Nepal’s labour black-market

Greed of a few recruiting agencies and top bureaucrats has landed many Nepalis in trouble at work destinations

‘Weak regulation fuel fraud cases’

Hundreds of prospective Nepali migrant workers continue to be the victims to foreign employment fraud, which has raised serious doubt on the government’s commitment

Guidelines on anvil to ensure workers’ welfare

The Ministry of Labour and Employment grabbed media headlines for all the wrong reasons recently.

A lopsided deal

Despite heavy investment in education, students’ performance is far from satisfactory

Dalits, Janajatis, Madhesis falter in grades

The initiatives taken by the Ministry of Education (MoE) to improve learning achievement of school level students from marginalised communities have failed to produce desired results

Major overhaul necessary

Despite significant increase in school-level education funding, performance of students is going down every year.

Unprepared for disaster

The country’s failure to prioritise fire hazards as compared to other natural ones such as floods, landslides and earthquakes in its comprehensive disaster preparedness mechanism

Brigades poorly armed to fight fire

In the first week of February, a fire broke out in a cotton factory at Balkot in Bhaktapur.

Safety oversight to blame

Every year during dry season, fire-induced disasters cause huge loss of properties and render many families homeless in different parts of the country.

New ones struggle to get by

Five years ago, the government decided to set up three new universities at the regional level.

‘Broad master plan needed to change our education system’

Interview with Kedar Bhakta Mathema, former vice-chancellor of Tribhuvan University.

Two more, too many

Experts say instead of adding two more universities, the government should invest its focus and budget on improvement of existing ones.

Supporting infirms

At one of the beds in the general ward of Hospice Nepal in Lagankhel, Amar Nath Ghimire sits up with the aid of pillows cushioned against his back.

Number of cancer cases increasing

The number of people afflicted with cancer is increasing in the country, and if the trend continues, cancer could soon be among Nepal’s main killer diseases.

Many patients die as result of late diagnosis

World Cancer Day is being marked on Wednesday.