primary focus will be on implementing past pacts

11 Jun 08:09 AM

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is embarking on a five-day state visit to China beginning on June 19. With his visits to New Delhi and now Beijing, the Oli government has underscored the importance it attaches to Nepal’s bilateral relations with India and China. Read Full Story »

PM plants litchi saplings in Singha Durbar on World Environment Day

Post Report 05 Jun 03:39 PM

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Hospitality: All about people management

04 Jun 08:19 AM

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Rishi Ram Paudyal 01 Jun 08:17 AM

Have you ever fasted? If not, maybe you should try it. As for me, I have fasted for seven days, eating one meal only in the evening and drinking a cup of tea or milk twice during the day. That was an amazing experience. It was about six years ago. When you fast, it may be prudent to have a purpose. Fasting just for the sake of fasting may not be that rewarding. Let me explain why I fasted for seven days and what I achieved. Read Full Story »

Sishir Shrestha 31 May 08:20 AM

We humans have made remarkable progress and achieved what we have achieved today over many, many years. Our technology is more sophisticated than ever, and the best part is that we are always striving to be more than what we are today. Read Full Story »

International Sagarmatha Day observed (In photos)

Post Report 29 May 05:47 PM

The International Sagarmatha Day main celebrations committee awarded various people and organisations having contributions to the mountaineering sector amidst a programme here today. Read Full Story »

In pictures: Republic Day celebration in Tundikhel

Post Report 29 May 12:10 PM

President Bidya Devi Bhandari took part in a ceremony held to mark the Republic Day 2075 at the Nepal Army Pavilion, Tundikhel, on Tuesday. Read Full Story »

The great escape

Abha Dhital 27 May 08:25 AM

As the sun shone brightly above her, Bini’s body struggled in the heat. She could feel every inch of her body sweating. Read Full Story »

The unification is not for political gains but for a prosperous Nepal

21 May 08:04 AM

Eight months after the initial agreement between the Communist Party of Nepal-Marxist Leninist United (CPN-UML) and the CPN (Maoist Centre) on a party unity, the two ruling left parties have sealed the merger. Read Full Story »

She had a dream

Vinaya Ghimire 20 May 08:18 AM

Neither the girl nor the conjectures ever interested Sameer though. She was not to his liking—but the poems were beautiful Read Full Story »

Post Report 20 May 08:05 AM

The government has started maintaining a record of assets, movable and immovable, owned by public transport committees as the property would go automatically to the state coffers when the entities cease to exist from the new fiscal year. Read Full Story »

Shiva Puri 20 May 08:04 AM

Rautahat District Court convicted a ‘serial killer’ of all charges and sentenced him to 52 years in prison, slapped Rs 200,000 fine and ordered confiscation of his properties. Read Full Story »

PM Oli runs in Kantipur-Runner Half Marathon

Post Report 19 May 08:40 AM

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14 May 08:53 AM

Vivek Jha, who has been the CEO of Nepal Life Insurance for six years, started his corporate journey as an auditor. Soon after acquiring his degree, he joined R Bajracharya & Co firm, working in the financial department, with the flexibility of working for various consultancy projects. He later joined NB Insurance Company, as DGM. After his experience in management, he joined Machhapuchchhre Bank as compliance and finance chief. In 2010, Jha had a breakthrough moment when he was offered the position with Nepal Life Insurance. In this interview with the Post’s Alisha Sijapati, Jha talks about team work and equity within an organisation and shares a few tips on leadership skills. Read Full Story »

Oli govt has gone out of its way to get two-thirds majority in Parliament and in centralising power to PMO

14 May 08:22 AM

Nepal has embraced a path towards economic reforms after the Girija Prasad Koirala-led government adopted economic liberalisation in the early 90s. Now, the KP Oli government talks of economic growth, development and prosperity. It is even planning grand new linkages with both our neighbours for improved trade and transit. And yet, the government in a recent white paper published by the Finance Ministry has criticised Nepal’s privatisation drive, claiming that it was carried out “on a whim.” Read Full Story »

