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Widening Nepal’s musical Spektrum with new sounds

Thomas Heaton 13 Jul 08:40 AM

A handful of artists are trying to rid Nepal of musical misunderstanding by introducing new genres to Nepali ears Read Full Story »

She’s got jokes. Or is it the puppet?

Arya Mainali 12 Jul 06:30 AM

Ventriloquism wasn’t always what Seema Golchha wanted to do with her life—one day, she simply took up the art out of sheer interest  Read Full Story »

This young man’s flute covers have millions of views. Here’s why he chose to cover Despacito.

Sneha Dahal 11 Jul 07:30 AM

Swarnim Maharjan is fusing popular tracks with traditional sounds to keep young people listening to Nepali music. Read Full Story »

Instagram was once for the artists. Today things have changed.

Abani Malla 02 Jul 07:00 AM

With its ever-growing userbase and commercial repurposing, is this social media platform still a place for artists?Read Full Story »

Marking pride month, Nepal’s first pride parade to take place tomorrow

Asmita Manandhar 28 Jun 07:00 AM

Members of the Queer Youth Group are busy preparing placards for Nepal’s first pride parade, to be organised on Saturday, marking Pride Month.  Read Full Story »

National Theatre Festival could have been a great event—but it fell short

Abani Malla 26 Jun 07:00 AM

The seven-day long festival tried to be diverse and inclusive—but with limited staging, did it achieve what it set out to do? Read Full Story »

Verses on vehicles—art or annoyance?

Timothy Aryal 19 Jun 06:30 AM

Truck sahitya means different things to different people—some see it as a break to the monotony of long journeys but for others, it’s a nuisance.Read Full Story »

Tanka Chanulagain’s Yogmaya depicts the forgotten history of resistance and revolution

Arya Mainali 15 Jun 06:30 AM

Although the play might leave history enthusiasts wanting more, the experience of watching a fragment of fading history is worthwhile.Read Full Story »

A Nepali drag show, with an American touch

Chase Brush 12 Jun 03:42 PM

“We want to give the Nepali community the space to figure out what drag means for them.” Read Full Story »

“My comics are an extension of what I have on my mind.”

Abani Malla 04 Jun 07:00 AM

Full of quirky philosophical remarks and satire, Mimi cha is slowly establishing a base of loyal comic-strip lovers. Read Full Story »

An ongoing exhibition lays bare everything

Abani Malla 01 Jun 07:00 AM

Nirvana Bhandary and Vishakha Upadhaya’s first exhibition Sanskari explores female identity through bold body imagery and poems of liberation. Read Full Story »

Creating a responsible fashion ecosystem

Sachitra Gurung 30 May 06:30 AM

How a few Kathmandu-based organisations are spearheading a sustainable fashion movement Read Full Story »

Brief Candle is as burlesque as it is tragic

Kurchi Dasgupta 23 May 06:30 AM

One World Theatre has once again brought us an exciting theatrical piece, one the theatergoing audience of Kathmandu should experience firsthand Read Full Story »

Mann Gurung explores transition of indigenous culture in a new exhibition

Rose Singh 22 May 06:30 AM

His paintings explore the juxtaposition between a rapidly modernising world and the culture and traditions of the past Read Full Story »

The season finale shows that there are no real winners in the game of thrones

Thomas Heaton 21 May 06:30 AM

​​​​​​​After eight seasons and countless unexpected deaths, Game of Thrones comes to an end. But the finale leaves one question unanswered — what was it all for?Read Full Story »

Nepali films have evolved, they are getting more modern—and more misogynistic

Rose Singh 12 May 06:58 AM

In November 2017, when actor Reecha Sharma expressed discontent at the portrayal of a female character in the film Chhakka Panja, the filmmakers didn’t take it lightly. Read Full Story »

Despite a few unexpected deaths, Game of Thrones plods on

Thomas Heaton 07 May 06:30 AM

Daenerys is again the centre of attention, but everything around her is falling apart: a second dragon is dead, her confidant is headless, and everyone seems to be rooting for Jon Snow. Read Full Story »

Murals are everywhere but there is hardly any graffiti in Kathmandu

Thomas Heaton 04 May 07:00 AM

Street art, however, has a more visual bent and has been embraced in the form of commissioned murals on embassy, business or NGO walls around the Valley, mostly speaking to activism and ideas rather than the scathing social commentary that graffiti is often known for. Read Full Story »

Are beauty pageants still relevant in modern Nepal? The debate continues.

Alisha Sijapati 26 Apr 07:00 AM

The post was a response to yet another viral Miss Nepal video-clip, this time less savoury than Khatiwada’s introductory video. In the clip from the auditions to this year’s pageant, choreographer Rachana Gurung Sharma is seen chastising 22-year-old contestant Ashmita Maharjan for appearing in the audition without makeup and in glasses. Read Full Story »

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