Copies of govt VAW report burnt


Protesters outside the prime minister’s residence in Baluwatar burned copies of the report from the high-level monitoring committee on cases of violence against women on Thursday, claiming that the report had failed to reveal new findings on cases. The protesters have been staging sit-ins in Baluwatar for weeks demanding fair investigations into the cases of gender-based violence. “We want results. The protest will continue until the government delivers on its promises,” said Ishan Nepali, one of the protesters. Nepali cited the resignation of Renu Rajbhandari, one of the members of the committee, as basis for the report’s flawed nature. “Her resignation shows how the report was prepared,” he said. Rajbhandari, holding an impromptu briefing on the street, informed the protesting mass that the report, submitted on Wednesday to Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, did not incorporate her suggestions. “I demanded that the director and director general of the Immigration Department, both of whom have been implicated in Sita Rai’s case, be suspended and legal action be taken against them. However, the government has been defending them,” said Rajbhandari. She claimed the whole investigation procedure is flawed and that the report has done nothing significant other than collecting what has already been reported. The protesters demanded that the culprits be brought to book as soon as possible. “If the government has any shame, it should not have hesitated to take action against the suspects,” said Sudha Maharjan, a protester and daughter of Chhori Maiya Maharjan, who has been missing since last February.


Posted on: 2013-01-18 08:47