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Shortcuts to success

Saroj Wagle 14 Nov 08:09 AM

When I first came to Kathmandu, it was a different place. Nowadays, I find corruption and ill practices everywhere in Kathmandu. I don’t understand why people are cheating others and indulging in such activities. Read Full Story »

My ride back home

Supriya Khadka 14 Nov 08:09 AM

The most difficult and yet the most enthralling part about a ‘college day’ is my ride back home. The most convenient vehicle to reach my home is a mini bus which we call ‘force gaadi’ in our area. It was only a couple of months later that I realised the vehicle was called Force because of a logo on it. Read Full Story »

Dev Goals turn into Mithla art

Timothy Aryal 14 Nov 08:09 AM

The 2015 General Assembly of the United Nations set a total of ambitious 17 goals, collectively called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)— including objectives such as No Poverty, No Hunger, and Gender Equality, among others—to be achieved by the year 2030. Seventeen corresponding logos were designed, each depicting the essence of the desired target. Read Full Story »

Summer Love film adaptation to release early next year

Timothy Aryal 13 Nov 08:48 AM

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From my balcony

Anjila Wosti 07 Nov 08:18 AM

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On his death bed

Ujjwal Jha 07 Nov 08:16 AM

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Kishan Jha 07 Nov 08:16 AM

I am different; there is no doubt about that. If I look for answers in science as to why I am not like any other person, I will certainly receive complex information about what is coded in my genes. But what if I asked God the same question, how would he answer? Read Full Story »

Survival of the fittest

Abha Dhital 06 Nov 12:59 PM

They were not ready and we were definitely not ready. The vote out, this time around, came a little too soon. And while I am glad that they didn’t send Meen Kumari home, I’m not sure if I was ready to let go of our underdog Rabin yet. Read Full Story »

The ComCosCon craze

Abani Malla 04 Nov 09:55 AM

I started watching anime six or seven years ago, influenced by my brothers,” says Nimsang Lama, 18, who was dressed up as Killua from Hunter X Hunter. “And today, it has become one of my favourite hobbies. I’ve grown up watching it and it is a huge part of my reality.” Read Full Story »

Wake up and smell the jamun

Mohan Guragain 03 Nov 08:57 AM

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Tea party

Guffadi 03 Nov 08:57 AM

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Existence small, not shrunken

Pranaya Sjb Rana 03 Nov 08:57 AM

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Patronage of publics

Pratyoush Onta 03 Nov 08:57 AM

The end of Rana rule in 1951 was an important rupture in the history of public life in Nepal. In an important essay first published in 1970, the scholar of literature and history Kamal P Malla characterised the 1950s in the following manner: Read Full Story »

Briquette economy

03 Nov 08:56 AM

Small communities in around 25 districts across Nepal are heavily involved in the production of briquette/pellets. Read Full Story »

Celebrating type

Abha Dhital 03 Nov 08:56 AM

In December 2017, Ratan Karna was descending Muldhai Hill—an off-the-beaten-path destination that’s a day’s trek from Ghandruk—when he stopped at a small village for tea. As he sipped away, he noticed a distinct flat rock right outside the hotel and decided to paint a mantra on it. He took his paint and paintbrush out and wrote “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah”—may all be happy, may all be free from diseases—in calligraphy. Read Full Story »

Three new films to hit Kathmandu screens today

Timothy Aryal 02 Nov 08:40 AM

Three prominent new films by celebrated directors are set to release on the same day this week. The films Maaleekaa, Changa Chait and Beyond the Clouds will all hit screens today, November 2.Read Full Story »

Memory in a time of forgetfulness

Abani Malla 02 Nov 08:40 AM

On April 25, 2015, the great Gorkha earthquake caused a massive chunk of Langtang Lirung to break off and fall, striking a glacier, releasing tons of debris and burying an entire village under 100 metres of rock, ice and mud. In a matter of seconds, Langtang, which had once been a thriving, picturesque village of more than 100 homes, ceased to exist. Over 300 people lost their lives. Read Full Story »

Interrogating otherness and the politics of identity

Timothy Aryal 01 Nov 08:28 AM

Mekh Limbu has forgotten his mother tongue. Growing up in Dhankuta, Limbu’s parents and relatives spoke the Limbu language but whatever little he picked up then, he doesn’t know anymore. When asked how he grew to forget the language of his birth, Limbu goes visibly irked. Read Full Story »

Kathmandu’s first and only jazz festival begins today

Alisha Sijapati 01 Nov 08:28 AM

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Learning as you go

Saroj Wagle 31 Oct 08:27 AM

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Murder in Mustang

Pratik Mainali 31 Oct 08:27 AM

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Give a little love

Zenith Shah 31 Oct 08:27 AM

When I first heard of Yama Buddha’s suicide, I thought that it was a hoax. I remember reading about it on the internet and waiting for a genuine news source to confirm that it had actually happened, after which I posted a short condolence message on Facebook before returning to my work. Read Full Story »

