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Devotees throng Taleju Bhawani temple on Mahanawami (In photos)

Post Report 18 Oct 11:05 AM

The Taleju Bhawani temple at Hanuman Dhoka in Kathmandu has been opened to public on Thursday, on the occasion of Mahanawani, the ninth day of the 10-day Bada Dashain festival. Read Full Story »

Immersed in Dashain spirit (In photos)

Post Report 17 Oct 08:26 AM

Immersed in Dashain spirit Read Full Story »

Hitkar Aryal 17 Oct 07:48 AM

Our problem is that we believe in revenge. Once a king was travelling in the countryside where he happened to touch a nettle. Its stinging hair gave the king such sharp pain that he immediately ordered all the nettles in the country to be wiped out. Read Full Story »

A pain in the back

Dr Vikram Nyaupane 11 Oct 08:19 AM

As sedentary lifestyles become the norm in urban centres, back pain and backaches are all the more common. Read Full Story »

I came out earlier this year. But the path out of the closet hasn't been rosy.

Lex Limbu 10 Oct 08:12 PM

UK-based Nepali blogger Lex Limbu and model Kartik Chettri did a ‘Him & I’ photo shoot to capture two men enjoying the process of dating and being with one another. Read Full Story »

Annual Dashain travel rush kicks off (Photo feature)

Post Report 10 Oct 09:37 AM

A long-held tradition of people heading outside the Capital city to their respective villages kicked off with the beginning of Dashain festival, the most widely celebrated Hindu festival, from Wednesday. Read Full Story »

Nurses stage symbolic protest against rape, murder of Nirmala Panta (In photos)

Post Report 08 Oct 05:39 PM

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Challenges are stepping stones to success

Saurav R Pandey 08 Oct 08:45 AM

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08 Oct 08:25 AM

Rumjatar Airport of Okhaldhunga is set to resume its flight service from Tuesday after two years. The sole airport in the eastern hill district of Province 1 will see operation of Kathmandu-Rumjatar flights once a week. Read Full Story »

People queue up to collect new notes for Dashain (In photos)

Post Report 07 Oct 01:36 PM

People, from early Sunday morning, queued up at Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) office in Thapathali to collect new banknotes for the upcoming Dashain festival. Read Full Story »

Burman Stumps the Runner

Sudeep Sonawane 07 Oct 09:48 AM

Mumbai Mail’s editorial office was quiet except for the staccato of journalists typing on computer keyboards. Vasant Dev entered the sports department with a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth. Ricky Burman ignored him and continued rewriting the headline for an agency report. Barcelona Football Club’s 3-1 victory over Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League match elated him. He made a special effort to design the broadsheet news page well on the computer. Read Full Story »

Utah study shows home air quality data helps people change lifestyle

Post Report 05 Oct 07:58 AM

Researchers from the University of Utah conducted a study to determine if homeowners change the way they live if they could visualise the quality of air in their house. It turns out, their behaviour changes a lot. Read Full Story »

03 Oct 08:15 AM

The Department of Supply Management and Protection of Consumers Interest has asked Salt Trading Corporation (STC) to stop selling sugar from the fair price shops, after it was found to be selling sugar at price similar to the existing market price. Read Full Story »

Post Report 02 Oct 07:57 AM

A team headed by Province 2 Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut inspected the Janakpur Zonal Hospital amid increasing complaints on the hospital’s services and directed the hospital administration to provide details on the hospital staffers and management within 24 hours. CM Raut issued the directive to Dr Kuldeep Pandey, acting chief at the hospital, on Monday. Read Full Story »

Getting ahead of the curve

01 Oct 08:16 AM

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28 Sep 08:57 AM

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a loan of $130 million to improve access to community-managed water supply and sanitation in 20 urban municipalities of Nepal. Read Full Story »

28 Sep 08:57 AM

Four of the six casinos operating under the Casino Regulation 2013 have renewed their operating licences for this fiscal year by paying Rs50 million each, the Department of Tourism said. Read Full Story »

Indrajatra observed today (In photos)

Post Report 24 Sep 07:19 PM

The traditional festival, Indrajatra, was observed by worshipping the Devraj Indra, the God of rains and good harvest on Monday. Read Full Story »

Focus on your products, not competetion

Saurav R Pandey 24 Sep 08:28 AM

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A bloody system

Kavya Biswokarma 23 Sep 09:01 AM

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Indra Jatra begins (In photos)

Sanjog Manandhar 21 Sep 09:43 AM

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We cannot afford to burden the planet with technology that is unsustainable

17 Sep 08:30 AM

A cyclist from a young age, Sajal Pradhan learned the importance of the environment and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle early on. Read Full Story »

