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NBA demands immediate appointment of Chief Justice


SC office.

GORKHA, MAR 29 - Nepal Bar Association ( NBA ) has demanded immediate appointment of Chief Justice and other justices in the Supreme Court . A meeting of NBA Central Committee held at Ram Shah Chautaro in Gorkha district on Saturday also asked for the appoinment of judges in District Courts.

The NBA accused Judiciary Council of not taking initiatives in the appointments.The meeting decided to end the practice of letting justices and judges on deputation, said Hari Krishna Karki, chairman of the NBA .

The meeting also decided to hold a special constitution al convention from May 29 to 31 to press the government into issuing the constitution within a year.

Karki said that they will, likewise, suggest the Constituent Assembly and political parties after consulting legal practitioners on fundamental issues of the constitution . "Suggestions from the convention will help political parties sort out their differences," he said.

Meanwhile, the NBA expressed concerns over increasing malpractices in judiciary administration. The NBA said that a campaign will be launched to amend existing laws for institutional and policy-wise correction in judiciary system and to maintain good governance in judiciary.  

Posted on: 2014-03-29 09:59