1974 AD Reunited

DEC 27 -

Fans of 1974 AD finally have something to look forward to, with all the members of the beloved rock outfit reuniting onstage after four years. Having once been

prolific in producing albums that encompassed several genres, and sustaining the output over a period of two decades, the last major 1974 AD concert was at Dashrath Rangashala in 2002. Now vocalist Phiroj Syangden is back with the gang, with their first performance held

on November 9 at the Patan Museum, followed by smaller shows around the city. But the upcoming 1974 AD Reunited, scheduled for December 29 at the St Xavier’s school grounds, is set to top its predecessors on sheer scale alone. The Post’s Anup Ojha caught up with lead

guitarist Manoj KC to chat about the preparations for the grand event, and how it feels to be reunited at last. Excerpts:

What was the idea behind this particular concert?

The concert we’d had at Rangasala 10 years ago was one of our biggest, and although we put up many indoor performances around Kathmandu after that, we haven’t really been able to match that event in terms of size. It’s also because of the fans; they see us as one big group—Adrian, Phiroj, Nirakar, Sanjay and me—and they like it best when we’re all together, and it hasn’t been the same for a while. With Phiroj back, not only will we be pleasing them, but we’ve been missing his trademark folksy element in our sound, so it’ll be great to have that back. We’re looking at the concert as a sort of celebration, I guess, to make up for the last 10 years.

The Rangashala event was a milestone in terms of Nepali concerts…how is 1974 AD Reunited going to be


It’s going to be different in many ways...10 years is a long time, and we’ve learned a lot throughout. Besides our own personal growth, technology in terms of music has also come a long way in recent years, which means the sound is going to be much more streamlined this time. We have an excellent sound system, lights, and we’ve got experts at hand to look after the staging.

Any reason why you chose St Xavier’s school as the venue?

We did consider Rangashala, but it would’ve meant having to up ticket prices for

administrative reasons, and also because of how it is structured. And since the concert is being held for a social cause, we didn’t want that for our audiences. Security-wise too the school made more sense.

What should fans expect of the


Well, besides our amazing music (laughs), it’s sort of a festival-and-concert in one, in that there will be food stalls for hungry audiences. We’re also using architectural projection mapping, which is a relatively new concept in Nepal, so fans should be very happy with both the music and the

visuals that we have in store for them. Our old band members Patrick Wilson and Bhanu A will also be joining us for a couple of songs, so it’ll be nostalgia all around!

So does this mean the band is officially back together? Or is this a one time thing?

I can’t obviously predict the far-off future, but as far as we can see, we’ll be together. We have a performance planned in Australia in January and then Hong Kong in February.

Gates will open at 2 pm, and DJ Phuchche and Subani Moktan will be opening the show. Funds from the concert will go to the scholarship progamme at St Xavier’s School

Posted on: 2012-12-27 09:07