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Bhajans with a twist

Ramesh Chandra Adhikari 16 May 06:30 AM

They start playing a tune that is starkly similar to Aruna Lama’s timeless classic ‘Eh kanchha malai sunko tara khasai deu na’, but if you listen attentively, you will notice the romantic verses of the song have been replaced by ‘Hai Krishna malai mitho bansi sunaideu na.’ Read Full Story »

Mita, Ab Kona Chalab questions the Madhes-Pahad conflict through the eyes of an innocent, all-encompassing friendship

Sachitra Gurung 15 May 07:00 AM

One of the highlights of this representation is the presentation of the Chhath festival—primarily observed by the people in the lowland regions of the country—which is joyously celebrated by both Phoolchand's and Dil Bahadur’s families. Read Full Story »

Daenerys might have won King’s Landing, but will Jon Snow take it from her?

Thomas Heaton 14 May 06:30 AM

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones was a cinematic joy, laden with artistic and foreboding shots, but frustrating and heart-breaking all the same. The writers don’t take long to slaughter the only true man of the people, Lord Varys, for working in the public's interest. Daenerys finds out he’s sharing Jon Snow’s true lineage, and with a quick ‘dracarys’ she incinerates the dear eunuch. Luckily, he sent a revelatory note to someone through one of his little birds, but where it went no one knows.Read Full Story »

The Battle of Winterfell is epic, confusing and emotional--all at once​​​​​​​

Pranaya Sjb Rana 30 Apr 06:30 AM

The final death in The Battle of Winterfell is unexpected. It is a quiet, sombre death that does not come from murder but from acceptance. Melisandre, The Red Woman, walks out into the snow, strips off the magical charm that’s been keeping her young, and collapses--dead. She fulfilled her purpose--she aided Azor Ahai, the Prince(ess) who was Promised. Only it wasn’t Stannis Baratheon and it wasn’t Jon Snow. It wasn’t even Daenerys or Jorah Mormont or Jaime Lannister. It was someone wholly unexpected.Read Full Story »

Rhythm and rhyme

Avasna Pandey 30 Apr 06:30 AM

Bhushita Vasistha’s recitation, with the music of a stellar ensemble, provided a moment of tranquility among the chaos of everyday life. Her recitation, it seemed, was asking the audience to just pause a little more and simply reflect.Read Full Story »

Meet the man behind the song that has all of Kathmandu singing along

Abani Malla 27 Apr 07:01 AM

Khadka, who chose his stage name after his time of birth, now relishes hearing his fans chant his name during live performances. Read Full Story »

How one artist is using Mithila painting to challenge social norms

Tsering Ngodup Lama 13 Apr 07:00 AM

In 2013, 27-year-old Yadav completed her first-ever professional Mithila painting. In the middle of the painting is a man on a scale being weighed against several boxes, a car, a motorcycle, and jewelry--things that are normally given as part of a dowry. Read Full Story »

Metal music hasn’t disappeared in Kathmandu—it’s just not what it used to be

Timothy Aryal 11 Apr 07:00 AM

Metal might deal with teenage angst, frustration and anger, but it often tends to do so in an extreme fashion. For instance, one of Ugra Karma’s earliest and most popular of records, Chandal Saitaan, hints at the band’s affection with themes of gore and serial killing: Read Full Story »

Visitors to the Narayanhiti Museum hoping to learn history leave disappointed

Alisha Sijapati 09 Apr 06:00 AM

​​​​​​​At 94 years of age, Renu Thapa is among the few people alive who remember the old Narayanhiti Palace, an English-inspired neoclassical palace that once stood where the contemporary pink palace now stands. The former palace, with its numerous porticos and Ionic columns, was a sight to behold, said Thapa. The new palace has none of that charm and it just doesn’t compare, she said. Read Full Story »

Here are five classic Nepali songs that refuse to die

Alisha Sijapati 16 Mar 07:00 AM

Living in a house with three different generations—a 93-year-old grandmother, a 53-year-old father and 27-year-old me—I grew up listening to old Nepali songs. These classics are not just favourites in my household but they also continue to resound across the nation, played on laptops and bluetooth speakers through Youtube, and are still in rotation on the radio. Read Full Story »

The Man from Kathmandu: first ‘global Nepali film’ to release today

Timothy Aryal 15 Mar 07:00 AM

On Wednesday evening, a frenzied crowd had gathered at Patan Durbar Square to welcome Indian acting legend Gulshan Grover. The ‘Bad Man’ of Bollywood, who has appeared in more than 400 Bollywood and Hollywood films, climbed up on a stage and ordered, “Gaana band karo”—turn off the music. Read Full Story »

One World Theatre’s adaptation of The Little School is a raw depiction of a 1970s Argentine concentration camp

Asmita Manandhar 12 Mar 07:00 AM

Deborah Merola’s adaptation of The Little School wastes no time setting the tone for what is about to come for the next three hours. Read Full Story »

Meet Chepang, the Nepali band in New York taking grindcore by storm

Pranaya Sjb Rana 23 Feb 08:00 AM

With two drummers and often two vocalists, this band of Nepali immigrants to the US produces music that is fast, hard and loud. They even got a shoutout from Anthony Fantano,  self-proclaimed as the “internet’s busiest music nerd”. In this email exchange with the Post’s Pranaya SJB Rana, Chepang talks about their unique sound, what constitutes ‘immigrindcore’ and their approach to political music. Read Full Story »

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