Seti flash flood victims seek land ownership certificates


Seti flash flood victims complained that they are still worried about their resettlement as they are yet to get land ownership certificates, despite getting new houses to live in.

“After the displacement, we were assured of new houses to live in along with land ownership certificates, but to no avail. We are yet to get relieved,” said Kahile Magar, a victim.

A flash flood in the Seti river on May 5, 2012 swept away river-side settlements, killing at least 60 people and injuring 31.

After the disaster, two-room houses were built for nine families victimised by the flood with help from the District Natural Disaster and Relief Committee (DNDRC) and the local Annapurna Radio (AR) at an open space near a forest beside the river.

A relief fund set up by the radio distributed Rs 175,000 to each family and corrugated iron for the construction of houses.

Each new house was provided with facilities such as water, toilet and electricity. Earlier, the flood victims were living in tents near the forest. Magar said their settlement has not been secured yet as the local people may force them to vacate the forest land without land ownership certificates.

“Land ownership certificates are also needed for our children to make any legal certificates for them,” said Meng Lama, another victim.

The District Administration Office said it, at the decision of the DNDRC, has recommended the Home Ministry issue land ownership certificate to the flood victims. The victims have been demanding farmland for agricultural purpose. Chief District Officer Yadav Prasad Koirala said the process to provide land ownership certificates to the flood victims is under way.

An official at the AR said out of the around Rs 6.5 million collected by the fund set up by the AR, Rs 4.4 million was distributed among the kin of those whose family members were killed in the disaster and the flood-affected people. The official said the remaining Rs 2.1 million will be used in the construction of Seti flood memorial park and other projects. He added that they are collecting additional fund for the park.


Posted on: 2013-04-28 08:43