Street theatre dedicates itself to raising awareness about life in Kathmandu


Tel Na Paani—Rajdhani. The name itself is evocative of the dire circumstances that citizens of Kathmandu are expected to live under 24/7. Produced by Achel Natya Samuha—a theatre group that has been doing street plays for social awareness—the play was performed in Kathmandu before making rounds around Sindhupalchowk district’s Bahunnepati and Dhusini villages on Saturday. It addresses the issue of shortage of basic amenities like water and petrol in the Capital.

“We decided to take this play to villages because we find it imperative to show the real face of the Capital to people living outside it,” said Ajit Aryal, a member of the group. “They should be aware of the situation in Kathmandu, and focus on staying back home and working hard instead of running after urban dreams,” he added.

According to Aryal, the play also intends to help audiences realise that working hard can help improve living standards in your own village—which is better than living in Kathmandu where even basic facilities are either too costly or altogether unavailable, making getting through the day a tremendously difficult task.

Tel Na Paani—Rajdhani is the brainchild of Ajit Aryal who conceptualised and directed it. Actors that contributed to the production include Pradeep Khadgi, Rekha Karki, Bijen Shah, Sanjita Parajuli, Nawaraj Khadka, Sakuna Budathoki, Rupesh Magar, Sagar Humagai, Sushila Thapa, Gita Karki, Sanam Pyakurel and Manoj Khadka, among others, while the music was composed by Sanjita Parajuli.

Posted on: 2012-12-25 08:33