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Rainfall likely on Friday


A fresh western disturbance, a weather condition favourable for winter rains in the country, is likely to approach western and central parts on Friday, bringing scattered rains and dipping the mercury level to some extent for the next couple of days, according to the meteorologists.

Since the start of this year's winter in the third week of November, the country has been left completely dry in the lack of rains for around half the season so far. Rajendra Shrestha, senior meteorologist at the Meteorological Forecasting Division, on Thursday said some western and central parts of the country including the Kathmandu valley are likely to experience a rain-favouring system from Friday for a couple of days.

“The western parts will observe active western disturbance compared with the central. The day temperatures are likely to fall in the coming days in these areas,” he said.

Posted on: 2013-01-18 07:00