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Kantipur Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Nepal’s Pioneer Private Media

Kantipur Publications has a deep-seated belief in the power of democracy and freedom of press as agents of social change. It is committed to providing authentic news and analysis on Nepal. As a market leader, the media house has the added responsibility of affirming professionalism in the dissemination of factual information.

The publication uses the latest in digital printing technology, with three satellite printing stations in three major cities within the country.

Kantipur Publications values the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and currently houses a charitable trust which receives a portion of revenue from daily sales. A portion of the collected funds are received by the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital for the treatment of cancer patients. The trust also supports other social initiatives.

Kantipur is the first Nepali media house to become member of the World Association of Newspapers.

One of the most significant moments in the history of Kantipur Publications came in June 2001 when the then director, managing director and editor of Kantipur Daily were arrested on the pretext of allegedly having printed a controversial article written by a leader of the then underground Communist Party Nepal (Maoist) following the royal massacre. The subsequent release and withdrawal of all charges was a landmark moment for Nepali journalism. This further established Kantipur’s role as a pioneer in advocating and establishing free press in Nepal.

Kantipur Publications’ history, in many ways, parallels the history of democracy in Nepal. Established in 1993, only a few years after the first Jana Andolan, it became the country’s first private media house. With the mission of enhancing Nepali people’s right to right information, Kantipur is committed towards propagating responsible journalism, offering value to readers and providing an effective platform to advertisers. Currently, it is the only integrated media house in Nepal working in electronic, radio, television and print media.

Kantipur Daily (1993): The Nepali daily
The Kathmandu Post (1993): The English daily
Saptahik (1993): The weekly Nepali tabloid
E-Kantipur (1999): The online news portal
Nepal (2000): The weekly Nepali magazine
Nari (2003): The monthly Nepali magazine
Kantipur—Qatar (2008): The weekly Nepali newspaper

Kantipur Daily (1993)
Kantipur Daily is the largest selling Nepali daily broadsheet newspaper. For many in Nepal, Kantipur is a name synonymous to newspaper. Targeted to the masses, daily circulation reaches 325,000 copies. Effective circulation is handled by four printing stations located across Nepal. Kantipur Daily is regarded for its in-depth analysis of news and for offering the best in investigative journalism and news updates every single day. It remains an undisputed media vehicle for advertisements because of its vast reach.
The Kathmandu Post (1993)
The Kathmandu Post is the leading English language daily newspaper in Nepal and is popular among the urban population. Its editorial views, journalistic reviews and accurate reporting make it the number one choice for many. Its variety of supplements and prevalent content provides readers with analytical and investigative news. Daily circulation figures round up to 102,000 copies.
Nari (2003)
Nari is the first monthly magazine in Nepal dedicated entirely to women. With circulation of 80,000 copies, it is a highly valued magazine, popular for its diversified sections including health, beauty, interiors, art, literature, lifestyle and glamour.
Saptahik (1993)
Saptahik is a leading weekly tabloid in Nepali that features news and articles on youth trends, lifestyle, events and celebrity gossip. It is famous among readers for its entertainment-based content. Circulation reaches 220,000 copies every week.
Nepal (2000)
Nepal weekly is the country’s fastest growing socio-political news magazine, famous especially for acute political reporting and analysis. Nepal’s weekly circulation figures are at 37,000 copies.
Kantipur Qatar (2008)
The first Nepali newspaper published from Qatar, Kantipur Qatar targets Nepalis living in the Middle East. The 24-page weekly features editorials and news on Nepal including current affairs, art, culture, health and sports. Weekly circulation figures reach 20,000.
Kantipur Publications launched ekantipur.com as a complete e-magazine where news comprises the major component. This portal encompasses all the elements that should be present in a complete magazine. Along with web-based content, it contents the e-paper and pdf versions of all our publications.

This site has added more value by broadcasting KTV news bulletin and shows on current affairs. Additionally, it showcases programmes broadcast on Radio Kantipur, the most popular FM station in the country.

The site has added features like model watch, photo-features, and lifestyle related content for local readers. There is also a special section for Non-resident Nepalis with news catering to their needs. This pioneering attempt by eKantipur is bound to integrate the local diaspora with their homeland more effectively.

EKantipur has been designed to target global viewers with a deep interest in Nepal. It currently stands as the number one Nepali website with over 90,00,000 unique visitors in a month and 1,50,00,000 total monthly visitors.


Radio Kantipur FM 96.1


The vision of our FM station is to entertain people with news, music and entertainment programmes that are valuable, accurate and entertaining to the citizens and to maintain our leadership position in the market.

Established in October 1998, Radio Kantipur is Nepal’s first private FM station. It is the most listened to radio station in the Capital, with over 80 percent listenership. The station is popular for its prompt news service and varieties of entertaining programmes with a special focus on music, lifestyle and leisure. The expertise in identifying the audience's preferences, combined with outstanding on-air personalities, has helped Radio Kantipur 96.1 maintain a loyal audience.

Radio Kantipur has two production studios for quality output. Additionally, the library of the FM station is equipped with a huge collection of music belonging to various genres and the studios are equipped with AudioVault workstations and are capable of recording, playing and tracking elements, making it much easier to play them on-air.

Radio Kantipur, on its anniversary every year, maintains a tradition of honouring the top ten Nepali singers, musicians, bands and lyricists to motivate them to bring out the best of their talents.



Kantipur Television Network

Kantipur Television is Nepal’s leading private television station. It is popular among viewers for its content including news, entertainment and interactive programmes. Popularly known as KTV, it is licensed for terrestrial and satellite transmission. It started its operation on July13, 2003 and turned into a satellite channel in 2006.

During its nine years of operation, KTV has grown significantly and carved a niche in the broadcasting sector of Nepal. It has gained popularity not only at home but among non- resident Nepali communities abroad as well.

Currently, KTV employs more than 300 TV professionals and is equipped with the latest technologies. It is the television station with a perfect blend of technology and trained, experienced human resource.