Guru of Gurukul

Timothy Aryal 19 Feb 01:02 PM

A large share of credit for Kathmandu’s vibrant theatre culture goes to director Sunil Pokharel, who is often called the “Pioneer of Modern Nepali Theatre”, and for good reason. Read Full Story »

El Capitano

Adarsha Dhakal 19 Feb 01:02 PM

Here are some of the records Paras Khadka currently holds. He is the only Nepali player to have two centuries in List A matches, and is Nepal’s highest run getter in the format. Read Full Story »

The Artivist

Abha Dhital 19 Feb 01:02 PM

“I have always been a deviant,” artist Ashmina Ranjit remembers, “I always had questions against gender inequality at home and beyond.” Read Full Story »

A star reborn

Sanjit Bhakta Pradhananga 19 Feb 01:02 PM

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Into the bright lights

Sandesh Ghimire 19 Feb 01:02 PM

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Bird of fire

Kurchi Dasgupta 19 Feb 01:01 PM

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A visionary educationalist

Binod Ghimire 19 Feb 01:01 PM

Despite being in his late 70s, Suresh Raj Sharma’s dedication to the improvement of the education sector hasn’t lessened. He still maintains a busy daily schedule for interactions or policy dialogue. Read Full Story »

The start of a chain

Bibek Subedi 19 Feb 01:00 PM

When Min Bahadur Gurung, chairman and managing director of Bhat-Bhateni Group, started a small grocery shop in 1984 with an investment of Rs 35000, he never thought it would one day become the biggest retail brand in the country. Read Full Story »

The visionary

Manish Gautam 19 Feb 01:00 PM

Dr Sanduk Ruit comes from Olanchungola in Taplejung district, a remote part of Nepal that has often been a metaphor to describe the rusticity of the country. Read Full Story »

An audacious salesman

Rupak D Sharma 19 Feb 01:00 PM

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The good doctor

Manish Gautam 19 Feb 12:13 PM

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The game-changer

Tika R Pradhan 19 Feb 12:12 PM

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Civic sense

Kamal Dev Bhattarai 19 Feb 12:12 PM

People’s Movement 2006 owes large part of its success to the civil society movement led by Krishna Pahadi and Devendra Raj Panday. Read Full Story »

Justice with conviction

Binod Ghimire 19 Feb 12:12 PM

In her 11 months as the 25th chief justice of the country, Sushila Karki created two histories—as the first female chief of the Supreme Court and the first justice to face impeachment in Parliament. Karki, known for her bold decisions, built an impeccable image in the judicial sector both as a lawyer and a justice in the apex court. Read Full Story »

Charismatic leader

Tika R Pradhan 19 Feb 12:12 PM

Who had thought that a communist party with a Naxalite background would make competitive multiparty democratic politics its guiding principle? Read Full Story »

Champion of identity politics

Chandan Kumar Mandal 19 Feb 12:12 PM

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Agents of change

Kamal Dev Bhattarai 19 Feb 12:11 PM

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The Statesman

Anil Giri 19 Feb 12:11 PM

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The democratization of the Nepali language

Manjushree Thapa 19 Feb 12:09 PM

English speakers who learn Nepali discover, and quickly, that there is a marked difference between the language’s spoken and written forms. Those who study Nepali literature also discover, more gradually, that the stories that are told orally are at least as poignant, if not more so, than those that are written.Read Full Story »

A secure energy future

Ajaya Dixit 19 Feb 11:14 AM

With the completion of the three tiers of local, provincial and national elections, building a prosperous (sambridha) Nepal is a moral and political obligation for the new governments. Read Full Story »

Pratyoush Onta 19 Feb 11:08 AM

What has changed in the social science research landscape since the political change of 1990 that put an end to absolute monarchy in Nepal and ushered in an era of multi-party democracy (with more than a few hiccups)? Read Full Story »

Idea of inclusion

Deepak Thapa 19 Feb 11:03 AM

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Democratic struggles have just begun

Ajaya Bhadra Khanal 19 Feb 11:00 AM

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The legacies of the People’s War

Aditya Adhikari 19 Feb 10:58 AM

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Truth to populist power

Kanak Mani Dixit 19 Feb 10:55 AM

Once upon a time, we had the political generation that sought to stabilize and democratize Nepal by bringing down the Rana regime. Subsequent generations have had it easy, and gone soft when it comes to protecting pluralism and representational politics. Read Full Story »

