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Constituent Assembly elections: Cabinet to implement citizenship directive


The government has decided to implement recently issued Citizenship Distribution Directive-2070 to ease the distribution of citizenship keeping in mind the proposed Constituent Assembly elections. A Cabinet meeting on Thursday made a decision to that effect.

The ruling would facilitate the distribution of citizenship across the country by joint teams comprising officials from the Election Commission (CA) and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA). The ministry, launching a campaign, is all set to dispatch 561 unified teams across the country and another 305 mobile service teams to assist and ease the distribution process. The unified team would have composition of at least seven staffs from MoHA, EC, except security officials.

The drive would start on Sunday, while the mobile teams have already started distributing citizenship in various districts. The move came after the EC made compulsory of voter ID cards with photographs to cast vote during the elections and citizenship as prerequisite for obtaining such ID cards.

In the new directive, children of those who have obtained citizenship by descent before 2063/064, around 1 70,000 in numbers, would be given the official document under the category of ‘by birth’.

In another decision, according to Minister for Information and Communications Madhav Poudel, the office of Nepal Trust that manages the properties of former King Birendra Shah and his family members, will mobilise Rs 30.25 million for the upgradation of its infrastructure. The meeting also decided to accept the concessional loan of Rs 13 billion for the 140 Tanahun Hydropower Project from the Asian Development Bank.

The government has formed a committee to negotiate with the World Bank to implement the second-phase programme to be implemented by the Poverty Alleviation Fund. The panel will hold talks with the bank and seek US$ 80 million assistance to continue the programme.



Posted on: 2013-04-19 08:29