Lily Bily crosses 40 million mark

Post Report 20 Apr 09:32 AM

Five days into its release, the romantic drama Lily Bily has made the gross collection of Rs 40 million. The movie, which hit screens last Friday has been drawing audiences by the droves across multiplexes in the country. Read Full Story »

Little Theatre Garage stages three plays

Post Report 20 Apr 09:32 AM

The fourth edition of the Little Theatre Garage, a theatre workshop for children, concluded on Wednesday with the staging of three plays put together by the participating child actors. Read Full Story »

National Arts Festival kicks off

Post Report 20 Apr 09:32 AM

The eighth National Fine Arts Exhibition is currently being held at the Nepal Academy in the Capital. The exhibition, which spans three floors of the venue includes paintings, sculptures and mixed media works by numerous Nepali artists. Read Full Story »

Club 7 at Mandala

Post Report 19 Apr 08:56 AM

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First Jhapali theatre house begins hosting plays

Post Report 19 Apr 08:56 AM

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Painting competition for nature conservation

Post Report 18 Apr 08:25 AM

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More than words

Sunita Dulal 18 Apr 08:25 AM

Elephants deserve to be treated with respect, not shackled and ridden to death. Elephants don’t carry people on their backs or perform tricks willingly. The mahout culture is also a critical component to this story. A mahout can directly improve or deprive the welfare of elephants in his care. Being a part of the problem, he has to be a partof the solution as well. Read Full Story »

The River Wild

Smriti Banjade 18 Apr 08:25 AM

It was a day before Dashain tika when we all decided to visit ‘Jhimruk Khola’(a river between Pyuthan and Arghakhanchi) . Having made the journey many times before, we were all prepared for the long ride to Jhimruk. As we went down a long and winding road we told each other made up stories about tiger attacks that had frightened my youngest relatives and some old ones too. Read Full Story »

Shiva Shrestha’s son, Shakti, to make his debut

Post Report 18 Apr 08:25 AM

Euta Esto Prem Kahani, an upcoming Nepali feature starring Shakti Shrestha, son of legendary actor Shiva Shrestha, was announced amid a function held at Radisson Hotel in Lazimpat on Sunday. The inaugural event saw Vice President Nanda Kishor Pun as its chief guest. Read Full Story »

The Voice of Nepal in July

Post Report 18 Apr 08:25 AM

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Senior litterateur Joshi no more

Post Report 18 Apr 08:25 AM

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Comedian Gajurel in Saya Kada Dus

Post Report 17 Apr 08:38 AM

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Chandak ‘excited’ about kollywood debut

Post Report 17 Apr 08:38 AM

After looking to break into acting for seven years, Miss Nepal World 2017 Nikita Chandak said that she has now finally found a fitting role in the upcoming Ranimahal, which is now set for production. Read Full Story »

Bivek Khatiwada 17 Apr 08:38 AM

A new year has begun and the wall has a new calendar on it. Every New Year, people clamber to write the right resolution, to do something new or to own something they haven’t before, hoping it would bring new success or to simply add new delights to their lives. Read Full Story »

A projection beyond the boundaries

Kurchi Dasgupta 15 Apr 01:23 PM

About two weeks ago I was walking in Bakhundole and was intrigued by the sight of paper kites hanging on house-walls. Each kite had a string attached that seemed to lead back to a source somewhere nearby. Intrigued further, I followed the strings and rows of kites and found myself on the NexUs Lasanaa premises, and into a performance in progress Read Full Story »

Ages of Paintings: An index of modern Nepali painting

Post Report 15 Apr 08:37 AM

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Theatre veteran Baral coming up with second film

Post Report 15 Apr 08:37 AM

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Sanjit Bhakta Pradhananga 14 Apr 10:16 AM

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Writing is an ageless art

14 Apr 08:13 AM

Born in Kathmandu and raised in Okhaldhunga, Bhadra Kumari Ghale is a significant personality in contemporary Nepali history. Eighty-seven-year-old Ghale who is a social worker, painter, women’s right activist, and former minister, is also an author with over 140 books to her name. In this conversation with Post's Abijeet Pant, Ghale talks about her love for literature and what inspires her to keep writing. Excerpts: Read Full Story »

The new chief in town!

