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Too much guff, not much performance

Abha Dhital 25 Sep 08:50 AM

Monday’s episode ended with a promise that the next episode will be hot—place-wise, but I really hope that it’s also going to get hot in every other possible way—please? It has got to get sensational. It’s high time. Because let’s face it, last night’s episode was barely even lukewarm.Read Full Story »

The Samsung Galaxy A8: A glamour phone that still does a good job

Bivek Khatiwada 25 Sep 08:50 AM

There was once a time when the budget, midrange and flagship smartphone used to have clear differences in price. This is definitely no longer the case. Nowadays, flagship smartphones are nearing the $1000 mark which has caused a huge price difference between midrange and flagship handsets. Read Full Story »

Former CJ’s autobiography, Nyaya, launched

Post Report 23 Sep 09:02 AM

Former Chief Justice Sushila Karki’s autobiography, Nyaya, was launched amid a function at Radisson Hotel in the Capital on Saturday. Karki is the first Nepali woman to hold the post of chief justice. Read Full Story »

Richa Bhattarai 22 Sep 08:14 AM

There are books we like because with their dazzling beauty, they make us say ‘wow!’. Others, far fewer in number, weave in an element of surprise or novelty so thought-provoking, we can just whisper a soft ‘Oh!’ Matt Haig’s twelfth novel ‘How to Stop Time’ is one of the latter. Read Full Story »

To the rescue

Tri Ratna Manandhar 22 Sep 08:14 AM

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Cream Biscuits, Coca-Cola and a Dose of thorough Spanking

Smriti Ravindra 22 Sep 08:14 AM

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High times at the village of lo

22 Sep 08:14 AM

Lo Manthang, admittedly, is a hard place to get to; you know that much once you leave the snaking Baglung Highway at Beni Bazaar and start your climb up precipitous roads hugging the gushing Kali Gandaki. The landscape becomes more and more sparse with each new town you hit—Tato Pani, Ghasa, Lete, Marpha—until you arrive at the barren moonscape that is Mustang. Read Full Story »

All aboard

Guffadi 22 Sep 08:13 AM

Our greatest Prime Monster Oli Dai is off to New York to waste our taxpayers’ money like every other Prime Monster preceding him. Read Full Story »

Peeling away the layers

Timothy Aryal 22 Sep 08:13 AM

The nature of identity is twofold: First is physical identity—the tangible things that everyone can see and feel, comprised essentially of the people and physical structures. The second type of identity is the metaphysical identity of a place which is far more elusive and harder to define. It does not involve the superficial aspects of society and one has to dig beneath the surface to find it—it exists in the festivals, everyday rituals, and most of all, in the art and the music that people make. Read Full Story »

Oscars 2019: Panchayat to represent Nepal

Timothy Aryal 21 Sep 08:54 AM

Panchayat, a historical drama set in the Panchayat era, will be Nepal’s contender for the Academy Awards Foreign Language Oscars race. The film was written and directed by Shivam Adhikari. Read Full Story »

Nepali artist makes a mark at Lhasa’s Thangka art fest

Post Report 20 Sep 08:06 AM

Veteran Nepali painter of Paubha, Raj Prakash Tuladhar recently returned to Kathmandu from a four-day international Thangka festival in Lhasa, which he and seven other artists from across the region had attended at the behest of the organisers, China. Read Full Story »

Prasad drops its first song, first look

Post Report 20 Sep 08:06 AM

Upcoming film Prasad’s first song titled Lai Lai released on Tuesday via Youtube. The song is accompanied by a lyrical video, with stills from the film. Read Full Story »

Losing focus are we?

Abha Dhital 18 Sep 08:16 AM

Honestly, I can’t decide how I feel about the last episode. The people I had placed my bets on disappointed me, underdogs unexpectedly rose to glory, and the one person who should have stayed was voted out. Read Full Story »

A whole new generation of iPhones were unveiled, but at what cost?

Bivek Khatiwada 18 Sep 08:16 AM

Apple recently became a trillion dollar company while also becoming the first to acquire such a distinction. Needless to say, there was immense fan fare when the tech titan unveiled its latest series of phones. Cutting through the hype, let’s try and make a fair assessment of what exactly Apple has to offer in its new phones and how they relate to the Nepali buyer-ship. Read Full Story »

Comic con takes KTM by storm

Post Report 16 Sep 08:57 AM

If you are a The Big Bang Theory fan, you know about the antics of the four scientists who had dressed up as DC comics characters to attend ‘Comic Con’. Those who know of this convention, know that it is full of people in “cos-play,” dressed as their favourite comic-book characters. Read Full Story »

