Memory as practice, memory as ethics

Kurchi Dasgupta 24 Jun 10:08 AM

Let’s take another step forward to a time when life for humankind has ceased altogether and turn back to this time, this Sunday morning in June in the year 2018. If we were to, what would we have changed? Read Full Story »

Coming full circle

Abha Dhital 23 Jun 10:58 AM

Kathmandu’s newest theatre, Kausi, is housed on the terrace of a family home. Here is how the novel project came to be Read Full Story »

A plastic world

Rabik Upadhyay 23 Jun 08:16 AM

We have all seen the inanimate dolls of different shapes and sizes in a streetside shop or in a fancy mall outlet. Derived from the French word which means “an artist’s joined model,” mannequins are used more for commercial than artistic purposes these days. Some see them as symbols of capitalism, some as overtly sexist idealisation of human bodies. Read Full Story »

GUFFADI: Baluwatar to Beijing

Guffadi 23 Jun 08:16 AM

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Quality in education

Niranjan Kunwar 23 Jun 08:16 AM

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Nepali plays charms Kolkata crowd

Timothy Aryal 21 Jun 09:08 AM

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Namaste Eid 2018 celebrated

Post Report 21 Jun 09:08 AM

Recently, a multicultural event brought together people from various communities of Nepal to celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitra and conclude the fasting month of Ramadan at Labim Mall. Read Full Story »

Kausi, a new terrace-theatre in town

Post Report 21 Jun 09:08 AM

Kausi, the new black box in the Capital founded by Katha Ghera is ready to open its doors to audiences for the first time ever. The rooftop theatre in Teku will see Dayalu Rukh, an adaptation of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, as its opening play on Thursday, June 21. Read Full Story »

Army advance into quarters

Post Report 20 Jun 08:45 AM

Holders Tribhuvan Army Club (TAC) stormed into the quarter-finals of the Lalit Memorial U-18 Football Championship with a match to spare after a 4-1 win over New Road Team (NRT) 4-1 at the Anfa Complex in Satdobato on Tuesday. Read Full Story »

Football fever

Sanjog Karki 20 Jun 08:45 AM

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We are headed south

Pratik Mainali 20 Jun 08:45 AM

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Rabina Karki 20 Jun 08:45 AM

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90s stars unite for a cause

Post Report 19 Jun 08:49 AM

A host of the biggest singing superstars of the 90s congregated in Narayangadh for a musical evening dubbed ‘Mega Old is Gold’ over the weekend. Read Full Story »

Ganga Maya’s biography, Nyayako Awasan, launched

Abijeet Pant 17 Jun 08:38 AM

Nyayako Awasan, the autobiography of Ganga Maya Adhikari, mother of late Krishna Prasad Adhikari who was murdered by Maoist rebels in 2004, was released amid a function held in the Capital on Friday. Read Full Story »

The endangered Ramadan tradition

Maria Abi-habib & Hari Kumar 16 Jun 09:50 AM

For nearly 60 years, Mohammed Shafiq has braved New Delhi’s hot temperatures, a bad knee and evil spirits to wake up his neighbours for morning prayers and a final meal before sunrise during the holy month of Ramadan.Read Full Story »

Write despite the odds, without excuses

16 Jun 09:35 AM

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Underdog days

Obie Shrestha 16 Jun 09:35 AM

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Too big for their boots!

Guffadi 16 Jun 09:35 AM

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Before the rain sets in

Mohan Guragain 16 Jun 09:35 AM

Imagine people’s hardships in Tarai districts—from Jhapa in the east to Kanchanpur in the west—during this hot and humid summer. Residents of central Madhes say that even wearing clothes can be unbearable in the searing heat. Read Full Story »

Looking in

Prateebha Tuladhar 16 Jun 09:35 AM

The man cannot talk. To anyone. Not even his mother. He is a man of schedule. He can only function as he has been taught to. Under the guidance of the social norms of right and wrong. Read Full Story »

A fine balance

Anuj Kumar Adhikari 16 Jun 09:35 AM

Although China seems set to become the world’s most dominant economy, it faces a growing income disparity between the rich and the poor. The booming economy has lead to uneven development between peoples and regions as is evident in the considerable development gap between the eastern part of China, which has been the focus of development, and the topographically-challenged western China. Read Full Story »

Room for community

Nhooja Tuladhar 16 Jun 09:31 AM

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Khatiwada to direct Bollywood film

Post Report 14 Jun 09:02 AM

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Two Nepali children’s drama at Kolkata theatre fest

Post Report 14 Jun 09:02 AM

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Sadichha official choreographer of Miss Nepal N America

Post Report 13 Jun 03:18 PM

Miss Nepal 2010 Sadiccha Shrestha has been appointed as the official choreographer of Miss Nepal North America slated to be held on August 11, 2018. Read Full Story »

Post Report 13 Jun 08:06 AM

The second iteration of Newa Language and Culture Workshop took place at SOAS University in London, UK, this week, which included a presentation and a play session for three endangered board games from Nepal. Read Full Story »

