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Crowded Kathmandu’s few remaining open spaces are being steadily encroached upon

Anup Ojha 26 Apr 08:01 AM

On Wednesday morning, Kathmandu woke up to a rude reminder of just how vulnerable the city remains to earthquakes. Two back-to-back earthquakes of magnitudes 5.2 and 4.3 shook Kathmandu within a span of 11 minutes, a day before the fourth anniversary of the April 2015 earthquakes, serving as a reminder--and a warning--of lessons unlearned. Read Full Story »

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Disease control division to work with Met Office to combat climate-induced epidemics

Arjun Paudel 26 Apr 07:00 AM

The change in climate pattern is attributed to the spread of vector-borne diseases in such areas. Read Full Story »

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Medicinal and aromatic plants’ potential remains untapped: Experts

Chandan Kumar Mandal 26 Apr 07:00 AM

Nepal’s natural reserves of medicinal and aromatic plants, which have been used for centuries for curing ailments, can be a game changer for the country’s economy if the country can tap the potential, stakeholders say.Read Full Story »

Court tells authorities not to collect tax from Ncell for the time being

Tika R Pradhan 26 Apr 06:57 AM

When the Supreme Court on April 9 issued the full text of its February verdict on Ncell capital gains tax issue, it was largely believed that the matter was finally put to rest and that the long-drawn-out debate as to who should clear the tax liability—buyer or seller—had come to an end. Read Full Story »

Amid reservations, government bent on amending Human Rights Act

Binod Ghimire 26 Apr 06:49 AM

Despite serious reservations from the constitutional rights watchdog, the government looks bent on forwarding the bill to amend the National Human Rights Commission Act-2012, some provisions of which human rights defenders say undermine the commission’s authority. Read Full Story »

 Aditya-path and the blindness of insight

Dinesh Kafle 26 Apr 07:00 AM

This seemingly concerted building of myths around the boy remind us of a similar practice in the mid-2000s, when Ram Bahadur Bomjan, the meditating boy who was given the epithet of ‘Little Buddha’ was raised to the status of a demigod. Read Full Story »

Nepal’s slow recovery

26 Apr 06:37 AM

The National Reconstruction Authority had projected that the country would need Rs938 billion to carry out the reconstruction works. Earlier, the five-year Post Disaster Recovery Framework prepared by the NRA had estimated the recovery cost at Rs838 billion. Read Full Story »

25 Apr 07:00 AM

In democratic societies, citizens have two things at their disposal--the ballot box and the soapbox. While the ballot box allows citizens to choose their representatives, the soapbox allows them to engage in collective deliberation to the extent that they succeed at ousting those representatives who end up showing disregard for democratic values. Read Full Story »

Bhaktapur sets an example for local-led heritage reconstruction, while Kathmandu and Patan fall short

Timothy Aryal 25 Apr 06:30 AM

The three cities of the Valley have all adopted their own approaches to reconstructing their heritage. While Bhaktapur has stayed strictly local, Kathmandu and Patan have welcomed foreign funds and expertise, irking activists. Read Full Story »

Four years after Nepal’s deadly earthquakes, survivors continue to live in disarray

Tsering Ngodup Lama In Sindhupalchok & Arpan Shrestha In Kathmandu 25 Apr 06:30 AM

One of the biggest complaints from villagers is that the reconstruction grant is inadequate to initiate reconstruction and the overall tranche is not enough to complete a house. Read Full Story »

Rs429 billion needed to complete reconstruction, says NRA

Tika R Pradhan 24 Apr 07:33 AM

Two days before the fourth anniversary of the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake that devastated the country, the Nepal Reconstruction Authority on Tuesday listed the challenges to the ongoing reconstruction works. Read Full Story »

Tika R Pradhan 24 Apr 07:22 AM

Inclusion, equality, social justice have been the constant refrain of Nepal’s political parties, but they hardly practice what they preach. Read Full Story »

Progress in two key projects under BRI unlikely during President’s China visit

Anil Giri 24 Apr 07:17 AM

President Bidya Devi Bhandari’s state visit to China, starting Wednesday, is being seen as an opportunity to open new vistas of cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. Read Full Story »

Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness is highly overrated

Bhuwan Gautam 24 Apr 07:00 AM

Read Full Story »

24 Apr 07:00 AM

Two years have passed since the local level elections marked our transition from a unitary system to a federal system. But ever since then, the centre and the provinces have been on a collision course with each other over a number of issues including the mobilisation of personnel and resources, and jurisdiction. Read Full Story »

Arjun Paudel 24 Apr 07:00 AM

The professional training involves processes that will act as a refresher course to update and enhance a doctor’s knowledge, skills and experience, even after the completion of their formal degree. Read Full Story »

Binod Ghimire 24 Apr 07:00 AM

The ongoing tussle between the federal and local governments has further intensified after the former decided to recruit teachers to fill vacant positions at the public schools on its own, ignoring repeated calls from the latter to get that authority.Read Full Story »

ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Tuesday, April 23

Post Report 23 Apr 07:07 PM

Here are some of the top stories from The Kathmandu Post (April 23, 2019). Read Full Story »

