Elusive justice

Experts say unless a holistic approach is applied to tackle rape, victims will remain far from justice

There should be stringent laws against VAW cases

As a part of the annual event, countries across the globe including Nepal celebrated 16 days of activism to end violence against women that ended on December 10.

A better place to live

Disabled women living in a temporary rehabilitation centre at Jorpati can’t wait to move into a disabled-friendly building, but the shelter operators worry financial and bureaucratic hurdles

Turning waste into energy

To address the need of managing municipal solid wastes, various stakeholders including government partners have initiated efforts to convert wastes into energy.

Managing biomedical waste

Many hospitals do not have the facility to dispose off medical waste that are hazardous to public health and environment

Awareness is increasing, but there are still a lot to improve

The country marked world HIV/Aids Day on Monday with a commitment to decrease prevalence rate.

Closing the gap

National strategies & programmes should focus on adolescents & youth to improve their access to sexual & reproductive health services.

Arming Nepal in battle against HIV

HIV programme in Nepal has always been donor-driven. If the donors were to discontinue their support, its repercussion will be so large that the government will fail to manage it.

Preparing farmers for climate change

Introducing resilient seeds and climate-responsive agriculture is one way to improve country’s agricultural output

Proofing communities against glacial melt impact

At Lima Climate Change Conference Nepal plans to seek much-needed interventions to address the growing concerns of mountain people due to climate change

Highway connectivity is key to Karnali’s progress

Twenty-two years ago, when government decided to construct Karnali Highway to connect the remote Karnali with road network, it raised hope of prosperity in the most impoverished region

KEP fails to yield desired results

The government started Karnali Employment Programme (KEP) in 2006/07 with the aim to provide 100 days of employment to the people living in the region.

‘We’re working on a 10-year integrated plan for Karnali’

Kal Bahadur Rokaya is the chairman of Karnali Development Commission

Power up

Nepal hopes to make positive inroads into hydel sector

Harnessing alternative energy can reduce power shortage

Nepal has long been reeling under acute power shortage. Many believe that one way to deal with the ongoing power crisis is promoting renewable and alternative energy

Renewable energy: Need of the day

The demand and supply of energy generated from renewable resources such as solar, micro-hydro and biogas is gaining momentum

Monitoring traffic and vehicle safety must for preventing road accidents

Alarming rise in road accidents and fatalities in the recent time has raised concerns over the issue of traffic and road safety in the country.

Who is to blame?

Road accidents caused by reckless driving are on the rise and no one is taking responsibility, making travel a perilous affair for passengers

Foreign jobs: Vocation training goes a long way

Every family in Beldiya, a tiny village in the eastern part of Chitwan National Park, has at least someone who works abroad.

No solution in prohibition

Instead of restricting women workers from visiting the Middle East, the government should be focusing on their safety and job security