A poor start all over again

Govt spending pattern in the first half of last 4 fiscal years slow and unproductive

With oil prices down, now is the right time to speed up dev works

Poor capital expenditure has been a weakness of our budgetary system for years.

We allow projects more than we can handle

The perennial problem of low capital expenditure continued this fiscal as well

Allocation of areas for humanitarian response

Thousands of people are could die and many more are likely to be injured if an earthquake of high intensity hits Kathmandu Valley.

Unsafe Schools, hospitals

For Ritu Poudel, a tenth-grader at Kankali Secondary School, Naikap, home is not as safe as school when it comes to earthquake.

Kathmandu under-prepared for earthquake

Mayaju Maharjan was putting her youngest child to bed for his afternoon nap when a strong earthquake shook her two-storied house at New Road in Kathmandu.

Victims cry they were excluded

Political parties on Sunday proposed the names for chairpersons of the proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Commission on Enforced Disappearances.

The disappearance of Tej Bahadur Bhandari

Thirteen years on, the wife and children of a retired school teacher from Lamjung have been looking for answers as to what happened to him after he was accosted by security personnel, blindf

Donating organs after death

At around 9 pm on December 8, Nisha Basnet, who was returning to her apartment on a scooter, was struck by a speeding truck at Tinkune Bridge.

Safety not guaranteed

According to a government study, a majority of road accidents in the past three years were caused due to reckless driving


Laying the water main for the much-awaited project without causing a major distrubance to the Valley’s road network is a matter of striking a right balance

Timely completion possible if work keeps up current pace

Melamchi Water Supply Project (MWSP) promises to end the shortage of drinking water inside Kathmandu Valley by 2016.

Melamchi’s tunnel vision

Lawmakers are increasingly getting concerned over the slow pace tunnel excavation works in the recent months.

Elusive justice

Experts say unless a holistic approach is applied to tackle rape, victims will remain far from justice

There should be stringent laws against VAW cases

As a part of the annual event, countries across the globe including Nepal celebrated 16 days of activism to end violence against women that ended on December 10.