Top Televisions in Nepal under 100 thousands

Bivek Khatiwada 30 Oct 12:21 PM

Gone are the days when we had to sit in front of a fat-bellied television screen to watch our favourite shows. And the struggle because of the narrow viewing angle and the low-resolution display is yet unforgettable. Read Full Story »

Journo Sapkota’s Dukhadekhi Dukhasamma hits stores

Post Report 28 Oct 08:51 AM

Journalist Janak Raj Sapkota’s new book, Dukhadekhi Dukhasamma, a non-fiction exploring the nature of migration across Nepal and neighbouring countries, has hit the stores. Read Full Story »

Nepathya set for a gig in Sikkim

Post Report 28 Oct 08:51 AM

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Photographer Shahidul Alam awarded

Post Report 28 Oct 08:51 AM

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A home of one’s own

Richa Bhattarai 27 Oct 08:44 AM

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Dashain hangover

Guffadi 27 Oct 08:44 AM

Let us thank our government for giving us the best Dashain gift ever. No, we did not get free Khasi or anything else from our incompetent government. Instead, we had to pay more for everything. The day we get any freebies from Singha Durbar is the day we know that we are officially what you would call a so-called ‘developed’ nation. Read Full Story »

Outside the café

Bibek Adhikari 27 Oct 08:44 AM

Seven in the morning, in the quadrangle, I see her—sun-brown, dumpling thick, Swaying to the Zumba music In her loose, flowing pants and baggy tee, Lost yet not so lost among twenty other women. Read Full Story »

Those left behind

Smriti Ravindra 27 Oct 08:44 AM

I step out the waiting room and through the building housing the Intensive Care Unit. It is dark already and there is a chill in the air. I have been at the hospital for nearly eleven hours and should be tired but I am not. Read Full Story »


Bunu Dhungana 27 Oct 08:44 AM

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Wizard of the colours

Pranaya Sjb Rana 27 Oct 08:43 AM

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Regression or redemption?

Abhimanyu Dixit 27 Oct 08:43 AM

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Engineering the arts

Mamina Shrestha 27 Oct 08:37 AM

“...I wonder how people can be completely men, completely women after growing up, with a fair share of both...” Read Full Story »

Israeli film fest in Thamel

Post Report 26 Oct 09:24 AM

The 12th edition of the Israeli Film Festival Kathmandu
will be held at QFX Chhaya Center in Thamel starting November 2. Read Full Story »

Queen-biopic to release, distributor organises tribute contest

Post Report 26 Oct 09:24 AM

With the Nepal release of the much-anticipated Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody around the corner, the film’s distributor, Apple Entertainment, has teamed up with producer 20th Century Fox to organise a ‘Queen Tribute Band’ contest. Read Full Story »

Three-legged race

Achyut Wagle 13 Oct 08:25 AM

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Bam Dev for President

Guffadi 13 Oct 08:25 AM

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The vegetarian

Bibhu Luitel 13 Oct 08:25 AM

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The public life of women

Diwas Kc, Nayantara Gurung Kakshapati 13 Oct 08:25 AM

Since 2011, Nepal Picture Library has been collecting, digitising, and documenting photographs from all types of sources with the objective of safeguarding a visual repository of ordinary life, social history, and public culture in Nepal. Read Full Story »

Short shorts

Prateebha Tuladhar 13 Oct 08:24 AM

With some people, you can never tell. That’s how it was with her the first time he saw her. He could not tell who she was, what she did or thought, or how old. In fact, he hadn’t even noticed her. He saw her standing outside the bookstore. She waited for a bit and then she walked off in haste and was gone. Not important enough to take notice. Read Full Story »

Cultivating and collaborating

Abani Malla 13 Oct 08:24 AM

In Mangalbazar, past a honking flood of vehicles, beyond a throng of people and behind the Krishna Mandir, there is a rose-pink structure with a large eyesore of a sign. This is the Yala Heritage Home and inside, on the top floor, is an artistic family. Eight people, representing their own diverse cultures and personalities, have gathered here to plumb the depths, circling the arts, culture, the environment and the people of the valley. These six artists, along with two curators, are part of Photo Kathmandu’s month-long mixed-media residency programme. Read Full Story »

The waking

Pranaya Sjb Rana 13 Oct 08:24 AM

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An ethics of seeing

Ayushma Regmi 13 Oct 08:24 AM

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NMA awards distinguished musicians

Post Report 12 Oct 09:07 AM

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Third edition of Photo Kathmandu to begin this week

Post Report 11 Oct 08:19 AM

The third edition of Nepal’s premier photography festival, Photo Kathmandu, is slated to begin on Friday, with an inauguration by Tham Maya Thapa, Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens. Read Full Story »

An Alternative

Bideha Nidhi Bhattarai 10 Oct 08:17 AM

The current educational system is a failure and the overwhelming unemployment rates are a testament to this. Hordes of high school pass-outs are flying abroad. It is a sad state for the country to be in, but even sadder is the excuse granted to policymakers in such a dire situation. Read Full Story »

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