Dust to dust

Subash Chapagain 13 May 08:31 AM

We met for the first time in a tempo. We didn’t speak or anything; our eyes met, and that was it. Her curly hair so perfectly framed the broad cheeks that were covered by a surgical mask. Blue, I remember. It was blue; and mine was green. Read Full Story »

Srijana Rai 11 May 07:57 AM

The Nepali people have recently undergone another unpleasant experience of having to walk to the office or squeezing into overcrowded public vehicles. What the transport committees did was condemnable. Public services cannot be disrupted and the common people should not be made to suffer. Read Full Story »

A brand is more than just a logo or a slogan

07 May 08:54 PM

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If govt breaks some syndicates successfully, it sets a precedent for the future

07 May 08:26 AM

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Jhyalkhana: glass prison

Sulochana Manandhar 06 May 07:49 AM

The room was full of guests and the atmosphere was of abounding extravagance. As women in sparkly clothes hovered around Laxmi, I walked straight up to the dulahi and handed her the gift. “Badhai chha! Don’t forget us now that you got your life partner,” I teased. In response, she just smiled and her eyes sparkled. She looked beautiful in a bride’s attire. It seemed like the traces of coyness accompanied by beaming hope only added to her charm. Read Full Story »

04 May 08:45 AM

Three people were killed when a landslide buried a passenger jeep at Subeda area in Bajhang district on Wednesday night. Read Full Story »

Rastriya Samachar Samiti 03 May 08:24 AM

A group of Nepali creative writers and poets, Nepal’s Ambassador to Bangladesh and Bangladesh Parliament Deputy Speaker hailed social and cultural ties between the two countries at a literary event held in Dhaka. Read Full Story »

Spectacular full moon seen on Buddha Purnima (in photos)

Post Report 01 May 10:57 AM

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Hospitality: A passion not profession

30 Apr 08:58 AM

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30 Apr 08:19 AM

PM KP Oli on Sunday said he had raised the issue of Nepal being locked by India not only around land but also in the air, during his recent visit to New Delhi. Read Full Story »

The moralist of Bhaktapur

Saurav Bikram Thapa 29 Apr 08:58 AM

The copper gilded finial of Nyatapol Deval gleamed in day light before fawning tourists who, fascinated by the nuances and mystique of Newari architecture, continually snapped photos with visible glee and smiles on their faces. Tourists, sporting Aladdin trousers and Thamel’s printed tops, made their way to Taumadhi Tole which had only just welcomed the arrival of spring with the Bisket Jatra. The tole felt restful with a gentle breeze dancing westwards. Read Full Story »

BRAND AND CUSTOMER: The perfect pair

23 Apr 09:04 AM

Ahmed Dulla says he was never a bright student and once thought that becoming taxi driver would be his highest aspiration in life. Then, by happenstance, he stumbled upon footwear technology on the internet and enrolled into Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI) in India. There on, he worked for several renowned international brands, such as Aldo and Zara, before returning to Kathmandu in 2012 to launch his own brand—Dulla Shoes. Read Full Story »

MC and UML couldn’t come together on Lenin’s birth anniversary but May 5, Marx’s 200th birth anniversary, is coming up

23 Apr 08:51 AM

April 22, the birth anniversary of Vladimir Lenin and the founding day of the Nepal Communist Party, has passed. This was the proposed date of unification of CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Centre). But leaders from both parties suggest that even though unification did not occur on the said date, the parties will eventually come together. Read Full Story »

Somy Paudyal 16 Apr 08:09 AM

In the past, people used to have faith in God but now the place of God has been taken by science. People try to seek scientific reason for everything that happens. Read Full Story »

Sindoor Jatra marked in Thimi (With photos)

Post Report 15 Apr 03:11 PM

Locals of Madhyapur Thimi marked the Sindur Jatra festival in Bhaktapur on Sunday. Read Full Story »