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Tuskers wreck havoc in Bara-Rautahat border

  • Dozen houses demolished


Wild elephants went on a rampage at the border region of Rautahat and Bara districts, demolishing around a dozen houses.

Residents of Rangi, Bhaattirangi, Bhaisahi, Batuwa, Hanumangunj and Bhalaikhor have been living in terror, fearing possible attacks on their houses.

According to local Amar Shrestha, the elephants dismantled six houses in Rangi, three and Bhattirangi, and five in Butuwa. The tuskers have also ruined some paddy field.

Though teams of elephant keepers have been deployed to capture the elephants, they have not been able to take the elephants under control.



Posted on: 2013-12-15 01:35