Nurturing a love for theatre


From its very first year of coming into existence, Shailee Theatre has been organising the Children’s Theatre Festival every year, whereby a series of works are staged for the benefit of young audiences, alongside a children’s book exhibition. The theatre group is now all set to hold the next installment, the fourth one thus far, scheduled for 2013, and script submissions to the same are currently being called. The upcoming Children’s Theatre Festival—lasting a week—will also mark the fifth anniversary of the theatre group.

Starting on February 12, this next edition of the event will see five plays being performed, two of which will be by Shailee itself. “For the remaining places, we want to see a maximum number of submissions, so we can choose the absolute best,” says Kedar Shrestha, coordinator of the festival. “Any school, organisation or theatre group is welcome to participate.”

As far as rules are concerned, organisers specify that the scripts need to be children-friendly, and should either directly or indirectly incorporate issues related to children. “We’re dealing with young kids, so the material on stage shouldn’t be psychologically damaging in any way,” Shrestha explains. Plays should also refrain from including offensive content to do with subjects like national and regional sovereignty, culture, ethnicity and religion, and they can be anywhere between 40-90 minutes in length. At the end of the festival, three awards will be handed out—the Chekov Best Direction Award, the Shailee Best Performance Award and the Balkoseli Best Play Award—to outstanding acts.


Posted on: 2012-12-25 08:31