Rastriya Samachar Samiti 17 Sep 07:59 AM

Chief Minister of Karnali Province Mahendra Bahadur Shahi has said that the Karnali Province is planning to become the green province. Read Full Story »

The Light Year Street

Bonu Manandhar 16 Sep 09:36 AM

She had to get the experience out of her system in order to reflect on it. She knew she would fail to make sense of it or let go of it until her thoughts escaped the precincts of her mind Read Full Story »

Taking the lead

16 Sep 09:23 AM

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Reversing the brain drain

Binod Ghimire 16 Sep 09:23 AM

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16 Sep 09:23 AM

As Nepali students continue to fly abroad in hopes of pursuing a better education, colleges in Nepal have attempted to deal with this practice on their own terms, seeking affiliations from foreign colleges and promising a foreign degree from Nepal itself. Since the very first foreign affiliation was granted in 1993 to now, around five dozen others have obtained such affiliations and now offer international degrees to thousands of students from Nepal itself and at relatively affordable fees. Read Full Story »

Foreign degrees, domestic colleges

Binod Ghimire 16 Sep 09:23 AM

Nepali students continue to leave the country in droves to pursue higher education abroad. Government records show that 60,000 such students left the country last fiscal year, nearly double the number from the previous 2015-16 fiscal year. As more and more students and their parents have come to realise the value of a quality education, one that might not be so readily available in Nepal, the number of young Nepalis leaving the country in pursuit of a university education has duly increased. Read Full Story »

Rishi Panchami being observed today (In photos)

14 Sep 02:24 PM

Hindu women across the country are observing the Rishipanchami festival on Friday as per the rituals. The festival, the concluding day of the Teej, is observed on the fifth day of bright half moon of the month of Bhadra. Read Full Story »

Post Report 11 Sep 07:35 AM

The Nepal Medical Association has decided to halt protest programmes at hospitals that it had planned to start on Tuesday. Read Full Story »

Bhimsen Jatra festival celebrated (In photos)

Sanjog Manandhar 05 Sep 12:23 PM

People from Newar community celebrated the Bhimsen Jatra festival with fervour on Tuesday. Read Full Story »

Arjun Rajbanshi 04 Sep 07:36 AM

Police have arrested three suspects in connection to the rape of a 14-year-old girl at a guest house in Damak, Jhapa, on August 14. Read Full Story »

Darchula residents use risky Tuin to cross Mahakali River

Manoj Badu 04 Sep 07:36 AM

People from more than six remote villages of Darchula district are forced to cross the Mahakali river through wire bridges or Tuins and risk their lives daily. Read Full Story »

Gaijatra festival observed amid fanfare, humour (With photos)

Post Report 27 Aug 12:02 PM

The traditional festival of Gaijatra or the 'cow festival' was observed amidst fanfare and humour in three cities of Kathmandu Valley and some other places in the country. The festival, observed by people from Newar community, started from Monday and will last for a week. Read Full Story »

Meet the CEO on a mission to democratize Artificial Intelligence

Alisha Sijapati 27 Aug 08:31 AM

Artificial Intelligence fascinated Sameer Maskey ever since his undergraduate days, when he was pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Math and Physics from Bates College in the US. Then, he decided to pursue a PhD in Computer Science focused on AI at Columbia University. Read Full Story »

Photos: Pilgrims take holy dip at Gosaikunda

Post Report 26 Aug 07:58 PM

Hundreds of pilgrims took a holy dip on Tuesday at Gosaikunda, a famous lake in Langtang National Park, in Rasuwa district on the occasion of Janai Purnima festival on Sunday. Read Full Story »

Defected, disaffected pieces

Runa Maharjan 26 Aug 08:14 AM

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26 Aug 07:44 AM

The Home Ministry has directed Nepal Police to suspend then Kanchanpur police chief SP Dilli Raj Bista for mishandling the Nirmala Panta rape and murder case. Read Full Story »

Valley cabbies don fluorescent uniform (In photos)

Post Report 22 Aug 02:40 PM

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Lead by example, provide opportunities

20 Aug 08:45 AM

Suman Sharma started his career from Nepal SBI Bank in 1997 after earning his master’s degree in Economics from Tribhuvan University. Having worked at the bank for eight years, in 2005 he went on to pursue another master’s degree from Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands. Read Full Story »

Rastriya Samachar Samiti 19 Aug 07:47 AM

A pair of rhinos named ‘Solti’ and ‘Mitini’ that the government has gifted to China travelled to China in a cargo plane on Friday. Read Full Story »

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