Guffadi 14 Apr 08:12 AM

Nepal Police has a new IGP. It’s always big news when the time comes for Nepal Police to get a new person to head the institution. Read Full Story »

Anand Vijay Gurung 14 Apr 08:11 AM

The winding road smoothes down and runs parallel to the broad, calm river. Read Full Story »

Wide roads do not A Great city make

Pranaya Sjb Rana 14 Apr 08:11 AM

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Starting anew

Saurav Thapa Shrestha 14 Apr 08:11 AM

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Seduction in print

Rahul Dhakal 14 Apr 08:11 AM

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Not a peep

Obie Shrestha 14 Apr 08:11 AM

You know you’re watching a masterful horror when the knowledge of an errant nail poking out of the floorboards fills you with as much (if not more) dread as a glimpse of the many-fanged entities at the centre of all the fuss. Read Full Story »

Nepte and Lily Bily join Shatru Gate at the BO

Post Report 13 Apr 09:02 AM

Two films, Nepte and Lily Bily, are slated for a box office clash this Friday, while blockbuster Shatru Gate, which came out on March 23, continues to dominate the Nepali box office. Read Full Story »

An architect who wants to build the country

Post Report 13 Apr 09:01 AM

Would you rather run a business and contribute to the economy or run the country altogether? Read Full Story »

Workshops for jazz musicians at KJC

Post Report 12 Apr 08:42 AM

In the days leading up to the International Jazz Day (IJD), which is celebrated around the world on April 30, the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, one of Nepal’s leading music schools, is to organise a series of workshops and open classes. Read Full Story »

Shrinkhala Khatiwada crowned Miss Nepal 2018

Sanjaya Lama 11 Apr 10:50 PM

Shrinkhala Khatiwada has been crowned Miss Nepal 2018 at the 23rd edition of the Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal pageant in Kathmandu on Wednesday evening. Read Full Story »

The girl with pink calculator

Pratik Prithak Pokharel 11 Apr 10:19 AM

I am a student of Chartered Accountancy. Every Saturday, us students need to take the hall test examination which we must pass in order to take the final exams. Read Full Story »

Notebook: A sanctuary for my thoughts

Shreya Nepal 11 Apr 10:19 AM

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Prasad set to go on the floor

Post Report 11 Apr 10:19 AM

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Kathmanduma Ek Din hits shelves

Timothy Aryal 11 Apr 10:19 AM

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Alaiza wins Mrs Nepal Glam title

Post Report 10 Apr 08:46 AM

Thirty-year-old Alaiza Maharjan has bagged the title of Mrs Nepal Glam 2018, an annual beauty pageant for married women only. Read Full Story »

 Top entry-level cameras

Anuj Bhandari 10 Apr 08:46 AM

A few years ago, traditional cameras (DSLRs and mirrorless) were quite popular in Nepal. A lot of people from different age groups could be seen with a DSLR camera. However, there was one thing that these gadgets didn’t offer—portability. Read Full Story »

Old Pokhara in pictures

Post Report 10 Apr 08:46 AM

A week-long photo exhibition, Sabaile Nadekheko Pokhara, which displays photographs of Pokhara before the’50s, is currently ongoing at Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal, in Kathmandu. The exhibit is organised by Pokhreli Didi Bahini Samuha. Read Full Story »

Himalaya Roadies gears up for second season

Post Report 08 Apr 10:35 AM

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FarHan Akhtar up close

Post Report 08 Apr 10:35 AM

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Salman Khan granted bail in poaching case

Post Report 07 Apr 04:12 PM

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The writer in you never really dies

07 Apr 08:52 AM

When Prakash Pradhananga first started writing, she was only 19 years old. It all started with a letter she was encouraged to write to her Guru. Read Full Story »

Dilly Delhi!

Guffadi 07 Apr 08:48 AM

As usual, Oli too has decided that India comes first when it comes to the PM’s first official trip abroad. We thought Oli would fly to Beijing and try some dim sum instead of samsoas. Well, Xi will be running China for life but I guess our PM’s advisors think Modi will be around for a long time. Read Full Story »

What does high caste chauvinism look like?

Shreya Paudel 07 Apr 08:46 AM

A few months ago, a relative of mine shared with me his thought about an empowered Dalit in his Chitwan neighbourhood. This Dalit man had completed his Master’s in Nepali language, had a successful business and owned a three-storied house in Chitwan. Read Full Story »

World-rankings versus functional universities

Pratyoush Onta 07 Apr 08:46 AM

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Going it alone

Post Report 07 Apr 08:37 AM

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That time I met Lok Chitrakar

Rahul Dhakal 07 Apr 08:36 AM

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The trailblazer

Adarsha Dhakal 07 Apr 08:31 AM

On any given day, you can find Subash Bahadur Shahi in his office cabin at the Sudur Paschimanchal Academy (SPA) in Dhangadhi, where he is a director, making policies for the college. But take him out of the school and he is reborn as a cricket campaigner who has blazed the trail in order to establish Dhangadi as the ‘City of Cricket’. Read Full Story »

Onward with art and life

Nhooja Tuladhar 07 Apr 08:31 AM

As we walk back from Siddhakali Mandir, near Bhojpur Bajaar, Barta Gandharba tells me how she remembers performing in the small town. She points at a corner and tells me how she once sat down on the steps right outside the electronic store with her mother and crooned Purbeli folk songs for the passersby. Read Full Story »