Abijeet Pant 13 Jun 08:06 AM

This year’s Buddhi-Resham Memorial Artists’ Felicitation has been awarded to three senior writers from Nepal. In a programme organised by the Jalarika Literary Foundation, on Monday, writers Krishna Bhakta Shrestha, Anita Tuladhar, and Ashesh Malla were conferred the awards in genres poetry, story, and theatre, respectively. Read Full Story »

Radio on Wheels rolls into Jhapa

Arjun Rajbanshi 13 Jun 08:06 AM

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Anuj Bhandari 12 Jun 09:07 AM

The smartphone market is booming like never before and Nepal too is currently flooded with new phone launches wanting to cash in on the action. Read Full Story »

Skinny is Green release third album

Post Report 10 Jun 08:08 AM

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Amber Gurung’s unpublished works launched

Post Report 10 Jun 08:08 AM

Amber Gurung Smritigrantha, an anthology of essays written in tribute to the legendary composer, was published this week, marking the second anniversary of Gurung’s demise.The book is published by Nepal Academy of Music and Drama. Read Full Story »

Good literature can induce positivity in children

09 Jun 08:22 AM

In 1999, a young man decided to establish an organisation that recognises children with a knack for literature. Kartikeya Trust was established with the support from his friends and family and has been self-sustained ever since with the revenue generated from his own published children’s literature. Read Full Story »

Spineless EC!

Guffadi 09 Jun 08:21 AM

The Election Commission (EC) is like any other government agency in town. The hakim sahebs there know how to waste taxpayers’ money by purchasing luxury vehicles for themselves. The EC spent millions of Rupees on voter education and most of us were still confused when we went to the polls. Read Full Story »

Pre-wedding blues

Obie Shrestha 09 Jun 08:21 AM

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Birjis Qadr’s Kathmandu Mehfil

Prawash Gautam 09 Jun 08:21 AM

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Kamero launch their debut album

Post Report 08 Jun 10:12 AM

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Govt decision to merge Academies ‘irrational’

Post Report 08 Jun 10:12 AM

Several artists and associates gathered at the premises of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts in Naxal on Wednesday to discuss the recent announcement made by the government to merge the three Academies—Nepal Academy, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and Nepal Academy of Music and Drama (NAMUDA). Read Full Story »

Prasad brings Nischal Basnet on board

Post Report 07 Jun 08:58 AM

The producers of the new Bipin Karki-starrer, Prasad, on Tuesday announced that the film will also star director Nishcal Basnet. Read Full Story »

Photo of the year to win Rs 100,000

Post Report 07 Jun 08:58 AM

The umbrella association of Nepali photojournalists, Photojournalist Club (PJ Club), announced the fifth iteration of the Global IME Bank Photo Contest and Exhibition 2018 amid a function held in the Capital on Wednesday. The Club also announced a call for submission of the photographs at the event. Read Full Story »

Season 2 of Singha Durbar in July

Post Report 07 Jun 08:58 AM

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Comic reflections

Post Report 06 Jun 08:16 AM

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Hari, America Boys bring new tales to cinemas

Post Report 06 Jun 08:16 AM

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Nepathya embark on a two-city US tour

Post Report 05 Jun 09:14 AM

Folk-rock outfit Nepathya is all set to perform in the US, in what will be their fifth concert tour in the country. Read Full Story »

Public art fest announced

Post Report 05 Jun 09:14 AM

Joint organisers, Micro Galleries and Kaalo.101, are inviting practicing Nepal-based artists irrespective of whether their approach is fine art, graffiti, mural, new media, video installation, sound, or live performance, to participate at a public art installation fest. Read Full Story »

Radio on wheels ready to roll

Post Report 05 Jun 09:14 AM

Radio Kantipur on Monday announced the second round of the Radio On Wheels (RoW) campaign which will take place in all seven provinces across the country. Read Full Story »

By the banks of the Bagmati

Abhijeet Thapa 03 Jun 08:52 AM

The premises of the Pashupatinath Temple had never been as enchanting as it was that day. Flower sellers had already spread their stalls with offerings and oblations that were been neatly packed into traditional leaf plates. They were constantly inviting each visitor to take one before heading into the temple. The ringing of bells, chanting of devotees and bustle of the market, all filled the morning with a palpably religious feeling. Amid these vibrant scenes, a guide was leading a group of tourists towards the banks of the Bagmati River. His sun-tanned face had sharp, peircing eyes. His firm gait and gestures seemed assured, as he addressed his guests in the most polite of tones. Read Full Story »

Love and Attachment

Kurchi Dasgupta 03 Jun 08:52 AM

The exhibition at Siddhartha Art Gallery that started on the 24th of last month, and currently on show, is a collection of paintings by Prithvi Shrestha, the first recipient of a newly instituted bursary by the Himalayan Light Foundation, founded by senior Chinese artist Zhao Jianqiu in 2015. Read Full Story »