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Six Kamlaris injured in police intervention

KATHMANDU, JUN 02 - At least half a dozen Kamlaris (indentured girl child labourers) were injured when police launched an indiscriminate attack on them while they were staging a sit-in at the entrance of Singha Durbar, Kathmandu on Sunday.

The agitating Kamalaris have been demanding the government investigate the killings and ongoing sexual exploitation of Kamlaris.

The Kamlaris along with 21 Tharu and ethnic organisations had also called for strike in Tarai recently.

The strike demanded an investigation into the murder of a 12-year-old Kamlari girl Srijana Chaudhary at the apartment of one Yubraj Poudel in Lalitpur on March 27 and action against the guilty.

The police wielded batons to chase away the protestors at around 10 this morning.

According to Phakala Tharu, coordinator of Joint Struggle Committee for Eradication of Kamlari System, police intervened in a peaceful protest of the Kamlari girls.

Five Kamlaris including Sita Chaudhari and Sujata Chaudhari, of Kailali, and Urmila Chaudhari, of Dang, fainted during the police attack. Some of them have suffered fractures of their bones and head injuries during police intervention.

The injured have been taken to Anamnagar-based Annapurna Hospital and Bir Hospital for treatment. They have been staging protests for the past four days demanding an end to the violence perpetrated on Kamlari girls. 

Posted on: 2013-06-02 03:35