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16 Dec 08:40 AM

Are you confident that they understand your motives? Your reputation is on your mind which means you’ll be preoccupied to answer these questions. The key to building the rep you crave is clear communication, but there’s no need to sell yourself. Read Full Story »


Bibek Adhikari 16 Dec 08:01 AM

His eyes followed the thread of the lines, lingered at some stanza breaks, and retraced its path from the end to the beginning. Read Full Story »

Krishna Thapa 16 Dec 07:49 AM

The death toll in Friday’s Nuwakot truck crash has climbed up to 20 after rescuers recovered one more body from the incident site and an injured passenger died in course of treatment. Read Full Story »


15 Dec 08:34 AM

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14 Dec 08:41 AM

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13 Dec 08:50 AM

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False promises: Beauty products promising virginity restoration, enlargement or reduction of breasts and bottoms have potential detriments to health

Nayak Paudel 13 Dec 08:41 AM

Beauty products were once simpler—foundation, eye shadow, lip pigment and hair colour. But now, they’ve taken on a more insidious edge, promising the restoration of a woman’s virginity and the enlargement, or reduction, of breasts and bottoms. Read Full Story »


12 Dec 08:22 AM

In your life right now, are you driving for success, or are you just driving around? There is no wrong answer. Once you understand the level of pressure you’re putting on yourself, you can better convey the type of pressure you’re willing to apply. Read Full Story »

Surendra Sthapit 12 Dec 07:34 AM

Recently, I went on a trip to Chitlang which lies to the southwest of Kathmandu on the old trade route to India. It is a beautiful ancient village yet not been overtaken by urban development. Chitlang can be reached over several routes: Read Full Story »


11 Dec 08:48 AM

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10 Dec 04:21 PM

This is in reference to a news story entitled (‘Here’s everything you need to know about Nepal Airlines’ Airbus deal’, TKP online, December 7). Connecting my appointment as managing director of Nepal Airlines on May 31, 2015 with the purchase of two wide-body Airbus A330 aircraft, which was purchased after international competitive bidding participated in by 11 companies from six countries, is far-fetched. Read Full Story »

10 Dec 04:04 PM

This is in reference to a news story entitled (‘Here’s everything you need to know about Nepal Airlines’ Airbus deal’, TKP online, December 7). Connecting my appointment as managing director of Nepal Airlines on May 31, 2015 with the purchase of two wide-body Airbus A330 aircraft, which was purchased after international competitive bidding participated in by 11 companies from six countries, is far-fetched. Read Full Story »

Meet the men who want to turn motorbike maintenance into an art

Pranaya Sjb Rana 10 Dec 08:09 AM

While still in high school, Ashish Sinha and Kalash Tuladhar came across a rundown vintage Royal Enfield Bullet 350. As bike enthusiasts, this machine, rusty and water-logged, piqued their interest—they wanted to see if they could restore it. Read Full Story »

Execute your ideas soon so you have plenty of time for experimentation

10 Dec 08:09 AM

Today, homemade Nepali pickles in a variety of flavours and tastes are available from a growing number of outlets, on both small and large scales. Read Full Story »

Tika R Pradhan 10 Dec 08:08 AM

The Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum-Nepal has formed a six-member team led by its Co-chairman Rajendra Shrestha to hold dialogue with different like-minded political parties including the Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal. Read Full Story »


10 Dec 07:38 AM

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Love that Refuses to Die

Keshab Subedi 09 Dec 09:13 AM

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Chasing butterflies

Tushar Subedi 09 Dec 09:13 AM

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09 Dec 08:23 AM

A shocking situation might pass but make no mistake. Your flexibility and positivity will come handy. Don’t camouflage your status to save another person’s ego. Don’t let someone else’s insecurities make you feel ashamed of where you are in life. Read Full Story »


08 Dec 07:43 AM

Your affectionate and mellow mood continues. You understand more, view the world more forgivingly. You might have to contain your assertiveness all month, or might find yourself tangled up with gov’t, institutional or administrative workers (including your own advisors or agents). Read Full Story »


07 Dec 09:14 AM

You’re a leader among your friends and coworkers in a lot of ways. But sometimes, if you don’t pay attention to the boundaries of others, you’ll end up being seen more like a blowhard than a trailblazer. Listen to people more often. Read Full Story »

Ageing and the elderly

Dr Ramesh Kandel 06 Dec 08:47 AM

It is natural for everyone to expect to be happy and healthy in the later parts of life. We all dream of an old age without dependence or incontinence, but with good health and grace. Anyone living in any part of the world should have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life. Read Full Story »

Pulchowk Engineering Campus students protest demanding justice to Nirmala (In photos)

Samuel Chettri 05 Dec 02:32 PM

Students of Pulchowk Engineering Campus on Wednesday organised a protest rally demanding justice to 13-year-old Nirmala Pant of Kanchanpur who was raped and murdered some four-months ago. Read Full Story »


