Elephant creates havoc in Kanchanpur


Herds of elephants coming across from the Dudhuwa National Park in India have been creating havoc in Parasan VDC-8 of Kanchanpur.

Since the past four days, every evening elephants enter into human settlements looking for food, thereby causing destruction.

Recently, three houses were destroyed and all stock of cereals including paddy were eaten up by the tuskers, said local Madan Lohar. Wheat and pulse crop have also been extensively damaged by the elephants.

So far pulse cultivated in 10 bigahs of land has been damaged by the elephants.

Meanwhile, the locals have begun an overnight vigil to ward off the elephants.

However, the fear of the tuskers has created a sense of terror among the people, confining them to their homes after sunset.

The elephants coming here are usually in a group of 20 or more, said local Dipak Aryal. RSS

Posted on: 2013-12-29 11:42