Dozens killed in Pakistan bus attack

Dozens of people are thought to have died after an attack by gunmen on a bus in Karachi.

Why is Vladimir Putin so popular in Russia?

Vladimir Putin has been in power in Russia either as president or prime minister, since Boris Yeltsin's surprise resignation on 31 December 1999.

Peru & Chile devastated by flood torrents

Heavy rains have brought torrential floods and mudslides to parts of Peru and Chile - including the Atacama desert, one of the driest regions of the world.

Conjoined twins separated after 26 hour surgery

After an intensive surgery, 10-month old conjoined twins Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith Mata were separated by a surgical team at Texas Children's Hospital.

Sinkhole in South Korea 'swallows' 2 pedestrians

Local bus CCTV has caught the moment a sinkhole opened up in a pavement beneath two South Korean pedestrians.

Taiwan plane crash: Luckiest taxi driver in the world?

Rescue teams are continuing to search for people missing after a plane crashed in Taiwan yesterday.

Plane Crashes Into River in Taiwan

A plane from Taiwan with 58 people aboard clipped a bridge shortly after takeoff and careened into a river Wednesday.

Devotion suffocates India's sacred Yamuna river

Environmentalists in India are trying to save the Yamuna river, a revered waterway which has now become a toxic dump.

Plane runs out of fuel in mid-air near Hawaii

We have some dramatic pictures now of a truly terrifying ordeal - a single-engine airplane that fell out of the sky, and landed in the Pacific Ocean.

Solar-powered plane set for global flight

The plans have been set for the solar-powered plane, Solar Impulse 2, to take off from Abu Dhabi and then fly around the globe using only the sun's energy.

AirAsia QZ8501; The Search for the black box

Investigators will only begin to get a clearer picture of what happened when they recover the plane's recording equipment.

What might have gone wrong with AirAsia flight ?

AirAsia Indonesia flight QZ8501, an Airbus A320-200, disappeared over the Java Sea an hour into its flight at 06:24 local time (23:24 GMT Saturday).

'Sextortion': Online blackmail of men

Hundreds of thousands of men around the world are falling victim every year to a pernicious form of online crime.

China air show shows off new stealth fighter

China is showcasing some of its latest military hardware at an air show, which featured a new stealth fighter.

ISIL beheads Syria troops and US aid worker

Peter Kassig went to Lebanon in the spring of 2012. He spent his time helping Syrian refugees including those wounded in the fighting.