05 Dec 11:14 AM

Don’t let anything go out the door without double-checking it first. Little details must be caught, and you’re in the perfect frame of mind to catch them. Use your insightfulness to stop friends or family members from taking things a little bit too far. Read Full Story »

Sailesh Chaudhary 04 Dec 07:50 AM

There are many places in Nepal that attract hundreds of thousands tourists from all over the world. Among all these places, Pokhara tops the list. There are many who are fascinated by Pokhara’s mesmerising beauty. I am one of them. Read Full Story »

Sanjaya Lama 04 Dec 07:50 AM

Malaysia has barred entry to 63,000 foreigners involved in breaching immigration rules. Read Full Story »

Santosh Singh 04 Dec 07:49 AM

Chief Minister of the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath has said that he is visiting Janakpur as a cultural envoy to attend a Hindu religious event on December 12. Read Full Story »

Head in the clouds

Bibhu Luitel 03 Dec 08:15 AM

At some point or the other, everyone encounters a Captcha on the internet. This little annoyance, designed to differentiate between humans and robots in a reverse Turing test, asks users to input text from garbled images or to identify which pictures includes images of cars or street signs or pavements. Read Full Story »

Despite being an agricultural country, we don’t specialise in anything

Alisha Sijapati 03 Dec 08:13 AM

Deepak Tuladhar had spent more than seven years in the UK, working for a supply chain management company as an Human Resource manager, when he decided to start a new life from scratch. He returned to Nepal with a desire to start something on his own, he just didn’t know what yet. In their initial days in Nepal, Tuladhar and his partner began to travel across the country, visiting various districts to explore business opportunities. Read Full Story »

Across the universe

Sajana Acharya 02 Dec 08:00 AM

If I have to place his home in the map of the universe, I can’t. I don’t know where he lives at the celestial landmark. Yet, it feels like home to me. Read Full Story »


Shiva Bhusal 02 Dec 08:00 AM

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Exploring mystical Mardi Himal in Annapurna region

Sanjaya Lama 30 Nov 05:06 PM

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People bear the brunt of odd-even vehicle rule

Sanjaya Lama, Samuel Chettri 29 Nov 01:12 PM

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Ayush Shrestha wins Himalaya Roadies

Abha Dhital 27 Nov 08:17 AM

All’s well that ends well. The second season of Himalaya Roadies is over and we can all breathe now because we have a deserving winner—Ayush Shrestha. Read Full Story »

From waste to wealth

Bibhu Luitel 26 Nov 05:44 PM

Among mountains of bottles, used electronics, cardboard and paper, Panchamaya Tamang works diligently, sorting out each recyclable into its own pile. Read Full Story »

Rss 26 Nov 03:06 PM

Nepal Communist Party lawmakers disrupted the assembly meeting in Janakpur on Sunday in protest of a bill on appointment of employees on contract. Read Full Story »

We promote Newari patrimony through conservation projects

Saurav R Pandey 26 Nov 09:30 AM

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Rai runs for title, Koju rules again

Sports Bureau 25 Nov 08:16 AM

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The Mirror

Sandesh Parajuli 25 Nov 08:16 AM

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The graduates

Saurav Bikram Thapa 25 Nov 08:16 AM

Dalli Maya sat on the handrails of a steel parapet at the entrance of the café. The café was on a cul-de-sac, with alleys wrung in all directions. She wore a red ribbon around her braids, and locks of her hair shone colourfully in the languid September sun. Read Full Story »

State 2 government begins preparations for Bibaha Panchami

Santosh Singh 25 Nov 08:03 AM

Province 2 government has been making preparations to perform Bibaha Panchami ceremony. Read Full Story »

Abdhesh Kumar Jha 25 Nov 08:03 AM

A bus jam-packed with Hindu devotees overturned and fell into a pond at Inarwa along the Rajbiraj-Hanumannagar road stretch in Saptari district on Friday night, killing five persons and injuring 48 others. Fourteen passengers sustained serious injuries in the crash, said police. Read Full Story »

Sanjeev Giri 25 Nov 08:03 AM

Senior Nepali Congress leaders will participate in a crucial Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting on Sunday that is expected to discuss the amendment of party statute. The faction led by President Sher Bahadur Deuba and the rival camp of Ram Chandra Poudel could manoeuvre strategically to ensure that the amendments favour their respective sides. Read Full Story »

Mind the road

Prashanta Khanal 25 Nov 07:53 AM

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Chand’s party stages mass assembly in Capital

Tika R Pradhan 25 Nov 07:22 AM

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Rastriya Samachar Samiti 25 Nov 07:21 AM

Nepal Army has been patrolling the sensitive region bordering Israel as part of the United Nations’ peacekeeping mission. Read Full Story »

Post Report 25 Nov 07:21 AM

The absence of co-ordination among a dozen of ministries running technical education and training classes is hampering in yielding expected results, according to a report by an expert panel. Read Full Story »

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