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UML urges peeved leaders to come back

KATHMANDU, APR 08 - At a time when some of the leaders of the CPN-UML have left and joined other parties, the CPN-UML has made formal request to all its discontent leaders and independent communist leaders and cadres to return back to the party.

Organizing a press meet at the party headquarters in the presence of the top leaders of the party on Monday, the UML appealed to all leftist groups advocating for peace, democracy and change to be ready for party unification, cooperation and unity.

Meanwhile, the task force the party formed under the coordination of General Secretary Ishwor Pokhrel to bring back the disgruntled leaders to the party added two more leaders- politburo member Prithvi Subba Gurung and Dharma Nath Saha.

At the press meet, Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal said there was a nationwide drive to return back cadres to the party, which would bring positive results.

Indicating some leaders' departure from the party, he claimed that the CPN-UML was an ocean and a jar of water out from this could do no harm to it. Anyone coming to the party would be awarded with suitable position, he added.

Similarly, Vice-Chairman Bam Dev Gautam said some old communist leaders were returning back to the UML because it was the party that brought the violent Maoist party to peaceful politics and the Nepali Congress to the republic.

Taskforce coordinator Pokhrel said the party has launched a drive to bring back the discontent leaders to the party because the UML is a party of balanced views and organization.

Meanwhile, a press statement issued by Pokhrel says that organized power and collective activism was needed for social change. UML is ready to welcome anyone and give proper responsibility as per his or her qualification.

Chief of the publicity and publication department Pradip Gyawali said his party would give a 'surprise package' to the journalists very soon, in relation to the leaders leaving or returning back to the party.

At the press meet, senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal urged all not to be swayed by the views of UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal because he speaks one thing in the morning and another in the evening.

The UML was for holding election as soon as possible, he said, adding that it was dishonesty on the part of the Maoist leader Dahal to say that country would not have election even in November.

He further said only government can't hold election so all parties need to participate in the election.


Posted on: 2013-04-08 10:30