The Pokhara ed of Mantra concludes

Post Report 20 Feb 10:55 AM

The third iteration of tech-exhibit Mantra: Chanting of Technology concluded over the weekend in Pokhara. Read Full Story »

Ethnographic writing fellowship announced

Post Report 20 Feb 10:54 AM

Literary magazine La.lit has announced a writing fellowship, titled Fellowship in Nonfiction: New Ethnographic Writing 2018. Read Full Story »

Reply from Tibet launched

Post Report 20 Feb 10:53 AM

Dharma Ratna Yami had spent seven years of his life in Lhasa as a trader. After returning to Nepal he was imprisoned for raising his voice against the Rana Regime. Read Full Story »

Bivek Khatiwada 20 Feb 10:53 AM

Gone is the era of backbreaking heavy devices that heat up as soon as you jump into some serious gaming action. Read Full Story »

A new theatre in Pokhara

Post Report 18 Feb 09:59 AM

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Nigerian cinema fans celebrate Black Panther

Reuters 18 Feb 09:59 AM

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Nepalaya to publish a compilation of Lekhnath Paudyal’s work

Post Report 18 Feb 09:59 AM

A compilation of poet Lekhnath Paudyal’s work, Kavi Shiromani Rachanawali, is slated to hit the shelves this week. The compilation includes all of the poet’s published work, with some of previously unpublished works as well. Read Full Story »

The history of Dachi Appa and Ma appa bricks

Sophia L Pande 18 Feb 09:59 AM

There is more to just the intricate wood and stone carving that adorn our temples, there is another crucial aspect that makes up the very fabric of these temples: The very special bricks Read Full Story »

A carnival of devotion

Keshav Thapa 17 Feb 12:06 PM

It was during the lunar month of Falgun, say the Hindu Puranas, that the Hindu god Shiva drank the poisonous negativity of the cosmos to allow for regeneration to triumph over complete annihilation. Read Full Story »

Road to nowhere

Sandesh Ghimire 17 Feb 09:58 AM

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Rethinking settlement

Mohan Guragain 17 Feb 09:56 AM

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It’s Oli time!

Guffadi 17 Feb 09:56 AM

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New wine in an old, hackneyed bottle

Timothy Aryal 17 Feb 09:43 AM

How often is it that we get to see films, novels or plays set in the Himalayas? Instantly a couple come to mind—the 1999 film Caravan or the more recent Everest (2015). Read Full Story »


Rahul Dhakal 17 Feb 09:39 AM

I first met Kapil Dixit while reporting on his recent exhibition of nudes. The fact that the exhibit was collaborative meant the burden of the senseless flak it received was also shared, he says with some relief. Read Full Story »

A summit in the plains

17 Feb 08:18 AM

Subas Tamang was born in Amardaha, a town in Morang. His mother, a Bhojpur native, had moved to the district to set up house with a stone-carver. But the elder Tamang frequently travelled through the eastern hills and plains, turning rocks into roofs to make ends meet. He led an itinerant life; he was familiar with strife. Read Full Story »

Playing with fire

Rajesh Khanal 17 Feb 08:04 AM

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Jai Bholey goes into production

Post Report 16 Feb 10:42 AM

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Nine companies pitch innovative business ideas

Post Report 16 Feb 10:42 AM

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Vagina Monologues back this March

Post Report 16 Feb 10:42 AM

Katha Ghera, a Kathmandu-based theatre group, is presenting an interpretation of The Vagina Monologues—Yonika Kathaharu—from March 2 to March 6 at Nepal Tourism Board. Read Full Story »

A new art space in town

Post Report 15 Feb 08:32 AM

A new art space in Kathmandu, Kathmandu Art, has opened to the public beginning this week. Read Full Story »

Nepali box-office tabulator launched

Post Report 15 Feb 08:32 AM

The gross collection of Nepali movies can be hard to verify. Even though the gross figures that the producers reveal often make news, the figures are not exact numbers but mere estimates, making the benchmark of what constitutes a box-office hit, or not, fuzzy at best. Read Full Story »

All things funny

Post Report 15 Feb 08:32 AM

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Nepal’s first school-level STEAM Challenge

Post Report 15 Feb 08:32 AM

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Checking privileges

Abijeet Pant 14 Feb 08:30 AM

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Sociology of Love

Sunita Rai 14 Feb 08:30 AM

Love is in the air, Valentine’s Day is here. And if you are feeling it, you are probably in love! Read Full Story »

Ninth int’l folk festival in March

Post Report 13 Feb 10:31 AM

The ninth instalment of the International Folk Festival is slated to kick off on March 1. Organised by the Everest Nepal Cultural group, the festival, which takes place every two years, has already hosted 3500 performers from 35 countries since its inception in 2002. Read Full Story »

Seventh Himalayan Outdoor Fest this week

Post Report 13 Feb 10:31 AM

The annual Himalayan Outdoor festival, which features adventure sports in three different categories-mountain bike races, trail running, and rock climbing—is set to host its seventh edition between February 16 and 18 at Hattiban Hills, Pharphing. Read Full Story »

A Himalayan love story on stage

Post Report 13 Feb 10:31 AM

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How good is this Note?

