‘Majority of people break rules’


Are people following the traffic rules?

Not much. The majority of people feel that they have to follow rules for the sake of the traffic police. They have yet to realise that rules are meant for their own safety.

How would you describe the role of the traffic police and the public in maintaining traffic rules?

Police and people are like two sides of the same coin. We make rules for the safety of people so the people need to feel that the rules are made for them. For instance, people don’t often bother to use skybridges. Instead, they jaywalk. However, these jaywalkers have a higher tendency to get hit by passing vehicles. In this case, we need support from the general public.

Does this mean that people lack civic sense?

Well, yes. But we don’t solely blame the people. The MTPD too lacks road infrastructure like billboards displaying traffic rules. Hence, it is hard for even civilised people to maintain rules. Still, we feel that a majority of people have the tendency to break rules instead of following them. Our children are also not taught about traffic rules.

What are the international practices?

Citizens of many countries feel that traffic rules are part of their daily lives. They are taught this in school so they practice it. Their parents too teach them on a daily basis. More importantly, parents follow the rules so it is easy for children to follow suit.

So what is the right solution?

First, people should be educated right from the school level. Even families should engage themselves in imparting traffic awareness to their children from an early age. Traffic police and the public should come together on a platform for frequent discussions and there should be strict provisions penalising jaywalkers.


Posted on: 2013-01-15 08:19