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Beyond just the greetings

Blaze Neupane 16 Jun 07:00 AM

The thought of presentation came back, becoming more pressing and elemental this time Read Full Story »

One winter morning

Shranup Tandukar 16 Jun 07:00 AM

Many things were on my mind. Some of sadness, some of regret Read Full Story »

The week in photos (June 9 - 15)

Post Report 15 Jun 07:38 PM

Here are some of the best photos from June 9 to June 15 taken by our photographers. Read Full Story »

A Nepali drag show, with an American touch

Chase Brush 14 Jun 08:00 AM

“We want to give the Nepali community the space to figure out what drag means for them.” Read Full Story »

United in haste, ideological schisms appear in ruling party

Tika R Pradhan 14 Jun 07:15 AM

The merger was simply a marriage of convenience, say party leaders Read Full Story »

Nepal government clears legal hurdles to buy lethal arms from the US

Binod Ghimire 14 Jun 07:00 AM

The procurement process will expedite now, Nepal Army says Read Full Story »

Women health volunteers encourage women to seek medical services

Menuka Dhungana 13 Jun 06:30 AM

In Accham, there are currently 941 women health volunteers deployedRead Full Story »

Oli proposed a review of the 1947 tripartite pact in meeting with Theresa May, foreign minister says

Anil Giri 13 Jun 06:30 AM

The statement from the British prime minister’s office makes no mention of a review of the treaty that allows Gurkha recruitmentRead Full Story »

Here’s why yoga should be part of your morning routine

Sachitra Gurung 13 Jun 06:30 AM

While most exercises are focused only on physical health, yoga lays emphasis on the mental and spiritual health of an individualRead Full Story »

Province assembly allocates Rs8 million to contain dengue in Dharan

Pradeep Menyangbo 11 Jun 06:30 AM

BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences confirms 54 new cases on Monday, taking the number of dengue patients to 368 Read Full Story »

Parliamentary committee directs government to terminate staff recruitment process

Tika R Pradhan 11 Jun 06:30 AM

Asks government to manage the existing workload of local units by hiring staff on contract basis until permanent employees are in place Read Full Story »

Opposition obstructs House, protesting government’s use of force against Guthi Bill protesters

Binod Ghimire 11 Jun 06:30 AM

Nepali Congress has accused the Oli administration of trying to attack traditions and cultural values Read Full Story »

Kailali windstorm victims deprived of relief

Arjun Shah, Nirmala Khadayat 10 Jun 08:35 AM

Around 7,000 houses damaged in Kailali district, among them 2,116 destroyed Read Full Story »

Controversial bills set to flare up tensions at House

Tika R Pradhan 10 Jun 07:44 AM

At least half a dozen bills, brought up without proper discussions with the stakeholders, have courted controversy over their contents, leading to protests from stakeholders and civil society Read Full Story »

Paragliding has taken off in Pokhara, but the risks are numerous

Sachitra Gurung 10 Jun 07:35 AM

In the past year alone, there have been 20 serious accidents involving paragliders, and no one seems to know who is responsible Read Full Story »

The week in photos (June 2-8)

Post Report 08 Jun 08:02 PM

We bring you some of the best photos from June 2 to June 8 taken by our photographers. Read Full Story »

In focus: Stepping back and learning from the past

Sanjog Manandhar 08 Jun 08:29 AM

Learning and working with my rollfilm camera has taught me a few things in life. The most important being patience. Read Full Story »

Pradeep Menyangbo 08 Jun 08:23 AM

Previously, female Aedes aegypti were thought to be solely responsible for the spread of dengue in the crisis-hit zones of the Sub Metropolis Read Full Story »

Petition filed at top court to stop illegal mining in Sunkoshi River

Chandan Kumar Mandal 07 Jun 07:30 AM

Excessive excavation with heavy equipment has destroyed the river Read Full Story »

Court postpones hearing on petition against 2015 ruling on transitional justice for 22nd time

Binod Ghimire 07 Jun 07:24 AM

Continued deferrals amid delay in amending Transitional Justice Act concern conflict victims. Read Full Story »

How to do the Mardi Himal trek in three days

Marissa Taylor 07 Jun 07:00 AM

For those who have limited days at their disposal, the Mardi Himal trek—short but rewarding—is a great choice Read Full Story »


05 Jun 08:22 AM

Films Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for June 5, 2019

05 Jun 08:16 AM

You might have to wait longer but there is no way to rush destiny. You have to keep moving toward it, even if it turns out to be farther away than you thought. Remember perseverance is the key. Read Full Story »

Juvenile cases on the rise in Rupandehi

Amrita Anmol 05 Jun 06:30 AM

The district is seeing a sharp rise in juvenile misconduct cases—from 16 recorded cases in the past year to 85 this year so far. Read Full Story »

Nayak Paudel 05 Jun 06:30 AM

Self-proclaimed astrologer Arjun Chhetri had claimed that an earthquake of high magnitude would hit Nepal soon through a video which surfaced over social media including YouTube. Read Full Story »


04 Jun 07:42 AM

Read Full Story »

As NCP heads into key meeting, fog thickens over who will lead organisation department

Tika R Pradhan 04 Jun 07:36 AM

Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for June 4, 2019

04 Jun 07:35 AM

Charm and tact is a powerful weapon, and using it will prevent you from alienating powerful people whom you need on your side. You have the ability to understand what motivates other people, so use it—let your empathy guide you. Read Full Story »

Philosophy of technology

Sudeep Adhikari 04 Jun 07:00 AM

The way technology has gone into symbiosis with our current milieu is in the form of a cultural unit, connecting organically to our collective consciousness. Read Full Story »

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