Anuj Bhandari 13 Feb 10:31 AM

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Jai Bholey heading to production

Post Report 11 Feb 08:36 AM

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Tech-exhibit Mantra travels to the Lake City

Post Report 11 Feb 08:36 AM

The third edition of the tech-exhibit Mantra: Chanting of Technology kicked off at the Pokhara Sabhagriha in Pokhara on Friday. Read Full Story »

What the eyes can’t see

Kurchi Dasgupta 11 Feb 08:36 AM

Last Tuesday, February 6, saw the opening of an exhibition of photographs showcasing sheer beauty at Siddhartha Art Gallery. Spectrum by Laurence Kent Jones oozes a perfect mix of visual grace and edgy compositional skills. Read Full Story »

A Day in Malikarjun

10 Feb 02:40 PM

Malikarjun is a small village, with barely 300 houses, in Darchula. Tucked away in Far Western Nepal, this hill top village is approximately 28 km away from Khalanga, the headquarters. Read Full Story »

The language of research

Pratyoush Onta 10 Feb 08:27 AM

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Our Prime Monsters!

Guffadi 10 Feb 08:27 AM

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Down and out in London

Pranaya Sjb Rana 10 Feb 08:26 AM

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Multiple realities

Kunti Adhikari 10 Feb 08:26 AM

When I entered a new land in the summer of 2015, I often found myself asking, “Where in the world am I?” I was 12 time zones away from my home. Read Full Story »

Let there be light

Sandesh Ghimire 10 Feb 08:24 AM

The inherent nature of the act of making a judgment is that it warrants a comparison. Saying something is good or bad is a consequence of a comparative study. Read Full Story »

The bear necessities

Obie Shrestha 10 Feb 08:24 AM

Put your paws together and welcome back Paddington, our favourite furry Peruvian bear who returns in his second film outing after making his debut on the big screen in 2014. Read Full Story »

A fresh face for Patan Dhoka

Nhooja Tuladhar 10 Feb 08:24 AM

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The Ayurvedic Man

Sanyukta Shrestha 10 Feb 08:24 AM

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Damaru wading into ‘sports drama’ genre

Post Report 09 Feb 08:50 AM

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Shristi KC biopic set for March release

Post Report 09 Feb 08:49 AM

When a doctor prescribed the wrong medicine for an eye allergy, Shristi KC became completely blind at the age of 16. She did not, however, let her blindness affect her life. Read Full Story »

‘Regional galleries in the works’

Post Report 08 Feb 08:47 AM

Basanta Utsav, a three-day workshop and exhibition of regional folk arts concluded on Wednesday, at the Itahari Culture Centre. Organised by the Department of Folk Arts of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), the event saw participation of over a 100 local artists, while 11 artists were honoured as well. Read Full Story »

Looking across the Spectrum

Alisha Sijapati 08 Feb 08:47 AM

Following two-month back-to-back sculpture exhibitions, Siddhartha Art Gallery recently kicked off a photography exhibition, Spectrum, by retired diplomat and photographer Laurence Kent Jones on Tuesday at its premises in Babarmahal. Read Full Story »

Bal Sahitya Mahotsav this week

Post Report 08 Feb 08:46 AM

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Seven Nepali artists attending the Indian Art Fair

Rahul Dhakal 08 Feb 08:46 AM

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Power of words

Saroj Wagle 07 Feb 09:46 AM

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Celebration of male form at Mcube

Rahul Dhakal 07 Feb 09:46 AM

An exhibition of paintings solely of male nudes is slated to start on Friday at Gallery Mcube, Lalitpur. Read Full Story »

The Birds and the bees: Matters of the body

Medha Malla 07 Feb 09:45 AM

Do you recall all the girls hiding their faces and all the boys causing ruckus and chaos, with the teacher himself being too embarrassed to speak freely about one particular subject in the health class? Almost every health class that revolved around sex education was awkward for both the students and the teachers. Read Full Story »