New ones struggle to get by

Five years ago, the government decided to set up three new universities at the regional level.

‘Broad master plan needed to change our education system’

Interview with Kedar Bhakta Mathema, former vice-chancellor of Tribhuvan University.

Two more, too many

Experts say instead of adding two more universities, the government should invest its focus and budget on improvement of existing ones.

Supporting infirms

At one of the beds in the general ward of Hospice Nepal in Lagankhel, Amar Nath Ghimire sits up with the aid of pillows cushioned against his back.

Number of cancer cases increasing

The number of people afflicted with cancer is increasing in the country, and if the trend continues, cancer could soon be among Nepal’s main killer diseases.

Many patients die as result of late diagnosis

World Cancer Day is being marked on Wednesday.

Still far off target

Nepal struggles to meet the target of ensuring environment sustainability that focuses on sustainable development, ensuring access to energy and protecting biodiversity

Except for closing Gender disparity in schools, progress in education slow

With barley a year remaining to attain the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), the current achievement in the education sector shows that Nepal is far from meeting the targets

Reduced children, maternal mortality

As the country prepares to bring down the curtains on Millennium Development Goals, the progress achieved in health sector has been encouraging.

A poor start all over again

Govt spending pattern in the first half of last 4 fiscal years slow and unproductive

With oil prices down, now is the right time to speed up dev works

Poor capital expenditure has been a weakness of our budgetary system for years.

We allow projects more than we can handle

The perennial problem of low capital expenditure continued this fiscal as well

Allocation of areas for humanitarian response

Thousands of people are could die and many more are likely to be injured if an earthquake of high intensity hits Kathmandu Valley.

Unsafe Schools, hospitals

For Ritu Poudel, a tenth-grader at Kankali Secondary School, Naikap, home is not as safe as school when it comes to earthquake.

Kathmandu under-prepared for earthquake

Mayaju Maharjan was putting her youngest child to bed for his afternoon nap when a strong earthquake shook her two-storied house at New Road in Kathmandu.