Pathari area of Biratnagar tense after locals clash with police

Binod Bhandari 23 Apr 01:44 PM

Pathari area of Morang district became tense on Tuesday after locals took to the streets, saying that the police administration failed to control the increasing criminal activities in Pathari Shanischare area. Read Full Story »

Tootle and Pathao make commute easy, but many women express safety concerns​​​​​​​

Sachitra Gurung 23 Apr 06:30 AM

Ride-hailing services are are fast and reliable, which is why most people like using them. But increasingly, uncomfortable situations and incidents of harassment have tainted the experience for many women. Read Full Story »

Health Ministry suspends staff adjustment process for now

Arjun Poudel 23 Apr 06:30 AM

The Ministry of Health and Population has suspended the staff adjustment process for the time being and has directed health workers serving throughout the country to continue with their services until they get the employee adjustment paper.Read Full Story »

Binod Ghimire 23 Apr 06:30 AM

Some two weeks after the government decided to endorse an amendment bill to revise the existing act of the National Human Rights Commission, an act that undermines the institution’s authority, a squad of the Nepal Police tried to forcibly enter its regional office in Nepalgunj.Read Full Story »

22 Apr 08:26 AM

In an extremely tragic incident, more than 200 people were killed and hundreds more were wounded in a series of bomb blasts that hit hotels and churches across Sri Lanka. Read Full Story »

Belt & Road Forum declaration to incorporate projects for Nepal under the initiative

Anil Giri 22 Apr 07:48 AM

At the end of the BRI conference on April 27, a joint communiqué will explicitly incorporate projects for Nepal under the initiative, enabling an environment for their execution, according to officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read Full Story »

As Ncell mulls over the tax decision, legal experts say it has no options but to pay its dues

Prithvi Man Shrestha 22 Apr 07:00 AM

Two days before the deadline set by Large Taxpayers Office for Ncell to clear its dues expires, the mobile company says it has still not taken a decision on the amount determined by the tax office.Read Full Story »

Government to take steps to control haphazard throwing of used recharge cards and tobacco packets

Anup Ojha, Sanjaya Lama 21 Apr 09:09 AM

The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers has decided to take initiatives to control the practice of haphazardly throwing used recharge cards and tobacco products’ packets on the roads as part of a fresh bid to beautify the city. Read Full Story »

Government comes up with ‘wildlife friendly’ road design to prevent roadkill

Chandan Kumar Mandal 21 Apr 08:48 AM

All the roads—including major national highways—which traverse through forest areas and protected parks of the country will have to maintain a set of standards for ensuring the safety of wildlife, according to a new model developed for infrastructure projects. Read Full Story »

Time is ticking: Ghantaghar may just give up due to the lack of technical support and the government’s indifference

Abani Malla 21 Apr 08:30 AM

For the past 124 years, Ghantaghar has been projecting accurate time--with occasional dysfunctions--throughout the years. But that may change soon, as the man who ensured that the monumental time teller is up and running is set to retire. Read Full Story »

ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Saturday, April 20

Post Report 20 Apr 08:25 PM

Here are some of the top stories from The Kathmandu Post (April 20, 2019). Read Full Story »

 Indefinite shutdown of India’s Jet Airways puts passengers traveling to and from Nepal in a fix

Bhrikuti Rai 20 Apr 07:00 AM

Travel agencies in Nepal are scrambling to find alternate flights for local Jet Airways passengers, after the embattled carrier’s decision on Wednesday. Read Full Story »

Nepali workers in Qatar struggle for jobs after being duped with lucrative pay and free visa promises

Chandan Kumar Mandal 20 Apr 07:00 AM

Nepalis who go to Qatar on free visa--commonly known as Aazad Visa--which the agents claim would provide them with the freedom to work with any employer in Qatar, are often stranded without any jobs in the Gulf nation. Read Full Story »

Supreme Court issues an interim order to not implement the Kathmandu District Court’s order of banning PUBG

Nayak Paudel 20 Apr 07:00 AM

Read Full Story »

Binod Ghimire 20 Apr 07:00 AM

The representatives of the Municipal Association of Nepal, an umbrella body of the municipalities, say the federal government continues to treat local governments as its subordinate bodies. Read Full Story »

ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Friday, April 19

Post Report 19 Apr 06:35 PM

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Government says it is easing process for property verification of public transport operators

Chandan Kumar Mandal 19 Apr 07:00 AM

The government has said it is making efforts to minimise procedural hassles for registering erstwhile public transport committees as companies to encourage the public transport operators to become tax-paying companies.Read Full Story »

Alipay and WeChat Pay are illegal, officials say, but they have no idea how to control it

Tsering D Gurung 19 Apr 07:00 AM

Under Nepali law, any outbound transaction from the country must be first approved by Nepal Rastra Bank, the country’s central bank. When people use these platforms, the transaction is made from one Chinese account to another which means the money technically doesn’t enter Nepal.Read Full Story »

For this season’s Everest climbers, it’s all systems go—except the weather

Sangam Prasain 19 Apr 06:00 AM

Heavy footfalls are expected on Mount Everest this spring, as a record 374 fee-paying climbers—12 of them Nepalis—have been cleared to scale the world’s highest peak. And given the erratic weather pattern this season, many climbers are concerned that they could be left with a small window to make it to the top, and face a traffic jam during the final days of ascent. Read Full Story »

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