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Daughter ‘sold’ to Indian brothel by dad


A 19-year-old woman from Maintada VDC-3 in the district has claimed that she was sold to an Indian brothel by her father for IRs 15,000.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Bishwa Niranjan Pradhan of the District Police Office said the woman filed a complaint against her father and couple of others upon returning from India recently.

The young woman spent more than two years in a brothel run by one Mamata Badi in Delhi before finally being rescued from the place by one of her customers, who went on to became her husband.

Based on the woman's complaint, police have arrested her father Parshuram Budathoki Mizar and three others--Bisey Kami, Om Mizar and Tulasi Badi--for investigation. SP Pradhan said some of the suspects are absconding.

Among the arrestees, Tulasi is said to be the mother of the brothel keeper Mamata while Bisey and Om are said to be Tulasi's aides.

The woman said after getting out from the red light area, she married the man who rescued her. Parshuram had reached Delhi upon learning about his daughter's marriage and reportedly extorted IRs 10,000 from his new son-in-law accusing him of cutting off his source of income.

The woman revealed her story when she was stopped by police at the bordering village of Chhinchu as she was headed for India with an Indian man, her husband. She recounted her time in Delhi before the police and said she decided to expose her father after he reportedly threatened and expelled her from the house when she was visiting the village with her husband.

Police Inspector Ramesh Tamang said they had stopped the woman and the Indian national suspecting if she was being trafficked. The couple had with them their marriage document to prove they were in fact partners.

Posted on: 2013-01-18 02:31