Jalini on stage at Mandala

Post Report 16 Sep 08:57 AM

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The misunderstood queen

Alisha Sijapati 15 Sep 08:18 AM

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Paranoid parasites

Guffadi 15 Sep 08:18 AM

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The thin blue line

Mohan Guragain 15 Sep 08:18 AM

Wednesday was special. It was late in the evening when I read the news reports of a couple from the far-western district of Kanchanpur, wandering in Kathmandu in search of justice for their 13-year-old daughter who had been raped and murdered nearly two months ago. Read Full Story »

Down to the river

Pranaya Sjb Rana 15 Sep 08:18 AM

During his concert performances in the 80s, Bruce Springsteen would often tell a story, long and rambling, about his fractious relationship with his father. Sometimes, the story ended on a good note, with his hard-nosed father accepting the life his singer-songwriter son had chosen. Read Full Story »

Nepalgunj: another day, another struggle

15 Sep 08:17 AM

As a photographer, I indulge in the streets. I believe that a city’s pulse is best felt, and the evidence of life best seen, in the living streets where each day thousands converge—each set on their own path. This city is a bewildering, beautiful mess because a hundred thousand stories co-exist here, all at once. Read Full Story »

Tastes from the Silk Road

Claudia Peter 14 Sep 08:47 AM

The Peshawar Burger is a taste explosion. There is garlic and onion of course, but also cardamom, a hint of cinnamon and a whole lot of other spices more difficult to decipher. Read Full Story »

Kirtipur film screened in London charity show

Post Report 13 Sep 08:08 AM

The Nepali historical drama Kirtipur—The Legend of Kirtilakshmy was screened at a charity show in London’s SOAS University of London on Sept 8. Read Full Story »

We are all stardust

Anjila Wosti 12 Sep 06:13 PM

I was and in fact, still am an unusual child. I neither acquiesced to idiocy nor was I confrontational; I just questioned—a lot and used my own logic to work things out. Read Full Story »

The Trinity of Smartphone Cameras

Bivek Khatiwada 11 Sep 08:16 AM

Smartphones have become versatile, multi-purpose devices that have made owning any other gadget almost obsolete. Read Full Story »

Bulbul gets release date

Post Report 11 Sep 08:15 AM

Bulbul, an upcoming Nepali feature film starring Swastima Khadka in the lead role, has wrapped up principal photography and has announced its release date. Read Full Story »

72 ko Bismaya: ‘A significant book about significant times’

Post Report 09 Sep 09:01 AM

Journalist Basanta Basnet’s debut book, 72 ko Bismaya, was launched amid a function held in the Capital on Saturday. As the title suggests, the book revolves around the fateful events of that year, namely the earthquake, the drafting of the constitution, and the widespread unrest that took place in the Tarai as well as the insidious Indian blockade. Read Full Story »

Remembrance of things past

Pratik Mainali 08 Sep 08:09 AM

I spent my formative years in the village of Surunga, in the district of Jhapa, on the fringes of a forest. A road was the only thing separating our home from the vast expanse of green. I remember the tall slender trees, with branches jutting towards the sky, creating a cloud of green overhead, the gnarled tree trunks hoisting upward; the faint rustle of the leaves. The ground would always be covered with dead leaves. Read Full Story »

Big lessons on little things

Abha Dhital 08 Sep 08:09 AM

When you are a teenager (in the messiest years of your life) those in the know tell you your twenties are going to be ‘so much better.’ I am a hearty advocate of this notion. The last two of my teenage years were the unhappiest of my life. I couldn’t wait to get through to the years that followed. Read Full Story »

08 Sep 08:09 AM

Ram Krishna Sarki, of Sangam Tole in Changu Narayan municipality-4, left for Saudi Arabia in February 2010. His family was thrilled, for Ram Krishna would now be able to provide for them in a way he might not have been able to in Nepal. For nearly two years, he worked in the Middle East as a cobbler, his family’s hereditary profession. “He was happy because he was in our own profession in a foreign land, and he was making good money,” says Chature Sarki, Ram Krishna’s father. Read Full Story »

The path well-trodden

Sandesh Ghimire 08 Sep 08:09 AM

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Fresh on the court

Saurav Pandey 08 Sep 08:08 AM

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The ignominy of defeat

Adarsha Dhakal 08 Sep 08:08 AM

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Two Nepali designers at Paris Revolution fashion show

Post Report 06 Sep 08:15 AM

Works by two Nepali fashion designers, Punam Chhetri Gautam and Rabin Pariyar, will be showcased at Paris Revolution, a fashion show due to take place in the French capital. Read Full Story »

Kids these days

Samapika Gautam 05 Sep 09:31 AM

On a recent afternoon, as I whiled away my time having sliced mangoes in the canteen of the school where I teach, one of my students, a confident-looking fourth grader, came to me and asked, “Miss, can you please send me a friend request on Facebook?” Read Full Story »

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