What difference was there for her then? She had been ‘serving’ her partner all those years just like she was serving now—only the names given to the same task were different

Ascending to the sky

Samar went slowly, counting his steps, towards the statue. As Ram had predicted, there were a few coins lying around the statue. Samar was terribly scared. But he knelt down in front of the

The Cleaning Man

Maybe, I thought, he would look at them and wonder about the invisible paths up in the air that would take him to the lush green, to the valleys where he walked up and down all the time. He


Things went from bad to worse as Dhanmaya resorted to silence after that day. She only spoke when spoken to, and that too very little. A forlorn expression made a permanent fixture on her fa

Story of a character

She was, it turned out, a diligent student of art. After that initial meeting, my friendship with her started to deepen. Within a short span, we started to become very close. Our chats and m

The Arabian Dream

After returning from Al Ismailia for the first time, the only face that I could remember was yours. I remembered you not because you were the most beautiful amongst the Al Ismailia girls. I

A great storyteller

He had a favourite chair, the one made of bamboo cane, where he used to sit whenever he wanted me to listen to his stories.

Guilty conscience

Keshav’s ethics made him despise the job. He hated it from the core of his heart and was angry that corruption had pervaded each and every corner of the office

Lovers’ Private Talk and the Intruder

Sonia: It was a rebuttal to your sucky sarcasm, which reminds me of The Importance of Being Earnest, one of the wittiest plays I have ever read. I also recommend Catcher in the Rye...

The Orphan House

I am just thinking some random thoughts, and these thoughts might not be very appealing to the viewers or readers. You know what they tell you in Painter Uncle’s rule book—that your art must

Happiness and trepidation

She was dying.

The Last thing inside Pandora’s box

As a child Catherine rarely got to sleep with bedtime fables and stories. She was raised by a single mother