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Planning Commission gathering opinions for country’s farm policy


The National Planning Commission (NPC) on Wednesday asked all the concerned ministries to submit their opinions for inclusion in the policy option report of the Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS) within mid-January.

During a stakeholder meeting convened by the NPC, the ministries were urged to present their recommendation on proposed vision paper. The stakeholders’ inputs will be included to prepare a roadmap for a 20-year vision and 10-year planning horizon for the country’s farm sector.

The farmer groups and other stakeholders have already submitted their policy option to be included into the ADS. “As the stakeholders outside the government have already submitted their policy option for the ADS, the Wednesday’s meeting decided to seek detailed opinions from all ministries,” said NPC member Janak Shah.

The policy option report is the third phase of the ADS project which is being prepared in coordination with a dozen donor agencies, government agencies and farmers’ group concerned.

The action plan and the roadmap is the final phase of the ADS, which is expected to be completed by mid-April next year. The ADS will supersede the existing Agriculture Perspective Plan (APP) by 2015. The APP, which was issued in 1995 as a 20-year vision and strategy for agriculture-led growth, was implemented in 1997.

“It is necessary to include the ministries views, so that no complains or dissatisfaction are provoked latter after the preparation of the draft,” said Shah.

The stakeholders on Wednesday were concentrated on whether the current institutional mechanism was enough to implement the proposed ADS or it should be revamped from the root besides them putting their views, according to Shah.

“Most of the stakeholder agreed to use existing institutional mechanism while revamping certain institutions that are not functional effectively,” said Shah.

The ADS preliminary vision has envisaged to rise land productivity to $5,000 per hectare from the current $1,600. By improving governance, the draft targets to achieve 5 percent average annual growth in agriculture from the current annual growth of 3 percent.

It has envisaged the agricultural GDP will more than double from its current level of about $ 6 billion to almost $ 15 billion. while the share of agriculture in the GDP declines from 33 percent to 19 percent and labor productivity in agriculture increases from $ 794 per agricultural worker to $ 1,833.

As per the report, the ADS will help boost agriculture growth through four strategic components—improve governance, productivity, profitable commercialization and competitiveness.

Posted on: 2012-12-27 09:13