‘Baidya faction leaders misinterpreted revolution’


UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has claimed that leaders of the breakaway faction led by Mohan Baidya did not understand ‘people’s war’. He said the Baidya faction misinterpreted the decade-long armed revolution.

“You did not witness the climax of the people’s war. So you misinterpreted the revolution,” said the Maoist chief, referring to Baidya, CP Gajurel and Kul Prasad KC who were arrested in India then. Addressing the district convention of the party in Rolpa on Thursday, Dahal charged that the Baidya faction betrayed the revolution and people by splitting the party. He also urged the leaders and activists of the Baidya faction to return to “old home” by realising their mistakes.

Dahal claimed that those who have been accusing him of being dogmatic and revisionist do not understand the revolution and Marxism in a true sense. “Only those who had stayed in the base area for the last three years of the decade-long people’s war understand the revolution. The party had decided to take the way of peace after evaluating the battles at Khara, Solu, Siraha and Arghakhanchi,” said Dahal. The Maoist army was defeated in these places by the Nepal Army.

The Maoist chief also claimed that 12-point agreement was inked to respect people’s wish for peace in the country. He expressed hope that the upcoming general convention will be helpful to unify and transform the party.

Speaking at the meeting, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said reviving the wartime cases would derail peace process in the country. “Conspiracies are being hatched to derail peace process by reviving the old cases on one hand and stymieing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the other hand,” he said. Referring to the murder of Dailekh-based journalist Dekendra Thapa, Bhattarai said reopening of the wartime cases would do nothing good in the country.


Posted on: 2013-01-18 08:45