An unequal constitution

Mohna Ansari 19 Feb 10:53 AM

We finally framed a new constitution through a Constituent Assembly after four years of debate and discussion on the constitutional issues. Yet for all the toils, we could not do justice to women. Read Full Story »

A Press for the Masses

19 Feb 10:46 AM

Today The Kathmandu Post and Kantipur, Nepal’s first private sector broadsheet newspapers, complete 25 years of publication. Born after the 1990 People’s Movement, we have been nurtured well by open political space, a growing and curious middle class and the urban centres that have sprung up across the country—thanks to the ever-expanding highways and motor roads. Read Full Story »

Keep an eye on the competition, but don’t let it drive you

Post Report 19 Feb 09:22 AM

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The interview

Sulochana Manandhar 18 Feb 09:59 AM

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Post Report 18 Feb 09:59 AM

US homebuilding rose to more than a one-year high in January, boosted by strong increases in the construction of both single- and multi-family housing units, and further gains are likely with building permits surging to their highest level since 2007. Read Full Story »

PM Oli extends best wishes

Post Report 17 Feb 08:23 AM

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli extended his best wishes to the Sherpa community living in the country and abroad on the occasion of Gyalbo Lhosar. Read Full Story »

Sonam Losar celebrated with fanfare (in photos)

Post Report 16 Feb 04:04 PM

Tamang people from Mahayana tradition across the country celebrated Sonam Losar-the beginning of the New Year—with much fanfare on Friday. Read Full Story »

Tundikhel glitters as Nepal Army marks Army Day

Post Report 13 Feb 08:36 PM

Nepal Army personnel demonstrated spectacular performances in Tundikhel, Kathmandu on Tuesday evening organised to mark Army Day and Hindu festival Mahashivaratri. The evening atmosphere looked glamorous with colourful firecrackers covering the sky. Read Full Story »

One mad woman

Prakash Pradhananga 11 Feb 08:36 AM

Wearing a dress—which was torn in more places than one could care to count—using a rag as a muffler, and carrying a stick, the woman who lived alone on the hill was on her way to the city again. Read Full Story »

Post Report 11 Feb 08:11 AM

The government has announced vacancies for labour counsellors and labor attachés in its missions in four Gulf countries. Read Full Story »

Complete each task with full conviction

05 Feb 09:05 AM

You have 13 well-known international brands under your fold. How do you manage to maintain their brand images? Read Full Story »

Post Report 05 Feb 08:45 AM

Senior Vice-chair of CPN-UML Bamdev Gautam has admitted that the party unification process between the country’s two major communist forces—CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Centre)—has been delayed due to some hitches. Read Full Story »

Left alliance govt will neither be pro-China, pro-India; it will be pro-Nepal

05 Feb 08:43 AM

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Jung Bahadur pardons an aspiring poet

Dipesh Risal 04 Feb 07:50 AM

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Post Report 01 Feb 08:26 AM

Saudi Arabia’s plan to reserve jobs in many categories for its citizens, in a bid to bring down unemployment rate to seven per cent, is good decision for the 250,000 graduates entering its job market each year. Read Full Story »

Madhav Narayan festival concludes (In photos)

Post Report 31 Jan 01:11 PM

The month-long Shree Swasthani Brata and the Shree Madhav Narayan festival concluded on Wednesday, the full-moon day in the lunar month of Magh. Read Full Story »

Catch them, if you CAN

Anuj Bhandary 30 Jan 09:53 AM

The 24th iteration of CAN Infotech, an annual mega event of Nepal’s Information and Communication Technology sector (ICT), commenced from the January 25 and will be drawing to a close today. The mega event features 222 stalls altogether exhibiting various ICT products and services. Read Full Story »

Anup Ojha 27 Jan 08:10 AM

In a bid to expedite the ongoing expansion works at the Narayangadh-Muglin road , authorities are closing the traffic movement along the road during the day time from Saturday. Read Full Story »

Gardening may help cancer survivors eat better

Carolyn Crist 25 Jan 08:05 AM

For cancer survivors, three seasons of home vegetable gardening may increase physical activity, fruits and vegetables in the diet and also enhance feelings of self-worth, researchers say. Read Full Story »