Syangja prison lacks space


The District Prison in Syangja is having a tough time to accommodate inmates in lack of space.

Altogether 83 inmates, including 13 women, are living in the prison though its capacity is only for 35.

The inmates complained that some of them had started taking ill as they are forced to live in tents outside the prison cells for want of adequate space.

“It is hard to spend nights during winter. I cannot sleep well at night though I have to work in the day to earn something for my family members at home,” said Tukman Hamal, an inmate.

Chhabilal Pokharel, guard of the prison, said some inmates were living in tents outside cells. He said the prisoners were compelled go to the bed turn by turn.

Hamal said neither the prison administration nor any concerned authorities have taken initiatives to resolve the problem. “We are unable to address the problem. We have apprised the local administration of the situation,” said Mina Poudel, chief at the prison.

Acting Chief District Officer Shishir Poudel said his office will consult stakeholders to solve the problem. “Space crunch is common in all district prisons across the country. There is no possibility to find a way out immediately due to a lack of enough buildings,” he said.

Posted on: 2012-12-27 08:31