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Hunt for Rana abusers on

DHANGADHI, APR 09 - District Police Office, Kailali, has deployed a team to detain those who on Friday thrashed and abused sexagenarian Rajkumari Rana on the charge of practising witchcraft in Beladevi-7, Kailali.

On Monday, security personnel reached the village to detain the culprits, including Bhalmansa (the chieftain of the Rana Tharu community) Chaturilal Rana. The suspects, however, had fled the village before the police reached there. "It is found that the incident took place in the presence of the Bhalmansa.

In the aftermath, he tried to cover up the incident and settle it in the village," said Superintendent of Police Ghanashym Aryal.


Posted on: 2013-04-09 02:30