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Missing home

Arshima Dahal 23 Jan 09:20 AM

It was the first day of my school and I didn’t find a reason to smile. I was introduced as a new student but to my disappointment, not even a single person pronounced my name correctly. I was afraid and nervous at the same time. Read Full Story »

Living in the moment

Raman Budhathoki 23 Jan 09:20 AM

I am old enough now, I can be on my own,” I vividly remember saying before leaving for my college dorm to pursue for my Bachelor’s degree. I was pretty excited about moving to Dhulikhel and being on my own—to experience being an adult. Why wouldn’t I be excited? It was my first time away from home. I felt it was about time that I leave my parents’ nest and start afresh.  Read Full Story »

A momo-headed adventure

Timothy Aryal 23 Jan 09:20 AM

Every great creative idea does not always have to start with a cup of coffee or a glass of beer. For illustrator Nom Rana, it started with a plate of momos, Nepal’s de facto national food. Read Full Story »

The paper trail

Prakash Chandra Timilsena 19 Jan 12:16 PM

In 1995, 50-year-old Nima Sherpa moved from Dolakha to Kathmandu with a plan—he was going to take traditional Nepali lokta paper to the world. Sherpa had realised that products made of lokta, which were easily available in his village, could make it big in the international market. Read Full Story »

Break up song

Guffadi 19 Jan 09:58 AM

It’s sad to hear that Bibeksheel Sajha (BS) Party folks have decided to split up. Our political parties are good at breaking up and then making up and breaking up again to fulfill the interest of a bunch of so-called leaders and I guess Bibeksheel Sajha has met the same fate. So that means we can actually call the BS wallahs a true political party from now onwards. Read Full Story »

Life and art are inextricably blended into each other

Timothy Aryal 19 Jan 09:44 AM

Mekh Limbu’s art needs little elaboration. It speaks the truth, laid out for all to see and reflect on. It’s real; it’s quiet, keening and sharp. Take his installation ‘How I Forgot My Mother Tongue’, for instance, which was part of the Opposite Dreams exhibition displayed during the Photo Kathmandu festival last year. Read Full Story »

I signed up to become a Tootle rider. This is what I got out of it.

Anup Ojha 19 Jan 06:30 AM

I first heard of Tootle about seven months ago during a casual conversation with my friends. They said it was one of the easiest ways to commute around Kathmandu, but as the owner of a motorbike, I didn’t pay it any mind. A few months later, I became a part of Tootle -- not as a customer but as a rider. Read Full Story »

What makes a YouTube star?

Bibhu Luitel 18 Jan 09:15 AM

Sajin Maharjan is no stranger to mockery. The YouTube personality, infamous for his atonal singing, has been relentlessly mocked ever since he started publishing on the video-sharing platform, in April 2012. But that hasn’t stopped Maharjan; Read Full Story »

Plants for the careless

Rose Singh 16 Jan 08:25 AM

In an increasingly drab concrete city, plants can provide colour, vibrancy and life. Even indoors, plants can act as vibrant catalysts that provide a natural touch to any dreary environment. Read Full Story »

Change matters

Saroj Wagle 16 Jan 08:25 AM

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Yogesh Dhungana 16 Jan 08:25 AM

It is no doubt that Nepal is still struggling to implement the newly introduced political system of federalism. It’s been a more than three years after the promulgation of the new constitution of Nepal, but the dynamic change that was promised by our leaders has yet to be experienced. Read Full Story »

Sixteen years on, Pimbahal Fresh Potato Chips Corner continues to serve a wide variety of crisps

Abani Malla 15 Jan 08:28 AM

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The Consumer Electronics Show puts on an annual display of the most innovative technologies. Here are this year’s standouts

Pratima Adhikari 15 Jan 08:28 AM

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the annual showcase of consumer gadgets and new technology that took place in Las Vegas, never fails to impress. There is something new to talk about in every iteration. Read Full Story »

Bhakka for breakfast

Rose Singh 13 Jan 08:39 AM

The combination of sugary dish paired with savoury seasonings may not sound appealing to many. But bhakka, a snack originated from eastern Nepal, delicately blends sweet with a side of salt and crushed chili powder, bringing a rather zesty punch in every bite. Read Full Story »

Good, but not quite best

Richa Bhattarai 12 Jan 10:12 AM

In ‘March, Me and Sakura’ by Geetanjali Shree, a 70-year-old Indian mother travels to Japan to be with her son. At first wary of the unfamiliar country and afraid of venturing out, she ends up an adventurous soul, freeing the child within in the new land, far from judgment and societal restrictions. It is enthralling to travel with her and shed our inhibitions alongside. Read Full Story »

