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'Nation dragged to Dailekh; peace, constitution on back burner'

OKHALDHUNGA, JAN 29 - Chairman of Sanghiya Samajwadi Party-Nepal, Ashok Kumar Rai, has accused the major political parties of haggling over the issue of Dailekh district by putting the peace and constitution drafting on the back burner.

Addressing a function organised here in Okhaldhunga to announce the district party on Tuesday, leader Rai said, "The aspirations of Nepali people is peace and constitution. But now the Nepali people have been tied to the Prime Minister's Chair and dragged to Dailekh district."

Rai, who seceded from the CPN-UML to form an "alternative force" in November last year, raised objection to the single demand raised by the opposition parties that Nepali Congress President Sushil should be nominated as the prime ministerial candidate instead of choosing from the alternatives offered by the ruling parties.

He remarked that the country will not find a way out just by changing the prime minister. He further claimed that the status quoists were trying to impose partisan interests instead of democracy by breaching the law.  

Those who used to criticise the handpicked prime minister during the royal regime are now pressurising the president to be picked as the prime minister, Rai joked. He rubbished the accusation of ethnicism levelled on his party when it raised the issue of egalitarianism. He stressed on the need to take initiatives to release new constitution by reinstating the Constituent Assembly (CA) through a constitutional step.


Posted on: 2013-01-29 08:03