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Court contempt case against Kantipur daily


A contempt of court case was filed in the Supreme Court against Kantipur daily on Monday.

In his writ, Advocate Anjani Kumar Pokhrel claimed that columnist Bijaya Kumar Pandey’s article Pad ra pahichan bich ko mahan antar (difference between post and posture) in his regular column Adi/Ityadi in Kantipur on Saturday defamed the apex court.

The case has been filed against Chairman and Managing Director of Kantipur Publications Kailash Sirohiya, Director Swastika Sirohiya, Editor-in-chief of Kantipur daily Sudheer Sharma, and columnist Pandey.

A hearing on the case is scheduled for Tuesday.

In his article, Pandey argues that a one’s integrity, honesty and dutifulness, and not only the high post one occupies, make him/her respectable.

The column also mentions the incident when a Kantipur reporter was barred from entering a Supreme Court courtroom during the hearing on a case against the nomination of Lokman Singh Karki to the top CIAA post. The reporter was barred on the grounds that he was wearing a fancy T-shirt.The article says the acting chief justice hosted a dinner in Karki’s honour on the day of his appointment. Karki’s appointment invited widespread condemnation as he has been implicated in suppressing the 2006 people’s movement. Pandey has pointed out to the ‘gradual deteriorating moral values’ in the state organs. “A meeting between the heads of two constitutional bodies is not unusual, but in the article, its context has been distorted,” Pokhrel said in his writ. The defendants face a one-year jail term and a fine of Rs 10,000 or both as per the Supreme Court Act (2048).

Posted on: 2013-05-14 08:29