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'UCPN (M) to give unconditional support to NC-led govt'

KATHMANDU, DEC 25 - UCPN (Maoist) leader Barsha Man Pun has remarked that his party will give unconditional support to the new government to be formed under the Nepali Congress (NC).  

He claimed that his party will not join the fray of new government formation. He said that his party will strive for drafting the new constitution within a year from the opposition bench.

Though it is obvious for raising the issue of appointment of new president and vice president following the new mandate, leader Pun opined that it would not be prudential, for the parties committed to draft the new constitution within a year, to haggle over changing the president.

"The parties should not waste time in changing the president and vice president if the parties are honestly committed to draft the new constitution within a year," said leader Pun at a press meet in the Capital on Tuesday, "Parties should focus their attention in drafting the new constitution."

Saying that the four-point pact signed by the major political parties on Tuesday has created faith in democratic process, the UCPN (M) leader said the agreement has eased the political environment and ensured that the nation would not move backward.

Likewise, Nepali Congress leader Arjun Narsingh KC has said making the presidential appointment an issue of power-sharing will not make the post a common political institution. He claimed that the parties could forge an agreement to have a constitution provision for holding a fresh election before the disbandment of Constituent Assembly.

The NC leader underscored that the NC and CPN-UML need to work together as per the people's mandate. He added that his party is ready to work in alliance with the UML for forming a new government and drafting the new constitution.

Also at the programme, UML publicity department chief Pradeep Gyawali claimed that his party wanted to replace the president according to the fresh mandate as the CA will be automatically dissolved after the promulgation of new constitution and there will be no authentic body to appoint new the president.

Posted on: 2013-12-25 04:22