Behind beautiful bangs


Among the very few Nepali celebrities who're constantly in the limelight to constantly change their hairdos, Malvika Subba has surprised, even shocked quite a few with her most recent hairstyle, the blunt bang. Perhaps the biggest hair trend of the year, the blunt bang has been sported by quite a number of famous people around the world, and Malvika is arguably the first in Nepal to do so. The Post spoke to the lovely lady with the gorgeous hair, and got to know a few secrets behind her beautiful locks.

How important is your hair to you?

My hair is exceedingly important to me. It's my crowning glory, in a way. When my hair doesn't look right, I don't feel confident at all. I change my hairstyle once every year because I believe

well-done hair goes a long way towards contributing to a well-executed look.

Is there any particular manner in which you like wearing your hair as it is right now?

I got blunt bangs pretty recently so I often leave it as it is. When I'm not

letting it down, I like tying it in a side braid.

How often do you change your hairstyles?

It's been four years since I started consistently changing my hairstyles; once every year. Before that, I used to have long black hair. I cut my hair short, got a bob last year. I have also coloured my hair and made use of hair extensions at various points in the recent past. Other than that, I trim my hair every now and then to make sure it  always looks stylish and well-kept.

How do you take care of your hair?

I oil my hair once every week. I also use hair massage creams time and again. Then there's a hair treatment pack I use once every 15 days. I also apply curd to my hair at other times.

Do you accessorise your hair often?

I suppose you might say that I do.

I make use of hair clips quite often and find small butterfly clips very useful.

I also like wearing hair bands now and then.

What are your opinions on hair trends that seem to be taking over Kathmandu?

People are colouring or highlighting their hair a lot these days. They should be very careful about exposing hair to chemical products. The Kathmandu weather makes hair brittle and dry so I think we should all practice home remedies that make hair healthier. And since it is winter, I think we should all be very careful about managing our hair.


Posted on: 2013-02-08 09:22