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Foreign hands behind CA demise, Karki appointment: UML

KATHMANDU, MAY 11 - The CPN-UML has claimed that there were several instances of foreign intervention in Nepali politics from the disbandment of Constituent Assembly (CA) till Lokman Singh Karki appointment saga.

However, the CPN-UML did not specify who played such role while making public the party Central Committee's decision on Saturday. The party has underlined the need for self-assessment saying that such involvement could not be recognised.

The UML has doubted if the government is being strayed from its goal of election because of such controversial decision.

"The unnecessary engagement of the government, which was formed with a major responsibility to conduct elections, in such controversial appointments has raised doubts about the elections," the UML stated in its decision.

UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal claimed that the president forcefully appointed former Chief Secretary Lokman Singh Karki as the chief of Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority though his party had institutionally withdrawn its support later and urged him not to go ahead with the appointment despite its earlier approval.  The UML had already condemned the appointment of Karki as the CIAA chief.

The UML said the Karki appointment saga has raised question mark over the significance and Terms of Reference of the high-level political mechanism.

"The party is worried about the incident which is against the spirit of the historic people's movement and the change process," the UML said. According to a provision in the Terms of Reference of the mechanism, all the committee decisions should be unanimous. But the appointment of Karki was against the institutional stand of the party.

Posted on: 2013-05-11 07:32