Grandma with swag

Alisha Sijapati 12 Jan 10:08 AM

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It is a curse to begin with

Prajwalla Dahal 12 Jan 10:06 AM

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The rise of a strongman

Mohan Guragain 12 Jan 10:04 AM

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Irresponsible and immature

Abhimanyu Dixit 12 Jan 09:22 AM

In the digital age, Nepali filmmakers seem to believe they have to cultivate their audience—either by cashing in on the fame of a ‘superstar’, presenting a ‘unique story’, or tapping into contemporary mores. Read Full Story »


Sagar Chhetri 12 Jan 09:12 AM

Nepal’s southern border with India was created 150 years ago by external parties who probably did not realise they were cutting communities in two. Read Full Story »

The Mahakavi’s scribe

Bibhu Luitel 12 Jan 08:07 AM

What Lord Ganesh was to Maharshi Vyas, I was to Devkota ji,” says Shyam Das Baishnav, referring to his long-standing friendship with Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota.  Read Full Story »

Gadgetbyte: Why are smartphones overpriced in Nepal?

Bivek Khatiwada 08 Jan 08:21 AM

Researching a smartphone on the internet about its specifications and price range before purchasing one is the smart way to go. Read Full Story »

Three Star beat Sherpas, finish third

Prajwal Oli 07 Jan 01:06 PM

Three Star Club sealed the third place in the Martyrs Memorial ‘A’ Division League with a 2-0 victory over Himalayan Sherpa Club while Machhindra Club will be docked at least one point in the next season as they failed to climb out of bottom two after losing 3-0 against Tribhuvan Army Club on Sunday. Read Full Story »

Bright business

Prakash Chandra Timilsena 05 Jan 09:19 AM

There are many villages in Nepal where labour migration has become routine—people go abroad for work and return home with some hard-earned money, andexperiences. Read Full Story »

In the name of politics

Guffadi 05 Jan 09:18 AM

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A touch of drama

Alisha Sijapati 05 Jan 09:12 AM

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Best of both worlds

Bibek Adhikari 05 Jan 09:10 AM

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It’s a jungle out here

Priya Joshi 05 Jan 09:08 AM

A few years ago, there was suddenly a new tree in my garden. Everyone was surprised, because no one had planted that tree. Yet there it stood, more than four storeys tall. We didn’t know what type of tree it was, and we still don’t know the name, but ever since it grew, it has attracted a lot more birds to our home. Read Full Story »

A new music video breaks social taboos and presents a poignant homosexual love story 

Asmita Manandhar 05 Jan 08:22 AM

Young love is the stuff of many a film and music video. These depictions bank on the idea that love can be relatable to any number of audiences, as everyone has been in love or wants to be in love. But overwhelmingly, these portrayals are heteronormative, in that they present heterosexual relationships, where a boy meets girl. A recent music video, however, breaks that tendency and redefines love outside of these traditional norms.  Read Full Story »

Sankata win, finish runners-up

Prajwal Oli 03 Jan 08:46 AM

Sankata Club fought back to beat Three Star Club 2-1 and cement second-place finish in the Martyrs Memorial ‘A’ Division League on Wednesday while champions Manang Marshyangdi Club (MMC) beat Himalayan Sherpa Club 2-1 to extend their 100 percent winning to 12 games. Read Full Story »

The year in tech

Johnson Shrestha 01 Jan 08:40 AM

Gone is the year 2018, and whether it was your year or not, 2019 is here. This past year was a mixed-bag for technology, as some saw a new dawn, some died down, and some did both-catching a lot of attention but dying quickly. Here are some forms of technology that were born in 2018 and take the helm in 2019. Read Full Story »

30 Dec 08:36 AM

It has been forty years since Reinhold Messner scaled the Mount Everest without the use of supplementary oxygen with his friend Peter Habeler. Read Full Story »

Sarthak Byanjankar 30 Dec 08:36 AM

Truth be told, he wasn’t an emotional man. His emotional moments could be numbered in finger tips. The world saw his vulnerability, once when he saw his mother shouldered by four people, then when he shouldered his sisters’ palanquin and finally today when he shouldered his daughter’s pyre. Read Full Story »

This Cameroonian wanted to play football in the big leagues of Europe. Then he landed in Nepal.

29 Dec 09:08 AM

Like every Cameroonian kid, Norbert Cedric Aba had a dream to play football for a European club. Never had he imagined that he would end up in a different continent altogether and play football in one of the least known leagues in a country this far away. Read Full Story »

There are rules in design but art comes with no boundaries

Abani Malla 29 Dec 09:02 AM

Bikash Man Shakya’s art is a collection of abstract patterns formed by lines and swirls, highlighted by popping colours that pull you closer, letting you explore their intricately-carved details. Read Full Story »

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