‘Few youths’ interested to be cartoonist


Though cartoons are a major attraction of newspapers, renowned Nepali cartoonists have said that very few youngsters have shown interest choosing their career as a cartoonist.

Speaking at a session ‘Cartoon Ka Kura’ on the second day of the Ncell Nepal Literature Festival, cartoonists Durga Baral and Rajesh KC said they have felt that youths are not much enthusiastic to  be cartoonists. Baral is associated with Kantipur Daily whereas KC works with Nagarik daily.

“Although cartoons are devoured and have an impact on people, I am not sure as to why new people are reluctant to join the profession,” KC said, adding that the long-term devotion to evolve oneself as a cartoonist who can portray the present times may be a daunting task to many.

Posted on: 2013-10-27 08:54