Seasons change

DEC 28 -

Winter has set upon Kathmandu once again. While many of us struggle to cope with the drastic dip in temperatures, others enjoy the season as they spend hours basking underneath the sun on their terraces. The Post talks to some known faces in the city about what they like best about this season.

Satya Raj Acharya


I hate getting air-borne viral diseases such as common cold during winter. Riding my motorcycle is also very difficult during this reason. The best part about winter is eating bhogatey saadheko in the bright sunshine. I also enjoy sitting by the fire for a long time; it’s easy to get lost in deep thought at such times. Winter also gives many people an opportunity to put on fashionable clothes, because it is often a basic necessity against the cold.

Mausami Gurung


I enjoy winter when it is sunny. I love eating oranges and peanuts while sunbathing, although I have not been able to eat oranges because I have a sore throat this winter. I missed my trip to Dhankuta on Wednesday’s plane due to heavy fog. I hope this clears out so that I will be able to perform at my show there.

Deepak Raj Giri


The good thing about winter is the weather. There is very little rain so we can work hard without the weather setting off our mood. Food is also digested well in winter. Sitting by the fire with some amount of liquor is also a big charm of the season. Some bad things about winter are that the environment around the valley is dusty and we can not work too late in the evenings. Power shortage also ruins winters.

Nalina Chitrakar


I prefer summer to winter because I don’t like the cold very much. The best thing about winter is the fashion during these days. I love putting on long coats and boots. I do not like sunbathing or sitting by the fire so maybe this is the reason I dislike winter. Another good thing about winter is that there are no (or very limited) water borne diseases during this time of year, which is a big problem in a developing country like ours.

Melina Manandhar


Most of my shootings take place in the morning. I find it very difficult to wake up on time. Eating oranges under the sun is also very enjoyable. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which is helpful to fight against common cold. Apart from these, I feel winters and summers are more or less the same for me.


Posted on: 2012-12-28 08:48