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As monsoon nears, open drains and uncovered manholes pose even bigger risks

Anup Ojha 20 Jun 06:30 AM

Heavy rains tend to flood the Valley’s streets, obscuring open drains and manholes from motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestriansRead Full Story »

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Nepalis cannot be hoodwinked by politicians

Pramod Mishra 20 Jun 06:30 AM

The people today are literate, aware and mobile--the Oli government would do well to remember.Read Full Story »

Hope to see you soon

Buddha Mani Dhakal 20 Jun 06:30 AM

The resettlement of Bhutanese refugees gave them a good life, but it also separated families.Read Full Story »

It’s time the government legalises street vendors

19 Jun 06:30 AM

Government must adopt clear rules for responsible vending while actively enforcing against bad operators. Read Full Story »

The provincial budgets are far from being implementable

Chandan Sapkota 19 Jun 06:30 AM

They are a mere copy of the federal budget with unrealistic goals. Read Full Story »

Guardians of the empire

Pb Shah 19 Jun 06:30 AM

The British Gurkha connection is one of the enduring strands in the close bond of friendship between Nepal and the UK.Read Full Story »

After widespread condemnation, government backtracks on Guthi Bill

Tika R Pradhan 18 Jun 10:40 AM

PM Oli says he wholly supports Minister Padma Aryal’s decision to withdraw the bill from National AssemblyRead Full Story »

Reimagining the future

Sujeev Shakya 18 Jun 07:00 AM

Nepal is far behind in the discourse that is shaping the course of the 21st century.Read Full Story »

Urgently required: an action plan to cope with the worst of summer

18 Jun 07:00 AM

Local and provincial governments need to come up with an action plan immediately to cope with the worst of summer. Read Full Story »

ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Monday, June 17

Post Report 17 Jun 07:00 PM

Here are some of the top stories from The Kathmandu Post (June 17, 2019).Read Full Story »

Budgetonomics: We need to focus on welfare and the digital economy

Bimal Pratap Shah 17 Jun 07:00 AM

The recently announced budget is business as usual and more suited to the last century.Read Full Story »

The government is attempting to limit access to information

17 Jun 07:00 AM

It cannot hide behind ‘security reasons’ to make governance opaque Read Full Story »

Bend it like Baba

Thaneshwor Chalise 16 Jun 07:00 AM

Yoga should be included in the curriculum because it sharpens the students’ mind.Read Full Story »

Slim chance of Supreme Court reviewing its 2015 ruling on transitional justice, a top court official says

Binod Ghimire 16 Jun 07:00 AM

The landmark verdict struck down a dozen provisions, directing government to provide no amnesty for perpetrators of serious human rights violationsRead Full Story »

Police arrest mastermind of human trafficking racket

Nayak Paudel 16 Jun 07:00 AM

The 40-year-old was involved in smuggling Nepalis into Libya, promising them lucrative jobs in European countries Read Full Story »

Reinventing Kathmandu with a metro

Binod L Amatya 16 Jun 07:00 AM

Read Full Story »

Music and mystery

Bigyesh Nepal 16 Jun 07:00 AM

Read Full Story »

Ills of the Guthi Bill

Sanyukta Shrestha 16 Jun 07:00 AM

Read Full Story »

ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Saturday, June 15

Post Report 15 Jun 07:12 PM

Here are some of the top stories from The Kathmandu Post (June 15, 2019). Read Full Story »

Anup Ojha 15 Jun 08:22 AM

The technology, the first of its kind, is going to be implemented in the traffic island in front of New Road gate and in an island in front of the City Hall Read Full Story »

Parliament secretariat wants to buy laptops for lawmakers. MPs say it’s misuse of state resources

Binod Ghimire 15 Jun 07:54 AM

The Finance Ministry has transferred Rs 34.40 million to procure personal computers for Members of Parliament Read Full Story »

Police say they are holding comedian Pranesh Gautam in custody for “few more days”

Bhrikuti Rai 14 Jun 05:32 PM

The 24-year-old comedian was released from custody on Thursday night but was brought to the court by the police on Friday, after which he was taken back to the police station. Read Full Story »

In Bhaktapur, healthcare comes to your door

Arjun Poudel 14 Jun 07:26 AM

For the past two years, Bhaktapur municipality has been delivering free healthcare--right to patients’ homes Read Full Story »

Understanding the modern Nepal-China border

Amish Raj Mulmi 14 Jun 06:30 AM

Despite deepening relations, one cannot expect the northern frontier to be as open as the southern one. Read Full Story »

In filling public sector jobs, the federal government is making mistakes

Deepak Thapa 13 Jun 06:30 AM

It keeps forgetting about federalism and inclusiveness.Read Full Story »

The case against Pranesh Gautam and meme Nepal is ridiculous

13 Jun 06:30 AM

The right to free speech must be defended at all costsRead Full Story »

ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Wednesday, June 12

Post Report 12 Jun 07:00 PM

Here are some of the top stories from The Kathmandu Post (June 12, 2019).Read Full Story »

Kailash sojourn

Mahendra P Lama 12 Jun 06:30 AM

A pilgrimage dotted with natural hazards, altitudinal variations and pristine scenery.Read Full Story »

Cabinet yet to approve Kathmandu-Tarai expressway detailed project report

Binod Ghimire 12 Jun 06:30 AM

The government is looking for justification for cost escalation while there are concerns about land acquisition in Khokana, say officials Read Full Story »

Chitwan and Tanahun join national campaign to replace thatched roofs with galavanised zinc sheets

Ramesh Kumar Poudel 12 Jun 06:30 AM

Municipalities in the two districts announce plan to replace thatched roofs from all of the 275 houses by next year Read Full Story »

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